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  1. Kim

    I hope this sabbatical is just until Glasgow?! Can't wait till tomorrow...hope it's a good one! xoxo

  2. I saw Madonna in more films. The amazing Camille Rewinds was set in 1985, but had an anachronistic True Blue poster In Eden, Madonna's Rain 12" (US cover) was at the top of his pile of records - he must've liked the discotastic Up Down Suite
  3. Glad to hear, That damn Encyclopedia Madonnica said so I think. And I'm always spouting things verbatim from that.
  4. Excellent. And I'm not sure exactly when ITG was added, but it and The First Album reissue must have been around the same time.
    1. Skin


      Oooooh. That makes me feel nice and chill.

  5. But not as in a continuous mix a la COADF
  6. So exciting at the time as it was her first "live" appearance on UK TV for over 10 years. Liam Gallagher fancied her when he saw her at the studio and one review of STR compared her look there to Cindy Beale.
  7. I believe Borderline was shot first, then LS.. which is hard to believe as Borderhole is a proper video, LS is basic and shot in a white studio backdrop - an advertisement for the Madonna look is a great observation. Then there's the legendary scrapped Holiday video sung over a hot pink backdrop IIRC, her look may have been like this http://attheloft.typepad.com/.a/6a00e54ecca8b98833013487edb596970c-pi I think they had video jukeboxes in pubs or something in Britain in the 80s? Awesome info! At least someone seen it. I'm shocked Burning Up got scant play though, great video and quintessential Madonna.
  8. Er, it already does. The Cherry Pop and Edsel labels specialize in pop. Big Fun have a deluxe reissue album, Madonna doesn't.
  9. Dead @ that lazy eye Borderline pic The Everybody video should've been on Celebration (it's available on iTunes) but isn't quite a proper video is it? Did Burning Up get any video play on TV at all at the time? It should've, it's one of my faves by her I loved discovering this brand new video on the Madonna video EP. I still don't know whether Physical Attraction was really a double A-side - it was in the clubs (like Holiday/Lucky Star). Wikipedia seems to say no - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burning_Up_(Madonna_song)
  10. IIRC the original release of Madonna got to no 38 on the UK album charts, the one with the disgusting cover and title already with an eye on history got to #6 of course and must have been in the top 10 the same time as LAV. One of the early cash-ins by the greedy UK arm of Warners, I was so annoyed they did that and had to buy US import CD for the original cover.
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