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  1. Godiva, Neuhaus en Leonidas r shit. Go to a real chocolatier. What about Brussels sprouts though, I've never seen any here
  2. She wrote LIB on the set of Shanghai Surprise in Hong Kong.
  3. I had a 37 y.o. co-worker come up 2 me recently and say (like dead serious) Did u know that Madonna is already 6O? Like he was genuinely shocked.
  4. Why do they have a 5-star system in their index though?
  5. Thanx 4 posting that! I dunno if I agree with the BS, HC MDNA RH-category though... MDNA en RH should b in a Seperate MESSY-category :D
  6. Yes they did a good job. The interviewer is sweet.
  7. Chile u need 2 stick 2 what u du best, make threads and posts about BAT dvd's. And possibly get fucked.
  8. I know u'd get it. Loving the knee choreography
  9. The harsh reality is that being a victim of a tragedy doesn't necessarily make you an authority in a social debate.
  10. AL was by far my FAVOURITE. The ending with the 'Fuck Its' was just She seems to have a new backing vocalist as well, next to NikKi#2.
  11. https://time.com/5617924/istanbul-police-turkey-lgbt-pride-tear-gas/ ISTANBUL — Activists gathered in Istanbul to promote rights for gay and transgender people Sunday before police dispersed the crowd at a pride event that Turkish authorities had banned for the fifth year. The rally on a side street to Istanbul’s main pedestrian avenue drew several hundred people, who cheered and waved rainbow flags. Istanbul Pride organizers said the Istanbul governor’s office banned the march from central Taksim district as well as a square designated for demonstrations west of the city.
  12. A favourite! With a with a Björk outro.
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