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    2018 MTV VMAs

    Sorry but I am living for the Swiftie fan anti-VMAs memes? For once millennials got something right
  2. Let's face it most of us on this forum are in our 30s and 40s. Do you still get excited about new music and discover new artists? I am curious. We all know the cliche is that as we get older we stick with our old favourites and as much as I always made fun of and criticised my parents as I was growing up I do wonder if I am falling into the same natural pattern. That being said, I was going through my music collection today - particularly the CDs and vinyl - inspired by Shane's thread earlier, and I found out that I have discovered artists over the past 5-10 years. Some of them have been: Ezra Furman, John Grant, Father John Misty, HAIM (:shy: ), First Aid Kit, Laura Marling, Bats For Lashes (OK not that recent I guess) But the list is short and forever dwindling. I do worry. Where do you go for new music (if you do)?
  3. Portuguese / fado segment / theme / dancers / singers? Cape Verde remixes? Met Gala ethereal look frenzy? Football references? Beautiful Game ? Benfica?
  4. Suedey

    Seatwave and getmein to close!

    Yay! Viagogo next please
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    Carry on here.
  6. I am loving UTOPIA at present but if I had to rank them all, I'd say: 1. HOMOGENIC 2. Vespertine 3. Debut 4. Post 5. Vulnicura 6. Utopia 7. Medulla (Selmasongs) 8. Volta 9. Biophilia (Drawing Restraint No. 9)
  7. Definitely and even on the shitty ass DVD you can tell the middle aged Oz crowd is enjoying it (and yes the RH DVD audience is like an Oz version of DWT DVD audience to be QUITE frank!?)
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsb1dgsFvpM
  9. I can't even name most of the songs on Biophilia let alone hum or try to 'sing' any of them. Vulnicura was such a return to form though! And I really am enjoying Utopia .
  10. Love Medulla! Always have and always will. Yes it has certain interesting moments (hello "Ancestors") but as an album it works very well and some are up there with her very best, e.g. "Pleasure Is All Mine", "Desired Constellation", "Triumph Of The Heart", "Who Is It" etc. Biophilia is just awful.
  11. Suedey

    Justin Timberlake thread

    He really is rather insufferable isn't he!
  12. Suedey

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I think Msig was horning for JT!
  13. Suedey

    Arctic Monkeys

  14. Suedey

    MDNA intro - guy ritchie?

    Um, no. But they do sing 'Madonna'!
  15. Suedey

    Christine & The Queens

    I've pre-ordered the limited numbered vinyl edition
  16. Thinking we need this on the next tour ! #JUSTICE4CAC2019
  17. Suedey

    Garbage thread

    I did not know that