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  1. Is that B&M bargains like the Poundland type shop?
  2. I'm not a huge fan or anything but I love this reaction video
  3. Lana Del Rey

    This is a revisitation thread to reassess and marvel at this wonderful album. As in, it's the best album of 2014. The Queen has slain them all!
  4. DISCLAIMER: MDNA Tour is excluded from my assessment. I know some fans prefer the live shows to be more faithful to the live experience - however, the tour DVD / film is supposed to promote the tour but also is a filmic depiction and an artistic contextualisation and reinterpretation in the editing suite in Madonna's part. So in that sense I can understand where she's coming from. She wants to project the show as she saw it in her head when she conceptualised it, or as she felt it when she was performing it. So in that sense, okay it makes sense and I think it's her prerogative as an artist. That being said, the Facetune that's out of control and the Autotune on the vocals are more difficult to swallow. And what's inexcusable really is the imbalance between her meticulous attention to detail when it comes to the visuals in contradistinction to the shockingly awful sound mixing and audio in general. Thoughts?
  5. Favorite Songs

    The UNDERRATED DIVA SUPREME Miss TONI BRAXTON Darkchile! He WASN'T MAN ENOUGH!!!!! What ARE U THINKIN''? Do YOU KNOW 'bout us back THEN? Do you know your HUSBAND GURLFREND???? I'm NOT thinkin' bout him But you MARRIED him Do you KNOW I made him LEAVE? Do you KNOW he BEGGED to STAY With ME He WASN'T MAN ENOUGH FOR ME!!
  6. Favorite Songs

    I'm MISSUS she's too BIG now she's TOO THIN
  7. Favorite Songs

    Serving MADONNA realness circa '89-'91... it's Miss XXXTina. HASHTAG Justice4Bionic2018 bitches.
  8. WTF is that cover! Talk about MESS Is that what goes for high fashion these days at VOGUE USA HQ? Have a fucking word, Wintour!
  9. IKR I wish I could have cared any less!!! (Except of course if Z would miraculously appear in my bed - that would be a whole different story )
  10. It's all very Taylor Swift isn't it. Anyway maybe he can come out of the closet now.
  11. MADONNA RAY OF LIGHT 20 and more! The Queen Pop will celebrate the anniversary of this landmark album by performing a number of concerts. The entire album performed for the first time ever Plus! Selected classics spanning the Queen of Pop's entire illustrious career. SETLIST: 1. Drowned World / Substitute for Love 2. Swim 3. Ray Of Light 4. Candy Perfume Girl 5. Skin 6. Nothing Really Matters 7. Sky Fits Heaven Intermission 8. Shanti/Ashtangi 9. Frozen 10. The Power of Goodbye 11. To Have And Not To Hold 12. Little Star 13. Mer Girl Encore 1 14. Like A Virgin 15. Holiday Encore 2 16. Like A Prayer [London] / Music [NYC] 10 shows in total New York Madison Square Garden - 5 shows London O2 arena - 5 shows END.
  12. China will rate its citizens

    Can we give out +100 ratings? Because clearly @Kim is gunning for a first in that category
  13. Ray Of Light 20 : Let's Fantasise...

    I died? Truly
  14. Paula obliterates todays pop princesses in 2 mins.

    Aiiii aiiiii aiiiii ayayyayayayayayyyyyyaayyy!!!!!
  15. The legendary CHER

    Let's start by listing all the Chair records that we own. Here is my collezione - The Very Best of Chair (single disc with the 'Living Proof' wig) Living Proof (the best £1.00 I ever spent in my entire life) Believe (really nowhere near as good as poor 'Living Proof') It's a Man's World (her best album cover ever? Oh I think so. And yes it is very underrated as a record.) Love Hurts (UK edition) Heart of Stone (the one with the sexy black dress cover) Cher (1987) OMG I love Chair.