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  1. I adore her, but I love the album less now than I did when it was new.
  2. The concepts alone are interesting enough, but seeing Madonna herself sorting through them is next level. I love stuff like this!
  3. I still can't put my feelings for this record into words. She's still such a vital force.
  4. I am absolutely loving the different clips of her talking about each song!
  5. Already did. Pulled a muscle. No regrets.
  6. There's a "megarate" result this soon? I'm still digesting everything!
  7. Oh my god, the typewriter percussion on the "Vogue" intro... Love it
  8. Loved watching this. The main narration scenes are like watching a brunette Breathless Mahoney.
  9. On the vinyl inner sleeves all of the songs say "feat.". Oh, the inconsistency.
  10. That exact cover shot was also the cover of her official 2018 calendar.
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