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  1. Mario24


    So why I again Gaga was not invited to sing with Keisha ? i think everybody knows very well how opportunists she is
  2. Hope everybody is safe
  3. when they are going to announce the nominees? early dec?
  4. VMA are on August 30th. That was the original second date of the RH tour in Miami
  5. ops ! late post jjaj ..
  6. now over 1.9 M :roadrunner:
  7. guys, I don't know how long it takes to update the views but in less than 1.5 hours it had increase over 400,000 views in youtube
  8. How can We share this to the world ? Don't have any share link !
  10. Super happy she is doing BIM as it's great exposure to others songs of the album but it's strange she will not be promoting GT .. Maybe will show the video ?
  11. Live from Miami because the VMA are the same day of the second show ... I'll be there
  12. Any way to buy it online ?
  13. Ghosts town video to be film next week !!!!yayyyy