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  1. I will say it again....I need this as 12" single!!!! PLEASEEEEEEE
  2. I need this as 12" single!!!! PLEASEEEEEEE
  3. Listed by Billboard as on of the best albums of the year. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/list/8545657/best-albums-of-2019-top-50
  4. Extreme Occident God Control Killers Who Are Partying I Don't Search I Find Dark Ballet ALBUM OF LIFE
  5. The album is Amazing. I still think we should GET A DOUBLE A SIDE 12'' I DON’T SEARCH I FIND/GOD CONTROL
  6. I honestly think she entered a new exiting phase in her career. Madame X is Everything!
  7. There used to be a statistic about Belgian people being among the most stressed out people in the western world.
  8. It's ridiculous 2 imply that her music isn't commercial enough.. She's not fucking Björk.
  9. Let's b real for a Moment: MTV IS IRRELEVANT.
  10. I'm the same except 4 the COAD part... That album is not on my radar anymore... But I get it.
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