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  1. Suedy

    MDNA intro - guy ritchie?

    Um, no. But they do sing 'Madonna'!
  2. Suedy

    Christine & The Queens

    I've pre-ordered the limited numbered vinyl edition
  3. Thinking we need this on the next tour ! #JUSTICE4CAC2019
  4. Suedy

    Garbage thread

    I did not know that
  5. Suedy

    Garbage thread

    Loving the deluxe edition!!!
  6. Suedy

    Troye Sivan

    Ballet slipper I think !
  7. I know how you feel Karby! I've digitised pretty much all my CD collection but I had a backup emergency last year and some of my files were gone and with it some of my music disappeared so I am always mega careful about getting rid of any CDs. Film DVDs I'm less precious about but my music collection is everything to me! And that does also include concert and music video DVDs!
  8. I have to say I've started getting rid of my some of my CDs and then I go back and think "Oh what ha-happened to that album" and realise I got rid of it and then I get upset. So I think I will not touch my CDs for now. However, I have about 6 full racks (over 700 CDs!) and I refuse to buy another rack which means that I am confining myself to that number as a total maximum. In a way it's been good but ultimately I think I will get rid of more.
  9. Suedy

    New Album Means New Tour

    Because those are the people that care about Revoler getting to No. 1 and Madonna having higher streaming numbers than Beyonce or Gaga. They are not fans of Madonna's music or artistry. It's some weird mud slinging diva thing. Bizarre. We went through this in the '90s and early '00s and now we're going through it again. Nothing we haven't seen.
  10. So do you still buy CDs? Vinyl? Do you buy iTunes releases? Do you stream only ? Do you do all the above? Do you still own any of your physical album collection? (And stop trying make tapes happen tapes will never happen - fuck you Kilo Mango!)
  11. Suedy

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    The MDNA Tour
  12. Suedy

    Troye Sivan

    Who cares? Let these kids have their day. I hope he supports Madonna on the Mothership Magic Method Tour 2019.
  13. Suedy

    New Album Means New Tour

    It doesn't have to be called a Greatest Hits Tour. She can still play 7-8 songs from the new album and play at least 10 old classics and by classics I don't mean Candy fucking Shop. She can throw in a couple of her own favourites if she wishes as well, that's fine, but what keeps the ticket buying folk coming back is not going to be Candy Shop featuring a choir from Cape Verde. It will be a proper version of Like A Prayer or Vogue or Holiday. And don't you forget it sister.