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  1. Linda Tripp, whose tapes were pivotal in Clinton impeachment scandal, dies https://edition.cnn.com/2020/04/08/politics/linda-tripp-dead/index.html Linda Tripp, whose secretly recorded phone conversations with Monica Lewinsky led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment in the 1990s, has died. She was 70.
  3. what r those.. Summer School and Look Who's Talking 3
  4. I always wanted MIRWAIS + JOE HENRY, what Portugal is 2 Madame X, AMERICANA would be 2 that project
  5. YAY 50 #1's, you should tell Billboard 2 do an in depth story
    on dance records in general.

    1. HolidayGuy


      Billboard ran that Greatest/Most Successful Dance Artists feature a couple years back. I could suggest an an article on M's success/impact in the dance community, getting comments from DJs and such.

    2. acko


      Great idea! 

  6. It's exceptional. David Bowie is the only one I can think of who's had that kind of a discography. And I say that as a harcore Prince fan.
  7. I guess the word STUDY took on a whole new meaning. Thanks 4 informing me.
  8. I've been thinking of something usefull to say for weeks now.. And I'm just at a loss for words. @Jazzy Jan @San and other Australian members... it's just so sad.. Big hug.
  9. I had it on repeat @work today. It's currently in my top two of ALL TIME with a BULLET. EXTREME OCCIDENT JUST HIT A NEW PEAK... God Control is already among her 20th century Classics. Oh Madonna what r u doing 2 me 30 plus years in ur career. OMG I HAVE CRY. @Suedehead
  10. U know it. I'm having the same experience.
  11. Parents and their fucking children. I officially want a big tax cut not only because I don't have/use a car, but because I don't have children. PAY ME.
  12. I have a vegan friend, he's always forcing us to eat his shitty home made vegan cakes that obviously need some fucking eggs in em.
  13. Fantastic Miss Ciccone! It's up there with her absolute BEST. And Medellin is EVERYTHANG. FUCK YOU MTV.
  14. That is not true at ALL. It was never gonna b a smash hit, and Madonna fans rejoiced... cuz we got the Madonna who released Bedtime Story as a single. That's what we wanted al along hunty, bold pop statements, so make no mistake. She got the best reviews since COAD. And that is a fact NOT A BLIND ITEM.
  15. I was just listening to the albulm and... It's already the best album of 2020, and it was released last year! in fact I made a list below , of the best albums of 2020 so far Madonna Like A Prayer Erotica Ray of Light Music American Life Madame X
  16. Fcuk that colored shit, but still I Still Say They Should Have Realeased GOD CONTROL 12" I Don't Search I Find 12" Dark Ballet (Extended Suite) 12" KIller Who Are Partying/Ciao Bella 12" Looking For Mercy/Batuka Cassette. THE END.
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