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  1. Paul Draper's solo album Spooky Action is very good by the way!
  2. This concert is 2nd only to BAT for me [media]
  3. 21st anniversary edition 4-CD deluxe version Coloured vinyl Regular CD remastered All this on an indie label. Saw Paul Draper perform live at a record store and he signed my SIX special edition for me #whenwillyourfaves (and yes you know who I mean )
  4. Everywhere I go in charity shops I find MJ albums..
  5. OK so it's time to get rid of Barbra albums too?
  6. Drink me up Jesus juice rosé It's My name
  7. And that one is guilty of loving fingers up his azz just like Kanye. Ask Vivica A Fox.
  8. 1. First Aid Kit - Ruins 2. Father John Misty - God's Favourite Customer 3. Cat Power - Wanderer 4. John Grant - Love Is Magic 5. Nakhane - You Will Not Die 6. Mylene Farmer - Desobeissance 7. Django Django - Marble Skies 8. Christine & The Queens - Chris 9. Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino 10. Robyn - Honey
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