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  1. Well this bytch must b a bonafide psycho's either that or Ryan Murphy was screwing her over.
  2. Bitch needs 2 relaunch, or just LAUNCH a proper channel. Even Camille fucking Paglia, 2 this day, is still going on about how her classic videos of the 80's & 90's should b considered as pieces of high art in popular culture. It's just mind boggling that the greatest visual artist of the twentieth century has such low quality content online...especially when the business is all about that these days, and like it or not...she's at that point where her back catalogue will always overshadow her newer output... . That's just the way it is. So roll with the punches Oseary & Co... . Getting it right wouldn't even cost a lot of money, there's only profit 2 b made. Assholes.
  3. it's okay, i'm not saying u said that either...just explaining why it's perfect the way it is imo.
  4. Let's be serious here, when u think of the golden Hollywood era of the studio system none of the suggested names frist spring 2 mind. That's just the way it is.
  5. Well I feel like it is being the PC police. And it's not a missed opportunity at all, cuz the song is a fucking classic, and the flow of the names is amazing. In fact I've said this before, I feel like those are some of the greastest pop lyrics of ALL TIME. I guess it's a pity 2 that she didn't do regional versions 4 the European market, with all the legends from french and Italian cinema.
  6. How is that strange, like u said it's reflects the era.
  7. Because Dimaggio captured the imagination of the public like the golden Hollywood stars of that era...he was an ICON. Married to Marilyn Monroe 4 a while 2... DiMaggio's popularity during his career was such that he was referenced in film, television, literature, art, and music both during his career and decades after he retired. Crawford was just a bitch 2 rhyme....
  8. Where is that from?
  9. So when is it cancelled? Should we buy tickets and then sue? Cuz we could make some money. My sister in law is a jewish lawyer, she told me I should look at it as an investment. Kinda like playing the stock market. Good ol' Jancel.
  10. Yessss.... I remember Guy walked by at a Sticky gig, and I asked out loud in the middle of a crowd: "When is the compilation gonna b released?" and he gave this really stately response, like it was a matter of national interest "A statement will b released shortly", he said... But we had all kinda figured out it would b september, so I go "But it's september, right!" and he just went red like I had put him on the spot or something and turned his head away
  11. Remind me a bit, was it about the remix vs album version?