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  1. Kim

    I hope this sabbatical is just until Glasgow?! Can't wait till tomorrow...hope it's a good one! xoxo

    1. Skin


      Oooooh. That makes me feel nice and chill.

  2. Hills and Bernie are right up there in age to match the oldest presidents ever, Bernie would be the oldest in history.
  3. So what are the chances for this brain surgeon guy.. he sounds amazing on paper, except a Republican? I like when there are strong people from both sides though. As for the Dems, didn't Obama destroy Hillary anyway and was the deserving leader? She and the Bush's are indeed old news. And Bernie Sanders sounds brilliant - a better version of the militant socialist we have here as the new Labour (=Democrat) leader Jeremy Corbyn.
  4. Can't wait till that interfering old cunt Murdoch carks it. He was tweeting similar stuff gloating over the new controversial socialist UK Labour leader; how he's a gift to the Tories. The influence he has is disgusting and undemocratic.
  5. Oh LOL @ that headline You couldn't make it up*. #murica *Except you could?
  6. You deleted Moz from your interests! :( Can't say I blame you though lol.

    1. anastaza


      You noticed!!! :)

      I do still like him, but not as much as I did. I think I'm forever going to be a Smiths fan, mostly.

    2. loomer


      Yeah The Smiths are untouchable, way better than his solo work obviously. I didn't like the last album and even missed the tour.

    3. anastaza


      Just seeing your comment., sorry for the late reply!! But I agree, Smiths all the way.

      I saw him last tour, but only because I got a free ticket. :o

      Bought a ticket to a show not so long ago, which was cancelled. Blah.

  7. Obama keeps talking about it, but isn't actually doing anything. Sadly I think it's gonna take another Sandy Hook or something for there to be action.
  8. Interesting.... don't care since it's only a drum sample, an actual big Jacko sample would be glaring.. I always thought that song was rubbish - popular amongst fans tho.
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