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  1. I wonder if it will b so cheesy that it will have Neil Patrick Harris in a wig as Martin Burgoyne.
  2. MDNA's sparse artwork & design was wonderful & a perfect DVD-cover. U queens r something else at the shit y'all r passing around as how it should be...
  3. Camille Paglia would b perfect as Camille Barbone
  4. Not 2 mention the fact that the anticipation was insane, in Europe at least it was Beatles-esque. Barcelona was insane, this would have been one of those rare occasions were opening night would have made 4 the perfect recording...
  6. The thing with Cyndi is, it's 2017 and every other article about her still mentions Madonna and the only Cyndi album that briefly mattered in the US: She's so unsual. She should know better and take several seats. As 4 Deborah, she's 71 and still a culturally revered figure making her living through music. Be happy woman.
  7. What about the time her Warner released solo album with shit songs was a flop cuz Madonna was successful?
  8. No, she's an academic who's supposed 2 shed light on female sexuality depicted in the arts throughout history, therefore she should discuss Madonna and her work in a socio cultural context and not talk about what she wants her 2 b. Unless she wants 2 give up her title as professor and join join this forum.
  9. O oh please she's squirming in her seat...2 bad that Anne Hathaway cut it short
  10. It's a masterpiece. A VERY VERY intelligent and cuting edge record, that hopefully, one day, will get its due...It's her cult classic I guess... If only we could make this album happening again....
  11. Gurl please, it's a festival, Madonna didn't invent shit. If anything, one could argue she killed it.
  12. I don't think the beauty would ever b tainted, I think Madonna would thrive when writing with a musician like Pat again, instead of these DJ/Dance/Remix-stars. I'm not talking about production. Somehow I doubt she'd b doing 4/4 waiting/hesitating verses with Leonard.
  13. Niki & Donna would b out of place, they were already 'established' working industry people when BAT took place..