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  1. And Australians r what exactly!? Gurl... Either way, way 2 go!
  2. Like A Prayer from the tours ranked

    My least favourite Sticky performace, after the dreadful Borderline rendition, is SS LAP. BAT RHT (i was there in PARIS) MDNA THE END.
  3. She references old songs throughout the GS, in case u hadn't noticed and it's not cheesy...it's meant 2 b a tribute 2 the Philly Soul sound.
  4. Patrick Leonard thread

    Well, he once said that he'd love 2....but that she wasn't at that point in her career (yet) or something 2 that effect. She should at least record 'Behind the bars' with him. I'm ready 4 that cover on her next album.
  5. Patrick Leonard thread

    This is a new alternative FACT! We want it 2 b true, therefore it is TRUE!
  6. Patrick Leonard thread

    But who else would care if he states :'Going offline For a While' if it weren't 4 a SECRET PROJECT with his most high profile partner in HISTORY as I'm typing this monkeys r flying out of my butt
  7. Patrick Leonard thread

    Imagine if this past year was all about pre buzz/teaser and they are working together
  8. Janet Jackson thread

  9. No, Madonna left after they couldn't match the Live Nation deal, they actually tried and offered her some sort of a 360 deal, despite not being a touring company. Prince actually resigned with Warner near the end and the anniversary issue was done with his involvement, he oversaw the entire project in 2015.
  10. Liz Smith has Died [merged]

    Another time, she added, "Madonna did me the ultimate favor. From Budapest, she gave my column the exclusive on her pregnancy. I was sputtering in shock when Madonna's rep, Liz Rosenberg, called. 'But, she's just starting Evita,' I said. 'How can this be true?' Madonna herself picked up the phone. 'Liz, I'm pregnant,' she barked. I started writing."
  11. Liz Smith has Died [merged]

    I remember she got the scoop 4 M's 1st pregnancy.
  12. At the start & then from 1:25.