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  1. Total wasted opportunity. Should have been released shortly after Medellin.
  2. Great album and yes it's her best album of the '10s and yes Rebel Heart isn't fit to lick Madame X's boots let alone be mentioned in the same breath.
  3. @Andra and @Nikki let's do this!! Cause it's A------ ** BEAT DROP **
  4. It was so FUCKING POWERFUL in Lisbon wasn't it!? But even in London I nearly died to be honest
  5. Can you imagine TayTay breaking it down to BATUKA? I can actually.
  6. Bopped, popped and locked so hard I think something may have fallen out? Shaking and crying violently still What a song What a performance What a woman What a message MADAME X @acko @Gus @HolidayGuy @Je5u5 @Jazzy Jan @jonski43 @horn @Junior @Dr Lecter @eroticerotic @Katypatra @Stephen @Mensch @Kurt420 @XXL @Kim @Mattress @karbatal I invite you all and everyone to join me Yeah.
  7. What an awful human being she is continuously revealing herself to be.
  8. Yeah me too it's pointless. I don't like this whole 3 album cover images thing since RH. 2 at most is enough.
  9. And yes my blue vinyl is also still sealed.
  10. My Madame X vinyl rankings: 1. Black 2. Clear 3. Rainbow ('X' side) 4. Blue 5. Rainbow ('rainbow' side) @horn what do you think?
  11. I think I am ready for a dance remix of this song now. I'm waiting.
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