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  1. True, though the single mix does have one blatant vocal reference to the Deee-Lite track, at 4:07, which was muted on The Immaculate Collection version: "I belieeeeeeve... - I BELIEVE! - I belieeeeve that you can rescue me."
  2. She's worked so hard and done so much for the people of Malawi. Really proud of her. It's nice to see some positive headlines about this today.
  3. Smash #32 Billboard Airplay hit... January 16, 1988 The Single Edits Of Album Remixes sampler was sent to radio on both CD and vinyl as a means of promoting the entire album, but "Spotlight" was the obvious attraction being the new track. It was ineligible to chart on the Hot 100 at the time without a commercial single but was one of just THREE airplay-only hits during the 1980s (the chart began in 1987). "Where's The Party" was then highlighted on several additional promos throughout 1988 (Route 88 had an alternate extended version, the single edit was included on a set of various artists 3" sampler CDs)
  4. Amazing that he's sharing this! Reminds me of "White Heat" and, lo and behold, Angels With Dirty Faces is the title of another James Cagney movie. (Girl was working that True Blue formula.)
  5. The cover photo is perfect. "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" is an almost unforgivable omission but otherwise this is an excellent concert. I'ma be happy we're getting this on Bluray. AND PLEASE LET QUALITY CONTROL HAVE A LOOK AT THIS PRODUCT NOW AND NOT AFTER WE ALL COMPLAIN EN MASSE ON RELEASE DAY ABOUT FAULTY AUDIO AND/OR VIDEO ENCODING GLITCH-TASTICATIONS. Thanks.
  6. She sounded fine... sounded like Madonna singing live on a televised awards show with tears streaming down her face. The social media/news cesspit chomping at the bit to destroy her performance surely did nothing to help ease her nerves. I hate that Prince is gone and I hate the beating Madonna takes for still being here. The collision of the two things makes it difficult to rate this performance beyond intention; a tasteful tribute to one of the few legitimate peers M had on this planet.
  7. "...the new album by Pepsi..."
  8. Love these. Pity they threw that "Frozen" remix in there, otherwise a solid set of clips.
  9. Cher is so amazing.
  10. I can't stop listening to this! I love her voice.
  11. OH MY GOD! I love hearing just her voice tackling all of the harmonies. These are likely pasted together from the vocal stems but are definitely real.