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  1. Suedey

    Years and Years

    I hope they release a cover of JJ's All For You (if you say want it? giggle) as a B-side
  2. Oh and this pro-Janet, pro-Mariah article (which does not mention Madonna not because they think she's doing so well but because they are shady) is null and void for several reasons, most importantly the fact that it's a Jezebel piece.
  3. You're not essential to her catalogue. Go have a seat.
  4. She'll never do the legend slot (and she shouldn't) If she doesn't do main headliner (which she could & should) then she could do the surprise / 'guest' slot thing..
  5. Suedey

    New Album Means New Tour

    Even with her diminishing returns I'm sure she makes a lot of money for LiveNation but obviously there's a disconnect between LN and Interscope and the 'pots' of money are not connected, which I completely understand and we've been over this many times - however, if LiveNation want a bit more squeezed of one of their biggest cash cows, then maybe they need to invest upfront a little bit on this campaign this time around.
  6. Suedey

    New Album Means New Tour

    To be fair if the song is strong they don't need to do much apart from shoot a video and PROMOTE it heavily on streaming services, iTunes etc. I mean FFS they could even have posters of the new single, adverts etc. It's just throwing MONEY at it. Any idiot can see that. But clearly there is no budget for her and yes they don't know what to do with her I guess.
  7. Suedey

    New Album Means New Tour

    Oh I agree 100% but I do think she should release a single this side of Christmas. If she doesn't it will only serve to further highlight how out of touch she and her 'team' are with the way albums are now launched in today's current climate.
  8. Suedey

    New Album Means New Tour

    I still think the original September 2019 French arena bookings rumour is the most plausible one, and again a scenario that would be similar to Rebel Heart (album in March and tour launch in September). And it would make sense to launch the tour from Europe this time as she lives here now and could rehearse here and launch here. Which again means the album is coming out in March
  9. Suedey

    New Album Means New Tour

    March 2019 for London? On what planet?!
  10. It's meant to be sexy...
  11. Suedey

    New Album Means New Tour

    What happened to all the Glastonbury rumours in the end? More fake news I guess. I'm starting to get really fed up now actually.