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  1. Off topic: but I came across this article at work about how you can 'plump' your lips with make up and not make them swell up with a shot glass, because there is an 'obvious culturally appropriative aspect' , and they were DEAD serious. WTF!?
  2. Remember when everyone was like: 'This pope is different, finally a breath of fresh air'
  3. acko

    Paris is burning

    That's not really true though, as per usual there are 'hooligan'-esque groups from both sides of the spectrum that infiltrate manisfestations, both leftist anarchists and the far right, it's kinda funny that they are wearing the same 'color'. There's a lot of footage of them fighting amongst themselves, police officers being singled out, getting beat up while being helped 2 escape at the same time, all by people in Yellow Vests. The situation is a mess. And yes, Macron is awful.
  4. My favourite! of ALL TIME!!! U know she gave birth 2 Björk on that album.
  5. Is there an audible difference between this remaster & the previous one? I'm talking about Hounds of Love of course.
  6. On another note, when did that Stefano guy go bat shit crazy? Is he a drug addict?
  7. I obviously don't understand the voice over...But give me a fucking break. The Spaghetti, Cannoli, Pizza thing should b equally offensive then. GET FUCKED.
  8. acko


    I agree, the album is overproduced & (too) glossy. Dolphin I couldn't believe my ears when it 1st came out. It was like after Letitgo he released nothing but shit.
  9. acko

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    There is no more freedom or press in the US. I don't understand why the outrage isn't bigger. Land of the Free? Somebody lied....
  10. acko


    I violently disagree () most people described the song as boring or tuneless at the time. And that video. My LORD. Madonna wasn't kidding when she said: His videos are silly & cheap and beneath his ability. He even sounds bored, If anything it was a very 'out of touch' record. Personally I'm a huge fan of the drumms on that track.
  11. acko

    Kanye West

    He was in my old home town yesterday. He went 2 a mall restaurant after hours, and ordered everything of the menu 2 taste It's basically the food u have when out shopping At least Grace Jones knew where 2 go when she was here...
  12. acko

    Sinead O'Connor [merged]

    If this keeps her alive then I'm happy 4 Sinéad. I c a genuine sparkle in her eyes, but this whole 'shopping' around 4 religious often makes me squirm.
  13. acko

    Sinead O'Connor [merged]

    I wonder how Sister Bernadette feels about this
  14. Brexit? I thought that whore died.