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  1. The 'metacritic' score may be similar or whatever but mots of the broadsheets / proper music press gave MDNA better reviews.
  2. Yeah it's funny cause MDNA actually got better reviews than Rebel Heart!! Go Figure.
  3. Beautiful queen
  4. Rebel Heart Tour DVD? I thought that whore died!!
  5. The best songs on MDNA were the down-tempo / ballad type songs. Actually I'd say the same for Rebel Heart. And there in lies the problem with post-Confessions On A Dance Floor Madonna. It may not necessarily be her because she's staying true to herself and trying to incorporate what's trendy and what's popular with 'the kids' but she doesn't connect with 'the kids' and her core fanbase is far too old at this point in the game to be going to identify with 'going hard or going home'. We want "Vogue" or "Ray Of Light" because we're elderly homosexuals and women at this point.
  6. So what do you consider to be her worst album? Just out of interest I'd like to know. Don't get me wrong, as you say there are some lovely songs on MDNA: "Falling Free", "Masterpiece", "Beautiful Killer", "I Fucked Up", "Love Spent" and even "Best Friend" (perhaps if it had better production) are all wonderful. A lot of the rest is, as acko said, uninspired (e.g. "I'm A Sinner", "Some Girls", "Turn Up The Radio", "Superstar", ) but then you have generic dross that even Rihanna wouldn't have touched with a barge pole (e.g. "Girl Gone Wild"). I'm sure that even Madonna herself would classify it as one of her weaker records, now that the dust has settled.
  7. WHAT ABOUT: when she copied the Bye Bye Baby TGS segment (a middle segment in a Madonna tour years prior) and used it for her OPENING segment?
  8. That is very true. I went to 4 MDNA Tour shows and I was in the 'nosebleed' cheap seats in the back at one of them and this one was the one all the casual / non-fan / boyfriend/husband types there with the GF/wife types were living for. Random.
  9. Crying right now watching the MDNA tour footage Best tour since BAT
  10. Huh. How do I put this? It's... an album track on her worst studio album. But it was fun live. I'll say that.