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  1. Mario24


    So why I again Gaga was not invited to sing with Keisha ? 😂😂😂 i think everybody knows very well how opportunists she is
  2. Mario24

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    is already no. 12 in USA ITunes Chart :)
  3. Mario24

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Right ! Thanks
  4. Mario24

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I don't have LIB available yet ( USA ITunes ) .....
  5. Already on Itunes to pre order
  6. Hope everybody is safe
  7. Mario24

    Miami January 23

    I also just arrived to Dom Rep .. Had a great time in both shows !
  8. Besides being Arianna brother, what else have done Franklin Grande to be consider a "celebrity" ?
  9. Mario24

    Miami January 23

    Guys, last night was incredible ... great show, great atmosphere in the arena, I had incredible seats ( I didn't expect my seat to be at the same tip of the heart stage) As already informed Sam, Rosie, Gloria and Emilio and Naomi were all there and they were in the two rows behind me .. One of the best shows I had attended and one of the best nights for me ... camara showed my friend lucas and me several time singing our heart outs ...
  10. Mario24

    Miami January 23

    Guys, one of the best night in a Madonna show ... My seat was in the tip of the heart and front row .. Crowd was great and Sam Smith, Naomi, Gloria and Rosy were just a couple of rows behind me
  11. Mario24

    Miami January 23

    Like 4-5 more hours to go ! Jajaj
  12. Mario24

    Miami January 23

    thanks !!!!!!
  13. Mario24

    Miami January 23

    The day finally arrived !
  14. Mario24

    Miami January 23