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  1. "...the new album by Pepsi..."
  2. Love these. Pity they threw that "Frozen" remix in there, otherwise a solid set of clips.
  3. Cher is so amazing.
  4. I can't stop listening to this! I love her voice.
  5. OH MY GOD! I love hearing just her voice tackling all of the harmonies. These are likely pasted together from the vocal stems but are definitely real.
  6. "You can dance, you can dance, if you want to! GET INTO THE GROOVE!..."
  7. The image (if real) was described as a "poster". Probably just a term for the icon that will appear on streaming services/Netflix for people to click on. Most of these are shit. I'ma refrain from meltdown mode until an official press release and finalized artwork for the CD/DVD are available.
  8. Pay close attention and the media reach this particular comment achieved makes more sense. LuPone was on Andy Cohen's show. Andy's show is on Bravo. Bravo is an NBCUniversal network. NBCUniversal is the company developing the 'Blond Ambition' film. Madonna was...vocal about wanting to stop NBCUniversal from doing so, a story clogging newsfeeds mere weeks ago. "Madonna is a movie killer" almost seems custom designed as a retaliatory shot. Universal may not have put the words in LuPone's nasty mouth, but they sure took advantage of it with their zoom lens, didn't they?
  9. I'm so excited. We better get a specially mixed CD release this time, like I'm Going To Tell You A Secret, versus the "let's slap the audio track from the DVD onto a CD" approach of the past 10 years.
  10. These are amazing, too:
  11. DEAR GOD there are so many gorgeous photos in this thread. If I'm choosing one favorite, she looks divine in blue...
  12. Bringing this back up in light of the many recent, foolish attempts to undermine Madonna, her talents and her legacy in general. ...
  13. Indeed it is. This time last year we were dealing with the vitriol, misinformation and rewriting of history that surrounded her Prince tribute performance.