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  1. CICCONE AHMADZAI LEONARD A Holy Trinity that we have never seen in combination before. Some may think we have American Life part 2 but this will be more like Ray Of Light part 2 in the sense that M and Pat wrote beautiful songs together and the production was moulded by Orbit. We could have a potential scenario like this. In which case honestly I would just DIE right now. I can't even breathe just thinking about this??? I'm actually crying and hyperventilating at my desk ?
  2. OMG does this mean the usual fan sites will start reposting her Instagram and add their own speculations to them as 'exclusive rumours'? Can't wait
  3. Her last Instagram post 'What if I really did talk?' seems to hint at it. Or at least that's my interpretation. Can you imagine if she does write her story !!
  4. What is your policy? Mine has changed over the years reflecting both my financial situations (:shy: ) but also the way that music is consumed and also the collectibility of her music. At the moment I would say I buy at least a single CD and a single vinyl copy of her albums but I think increasingly I will start buying more than 1 copy of her vinyl albums. For instance I'm still kicking myself that I only bought one copy of MDNA and Hard Candy vinyl at the time and both of them are opened and used so I'd have liked to have an extra copy. Anyway
  5. Kelly Minging

    I AM only here for a LITTLE WHILE Would you like To TAKE ME OUT tonight Maybe we'd Talk for a little while BABY???
  6. Kelly Minging

    Your love Got me tumbling upside down And I Think you should know that! Your love
  7. Kelly Minging

    But I get butterflies Water in my eyes.... Cause I'm fragile when you call my name (fragile)
  8. Greatest Hits Tour Setlist- in no apparent order

    Agreed! I originally had Live to Tell on the setlist but changed it for CHERISH just to annoy her because she hates it so much
  9. Greatest Hits Tour Setlist- in no apparent order

    A GH tour should be WALL TO WALL hits with only space for 1 or 2 rarities / fan favourites. This effectively rules out almost everything from 2008 onwards barring '4 Minutes'. And much to Madonna's own dismay I am sure also rules out the likes of Human Nature, CANDY SHOP and any song of their ILK.
  10. Greatest Hits Tour Setlist- in no apparent order

    1. Intro video: Who's That Girl / Bitch I'm Madonna 2. Into The Groove 3. Music 4. Vogue 5. Hung Up 6. Dress You Up (dancers) 7. Like A Virgin 8. Deeper & Deeper 9. 4 Minutes 10. Open Your Heart 11. Frozen (video) 12. Justify My Love 13. Rescue Me 14. Rain 15. Ray Of Light 16. Lucky Star (dancers) 17. Borderline 18. Cherish / Don't Tell Me 19. Holiday 20. Where's The Party? (video) 21. Encore 1 : Express Yourself 22. Encore 2 : Like a Prayer
  11. EPIC FAIL on their part if you ask me. YEs it wasn't a number 1 hit or anything and yes the song isn't great but 1. The video was fantastique 2. It was an internet sensation / viral whatever 3. It made her hip/relevant with younger gen 4. It has actually outlasted BAD BLOOD (its rival vid at the time)
  12. Let's pick up where we had left off with Kurd420's choices: Incredible vs Runaway Lover
  13. As in: nothing to do with her music . This is about her personal attributes. I think my favourite thing about Madonna is that she has never, ever, in all of her years tried to be anyone except for herself. Whatever reincarnation or phase she is in, she is authentic and 100% Madonna. To thine own self be true. Amen to that. Okay yeah so there was the lady of the manor thing when she was married to Guy but she wasn't trying to be another specific person. It was just her own persona.
  14. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Looking gorgeous in that pic. Can't believe she's 60 in a few months. That MDNA serum is clearly working magic for her.
  15. DUA LIPA

    That's the image they're going for I think. The 'dead behind the eyes' / 'can't be bothered' thing is part of the schtick.
  16. Kilo Mango

    Come on Karby let's have a Kilo party with some rarities, maybe "MADE OF GLASS" or perhaps "BOY"? Get up (Get up) Boy (Boy)
  17. Lana Del Rey

    This is a revisitation thread to reassess and marvel at this wonderful album. As in, it's the best album of 2014. The Queen has slain them all!