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  1. The Catholic Church is DISGUSTING. And fuck this current pope 2. I ain't accepting his pity fucks. It's the year 2017, and that disgusting institution has CENTURIES of ABUSE under its belt. And fuck u at all politicians and heads of state that keep receiving these 'religious' cunts as representatives of a legitimate entity that gets 2 take care of its own problems. NO! In the real world their little club would already have been bankrupt from paying all the victims as they should.
  2. I remember they interviewed this little girl here who was about 9 to 11 years old on the news here... And asked her about her favourite moment in the show, and this kid: "The part with all the guns" It was so cute and honest.
  3. I don't think Buzzfeed understands the meaning of the word underrated. The film is beautiful, yet boring. RIP Glenne Headly.
  4. Don't forget there was Devante Swing from Jodeci 2.
  5. Maybe that disgusting bitch also took the box that had the PARIS BAT recordings. Let's go 2 her house!!! Is that whore on social Media, it's time we pay her a visit.
  6. the whole post Sex backlash era was a lot harder on her than she let on. It was apparent in her BB speech 2.
  7. At the time I actually felt she was late, cuz that whole retro disco cool thing had been going one 4 a few years. But it's a very well crafted album. I love it.
  8. '94-'95-Donna fascinates me 2 no end.
  9. That is one shitty List, that Mariah Album how can that b ahead of time and the abundance of generic gay Pop Princess crap also, no men? really? The boy who wrote that can get fucked.
  10. NO EROTICA !? Don't spit on my craft u dickhead 'online' writers. #J.loMovieline
  11. So what does the letter 2 Christopher say?
  12. Maybe the letter is from 1993, and J is Jimmy Albright. Wasn't some of the Albright stuff already sold a couple of years ago?
  13. What a pathetic perfomer.