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  1. EROTICA 25

    Shep Pettibone: "After three and a half months of working in the same studio and hearing the same songs day after day, it was a relief to have the album finished. Everything went smoothly except the last two songs, Why’s It So Hard and Words, both of which we had to recall for changes. On September 12, I walked out of Soundworks with the completed master of Erotica in my hands. A month later, I went to the Sex party. The Erotica blitz was about to hit in music, video, and book form and a variety of stars were coming out for the party. Madonna herself surveyed the scene during the midnight hour. I walked over to meet her in the DJ Booth. There was all this wild stuff going around us: people tattooing one another, couples simulating sex – it was crazy. And when I went to talk to Madonna, who was in the middle of it all, our conversations turned to music. For all the multimedia extravaganzas that were braying for her attention, it was still the music that mattered and it was the record that we fawned over. "
  2. EROTICA 25

    Dita first reared her saucy head in September, her first official public appearance at Jean-Paul Gaultier's amFAR fashion show benefiting AIDS research where she unveiled a new, shiny gold tooth... ...and both of her breasts... ...before a fleet of flashing cameras and an enthralled planet just aching to react.
  3. EROTICA 25

    On October 20, 1992, Madonna released one of her finest albums and launched perhaps the most significant, polarizing era ever in pop culture history. She published some book, too. Ladies and gentlemen... we have (rather unbelievably) reached Erotica 25.
  4. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    It's a remix of "Hung Up".

    "Some Girls" "I'm Addicted" "Love Spent"
  6. HOLY TRINITY | Rebel Heart

    "Unapologetic Bitch" "Wash All Over Me" "Addicted"
  7. HOLY TRINITY | Hard Candy

    "She's Not Me" "Spanish Lesson" "Voices"