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  1. acko

    Grace Jones thread

    Be that as it may, it's still bad film making, that's not really about taste.
  2. acko


    That family is giving The Jacksons a run 4 their money.
  3. acko

    Grace Jones thread

    Finally saw Bloodlight and Bami in a theatre. The captured performances were not the best I've seen during the 'Hurricane years'. Too much talk about Mas P, without a proper catharsis...that's not how you make a film Sophie Fiennes. I'm glad I read the book, otherwise I wouldn't know what the (Jamaican) fuck they were talking about half the time... Some interesting moments though, the breakfast in the fur coat was Classic Grace....that moment in the cab where she declares NYC dead and she ALWAYS opens her own oysters. I was left wanting more, U can't put ur camera on Grace fucking Jones (over the course of YEARS!), and then give us just that. 2/5
  4. acko


    Now this I want.
  5. acko

    Why don’t we already

    Yeah that's the funny part.
  6. acko

    Why don’t we already

    Who cares what Madonna thinks...but surely celebrating her body of work in a creative way when it comes 2 her merchandise would bring joy 2 some fans. It's not like she has 2 do anything. If they can email us 2 buy her shitty Erotica merch they might as well make the effort worth our while.
  7. acko

    Why don’t we already

    Remember that christmas ornament in 2005? That was it really.
  8. Those or good choices! All the the RH shows I went 2, TB was a definite highlight, a real crowd pleaser, moreso than LAV or MG.
  9. Spotify should just DIE already.
  10. I think the media r 2 blame partially 4 letting crap enter the news cycle, 2 create web traffic, almost anything is published online FAST without correction. The entertainment news especially is very inaccurate, a lot of Daily Mail & other gossip fodder gets picked up without content or scrutiny. The other week I put my foot down and had all 'Rihanna is the First Black Woman on British Vogue' articles redacted. Not a single title mentioned this was about the september issue, nothing earth shattering. But symptomatic nonetheless.
  11. 1. Homogenic 2. DEBUT 3. Post 4. Vespertine 5.Volta Couldn't b arsed 2 listen To the rest. Selmasongs and Medulla r somewhere in my house.
  12. spazz

    hey acko

    I miss talking with you

    what are you favorite Prince songs?

    1. Gold
    2. Pussy Control
    3. Kiss
    4. Sexy dancer
    5. Sign O Times
    6. I wish U heaven
    1. acko


      Ooooh that's difficult, it depends on my mood

      I love the fact that u love #4 and #2 on your list, but I guess Little Red Corvette is up there...

      I also love love Dirty Mind & Parade (albums)

      Crystal Ball the song....

      Sometimes it Snow in April

      The list goes on and on really...

    2. spazz


      im so obsessed with him

      omg i missed alot of my life not discovering him earlier  ❤️

      I started listening to him only in 2007 when I recognized his music on this forum

      unfortunately few ppl knows him in Egypt

      i like Sometimes in Snow in April too