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  1. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    I don't understand the hate to this song. Had been released by Rihanna or any other younger pop tart and would had been a Top 3 smash hit and won tons of VMA's.... Personally I would have prefer Love Spent with a killer video than this one but still danced my ass off to this one when it was released... If I was M manager would had recommended released Masterpiece for xmast, GAYL for the SB and Love Spent right after but I'm not so I enjoy her decision....
  2. Already on Itunes to pre order
  3. Yes, she was next to me the first night ...
  4. OMG OMG I'm in the preview !!!! That's Miami second night !!!
  5. Hope everybody is safe
  6. But GMAYL is a great pop song and a better record overall than PI....
  7. MadonnaNation Meet Up

    Totally agreed !
  8. MadonnaNation Meet Up

    Count me in !!!!!
  9. Madonna in Cuba

    She just posted a pic in Instagram with the caption : Cuba Libre
  10. The VEVO account is avaliable and they added at least 10 -12 videos
  11. Ohhh Where to start ? The Super bowl, W.E. and the cd. I loved a lot of the songs including GAYL... The MDNA tour ! My first tour witch my hubby and also I got to sing in Like a Prayer You can see me at 4:15 with a blue t shirt and then she goes into my direction and pointed the mic to me ... OMG ! I started to sing and jump and she told me to slow down ..... Still feel and remember my heartbeat at that moment ..... https://youtu.be/eD2yLyFEOKY
  12. Forbes is a USa publicación, righ? Maybe they just have access to US bank records and property list ?
  13. So, how much do we have to wait ...uhhhh and GOT is at 9 pm