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  1. Thanks for posting this, jazzyjan. Love it!
  2. A "Japanese insert" for the Bad Girl promo CD...
  3. The concisely titled "Madonna Europe And The United States The Queen Of Rock And Roll".
  4. The outdated stage photo, bent "M" and christmas-y color scheme really improve upon Jeri Heiden's original vision.
  5. Eighties adventures in graphic design...
  6. The original thread succumbed to faulty formatting. Can't post in there without it going wonky, so let's begin again here.
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but Truth Or Dare is by now part of my DNA. Let's be real, tho. Strike A Pose wholly relies on the viewer having already seen and given a shit about Madonna's Truth Or Dare. Otherwise there is absolutely no investment in these people. It's touching to see them reunite and a nice little "bonus feature" but flimsy as hell on its own as a documentary.
  8. Not being funny. Sheryl Crow was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and is on the record as saying it is significantly affecting her brain function/memory. We could be witnessing the decline of someone who used to come across really sharp in interviews but, in general, seems a bit "off" and uncomfortable in recent ones. I agree, she is off the mark if Madonna was on her mind during the entirety of this segment, but something in her answer felt more like an unfortunate, Madonna related lead-in question (courtesy of Dan Rather) that veered into a largely unrelated response criticizing the Britney's, Miley's and Minaj's of today. That ain't Madonna's fault any more than it is Sheryl's place to judge. But I don't believe it was the deep, personal swipe at Madonna herself most are taking it as, either.
  9. YES. I'd serve up a heaping helping of VMA realness from either 1994 or 1995. I can't decide.