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  1. One year and still listening this great record ! Remember when we first see the first trailer /tease post in IG?
  2. Crazy come alive batuka God control extreme occident
  3. I thought the same when I read this new this afternoon
  4. Monte just post in IG : Getting ready to play #Pride with Madonna !
  5. I asked a friend a few minutes ago and he just said : M is at 9 PM ... dont know if it was announced because he dont have any insider ..
  6. Really? Gun Control ( the legislation desired ) is not about BAN guns to everyone is about having the correct law and process in places so the correct and trained people are the only one with guns .. her guards will always going to be armed !! they are profesionals and that's their work. ..... and so and so and so .. semi automatic guns dont belong to ordinary people .... That's is part of the TALK that the USA Congress have to TALK and WALK everybody is entittle to their opinion but please ... read and get informed before write these kind of comments !
  7. OMG .... I think thus is cute ... at least this fan base is supporting the song ....
  8. I think a world tour after with a greatest hit collection could be a great option but I think she still have in her mind the movie she want to direct. Let’s see !
  9. Love love love love this song since the first time I listened
  10. Guys, this album is out of the world .. I was expecting a great album but this is a masterpiece .. none of the song feels like a filler .. just great and amazing tracks ! I have to go to bed now but I’m going to sleep with a big smile on my face !
  11. I feel like in high school when everybody is having sex and I decide to stay virgin ! I want that album now !!!
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