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  1. No charts are out yet. Probably Wednesday the first chart positions will be out Worldwide sales will be out Friday for countries who published a chart this week. Expect a smallish number. Next week we will have the rest of the world charts and sales. Next Friday (3/20), Mediatraffic will have a bigger number. That will include the US sales. (MDNA debuted with 740k.)
  2. OMG, please, no more talk of 2016. We have so much to do before then!!!!!!!!!!
  3. When he says "promotion," he means no more singles will be released from MDNA.
  4. From Pulse: Remixer/producer Klimis Ioannidis who has usually been right about industry happenings related to Madonna said today at DJRicoMixshow that "Further promotion on MDNA has ended. Don't expect anything else to come out of this album."
  5. I can only get into 4 or 5 tracks. 2 months in, I liked HC much better.
  6. Very true! BUT, this is a public relations disaster. It's obvious Guy works well as a tour manager, but maybe M now needs a manager who solely manages her albums/singles/videos?
  7. ^Exactly. If Madonna and Guy do not want to promote it, what can we do? I'm still going to enjoy the album.
  8. Roger Friedman now has a 3rd article out. He's says MDNA is DOA. It's so badly written. Why does Forbes keep him around?
  9. Not confirmed. Billboard should give us figures tomorrow.
  10. Guys, how many versions does she have at iTunes? 3 versions? plus pre-orders from the tour plus retail sales = should be #1.
  11. Guy Oseary ‏ @guyoseary on Twitter: MDNA reaches #1 in 40 countries on ITUNES!!!!
  12. I bought my copy of MDNA at J&R Music in downtown NYC. They had 44 copies. Then I got a text from Holidayguy. He was at Target and no copies were out. The circular and signs said Tuesday, March 27th. I told him to talk to a manager. I haven't heard back from him. Best Buy at Union Square had 59 copies. Barnes & Noble at Union Square had 24 copies. $15.99 for the standard and $21.99 for the Deluxe. Crazy!
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