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  1. Suedey

    Troye Sivan

    I'm glad you like it hun
  2. Suedey

    Your top albums of 2018

    1. First Aid Kit - Ruins 2. Father John Misty - God's Favourite Customer 3. Cat Power - Wanderer 4. John Grant - Love Is Magic 5. Nakhane - You Will Not Die 6. Mylene Farmer - Desobeissance 7. Django Django - Marble Skies 8. Christine & The Queens - Chris 9. Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino 10. Robyn - Honey
  3. Suedey

    Troye Sivan

    "Troye Sivan" is more interesting as a concept than a pop star. The music is just not good enough. Yet.
  4. Suedey

    Your top albums of 2018

    I love it and I hope he’s featured on Madonna’s new album. He’s fantastic
  5. Suedey

    How come there isn't a Grammy thread?

    No one cares about the Grammys.
  6. I pay for Spotify premium and I still buy records It's important to keep up with the times, otherwise one becomes a dinosaur. Wi-Fi is as essential to humanity as running water at this day and age. Streaming is the direction of travel for music / home entertainment. Deal.
  7. It was a beautiful aaaaantilanchaaaiaiaiaii1!!!!!! birth as well
  8. I've not got to that one yet! I'm still playing The Dreaming on repeat because it's so amazing.
  9. I only got the first box set on CD. Might get The Dreaming and Hounds of Love on vinyl too.
  10. Not always a good thing. I mean when she went back and did that Director's Cut bullshit she actually ruined those two albums...