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  1. She's no Susan Powter... (cover version of "Express Yourself" @0:46)
  2. The second season of Daria was premiering that night, so MTV were running a marathon of Season 1 episodes all day. For "Daria Day" the characters would pop up at MTV studios between episodes like in the above clip. The marathon was interrupted in the afternoon for Carson Daly's still-new MTV Live show (which morphed into TRL that September) during which the "Frozen" video premiered.
  3. Here's an upload of the MTV premiere from 20 years ago yesterday... "You know, whenever there's an occasion that's just supposed to be about me, Madonna finds a way to horn in on it...she didn't copy my outfit again, did she?"
  4. For the US: - The "Frozen" promo (Radio Edit + Album versions) went to radio in a cooler filled with dry ice on the 13th of February for a Valentine's debut (entering the Billboard Airplay chart dated February 28th) - The "Frozen" video premiered on MTV Live on the 16th at 4pm (during a Daria marathon and introduced by Daria herself) - MTV US had an Ultra Madonna Weekend February 28th and March 1st full of new and classic specials - The "Frozen" single backed with "Shanti/Ashtangi" + the Ray Of Light album (standard and limited editions) were in stores March 3 entering the Billboard Hot 100 issue dated March 21st
  5. She was featured in NBC's lengthy 75th Anniversary retrospective a few weeks ago (hosted by "Will & Grace").
  6. Bootlegs on eBay. OUT. OF. CONTROL.

    IMMACULATE = The magic of the Like A Virgin, I'm Breathless and True Blue sleeve art on one special cassette. "Side B: 1. HOLIDAY 2. LIKE A PL 2. LIKE A PRAYER 3. LIVE TO TELL..." (Per the insert, this also features "Luckr Star" and "Over Ano Over".)
  7. The original thread succumbed to faulty formatting. Can't post in there without it going wonky, so let's begin again here.
  8. On October 20, 1992, Madonna released one of her finest albums and launched perhaps the most significant, polarizing era ever in pop culture history. She published some book, too. Ladies and gentlemen... we have (rather unbelievably) reached Erotica 25.
  9. So. Did Santa bring anyone their Erotica25 merch in time for xmas?
  10. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    ...causing the needle to violently skid across the record, rendering it valueless.
  11. Single-Disc Celebration

    Yes, GHV2 has the original Radio Edit from 1998. The single-disc version of Celebration has a 2009 recreation of that edit which is very similar but not exact.
  12. Single-Disc Celebration

    It has a unique edit of "Frozen" on it...