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  1. CICCONE AHMADZAI LEONARD A Holy Trinity that we have never seen in combination before. Some may think we have American Life part 2 but this will be more like Ray Of Light part 2 in the sense that M and Pat wrote beautiful songs together and the production was moulded by Orbit. We could have a potential scenario like this. In which case honestly I would just DIE right now. I can't even breathe just thinking about this??? I'm actually crying and hyperventilating at my desk ?
  2. OMG does this mean the usual fan sites will start reposting her Instagram and add their own speculations to them as 'exclusive rumours'? Can't wait
  3. Kelly Minging

    I AM only here for a LITTLE WHILE Would you like To TAKE ME OUT tonight Maybe we'd Talk for a little while BABY???
  4. Kelly Minging

    Your love Got me tumbling upside down And I Think you should know that! Your love
  5. Kelly Minging

    But I get butterflies Water in my eyes.... Cause I'm fragile when you call my name (fragile)
  6. Greatest Hits Tour Setlist- in no apparent order

    Agreed! I originally had Live to Tell on the setlist but changed it for CHERISH just to annoy her because she hates it so much
  7. Greatest Hits Tour Setlist- in no apparent order

    A GH tour should be WALL TO WALL hits with only space for 1 or 2 rarities / fan favourites. This effectively rules out almost everything from 2008 onwards barring '4 Minutes'. And much to Madonna's own dismay I am sure also rules out the likes of Human Nature, CANDY SHOP and any song of their ILK.
  8. Greatest Hits Tour Setlist- in no apparent order

    1. Intro video: Who's That Girl / Bitch I'm Madonna 2. Into The Groove 3. Music 4. Vogue 5. Hung Up 6. Dress You Up (dancers) 7. Like A Virgin 8. Deeper & Deeper 9. 4 Minutes 10. Open Your Heart 11. Frozen (video) 12. Justify My Love 13. Rescue Me 14. Rain 15. Ray Of Light 16. Lucky Star (dancers) 17. Borderline 18. Cherish / Don't Tell Me 19. Holiday 20. Where's The Party? (video) 21. Encore 1 : Express Yourself 22. Encore 2 : Like a Prayer
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Looking gorgeous in that pic. Can't believe she's 60 in a few months. That MDNA serum is clearly working magic for her.