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  1. Sorry but he looks and acts pathetic. Is he still a 2 kool4skool depressed teen?
  2. The most disgusting thing is the photo. Children in headscarves, really? Objectifying a child like that is disgusting.
  3. In terms 'male energy' in popular culture I can't think of any two beings more unique than him and David Bowie.
  4. :One of the great MAdonna moments 'It was just nothing, it was a bonding moment with Madonna'
  5. I don't understand some of the bs that is being thrown around about Madonna in here. It was obviously a nervous reaction. And the fact that she was fat...changes what!? But I get it, everything is always Madonna's fault... . Even when someone rapes children Madonna is somehow worse. Bravo @erotica blu
  6. Who cares what Madonna thinks !? This is about a man who raped children, destroyed families and was evil to the core. May the dead freak rot in hell.
  7. @ that Lisa Marie marriage between with Liza, Liz en Lisa Marie.. and MJ...there was some crazy shit that went down.
  8. This would work really well as a duet version with Barbra. I can hear her voice on this, though we need images of her dead dog.
  9. Notice how she didn't get a B'day thread from me.
  10. Barbra has always been one crazy up her own ass humourless bitch, but I'm shocked.
  11. The Stupidity is real I thought at first. But it's really more a case of being pathetic and socially disturbed, trying 2 defend someome who raped and abused children by comparing it 2 one of the greatest acts of feminism in pop culture history, it's all so very Tea Party and Fox News.
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