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  1. Stop thinking in terms of what 'could have worked' for radio and such. From now on a project is a succes when and if its artistic vision, and thus perception is a SUCCES. So yes GG was a better 1st single, if only 2 avoid the 'Oh she's working with a young latin act' now bs. That being said I can't b mad @ Medellin....that video
  2. I swear I would have preferred a lip sync scandal 'because she had a cold'... I guess tape with the Superbowl vocals was confiscated by the Mossad.
  3. I will say this though NOSTRADONNA also has NOSTRAFANS, the likes of @acko and @Nikki reacted immediately and with caution when news broke that she was doing Eurovision... with comments like 'She'll better bring her A game vocally or she'll b ripped to shreads' or even advising that she had better lip sanc. Just because of the nature of that event and the way it's traditionally being reported on i felt that it wasn't a good fit for M and not because it's cheesy or campy or beneath her.
  4. OMG ... is there still freedom of press in America? or is it like Turkey or Russia now? I mean I know about FOXNEWS but this is getting to point where M was right when she said what she said during the womens march
  5. Oh and I officially can't believe people are making up another setlist because: the 1980's MONSTER HIT and ALL TIME classic 'Like a Prayer' wasn't a good choice
  6. The fact that she sounded like shit on the 1ST song dissapointed people, followed by a song sung by a robot.. and then that threw people...there really is no woulda coulda shoulda...I mean a year later, let's just b honest she was the worst singer on that stage that night. and FUTURE was always gonna b that NEW song where people were gonna say OH THAT'S A NEW SONG
  7. No disrespect just keeping it real...but Avicci kinda just don't have a place on that list. So I'll take Leonardo Da Vinci, or Mercator.
  8. That's a surprisingly LOW number, given the HATE PROPAGANDA supported by the RUSSIAN government.
  9. The part where we C Whitney, Prince et all gives me goosebumps.
  10. Who is this Queen of Life???
  11. Still waiting for that summer release tbqh.
  12. I can't believe this man is the president of a nation. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-suggests-injection-disinfectant-beat-coronavirus-clean-lungs-n1191216 People are way too complacent. This man merits a civil war.
  13. Don't you think Kirstey Alley should play her in a TV movie though?
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