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  1. acko

    New Album Means New Tour

    It was tough on the sides, and then cuz of the fire station somtehing, but Freddie will have it changed by 2morow...
  2. Can I send u a message somehow? ur box is full.

  3. acko

    New Album Means New Tour

    After the MET thing, I want a 'theatre tour'. Maximum 10.000 seaters.
  4. Rave is one of the worst things he's EVER done. It's very a Madonna @ Interscope MDNA-esque MESS. Almost every song is a TUTR (or Turd, that's basically the same thing), so fake & commercial with calculated and lacklustre duets/collabs. He basically went 2 Arista and made his version of that overrated Santana album, Supernatural. I DETEST it. Stuff like Baby Knows & Hot With You Old Friends, was great though, Warner did a good job with that. When The lights Go Down
  5. Well he is GAY after all, just don't tell his wife.
  6. I like the bit towards the end were the song titles r spoken :D I still find it a weird idea 4 a song....it's like that 'Rather do it with Madonna' thing But the fascination is real...We had this ridiculous wanabe-heartthrob releasing a song in Flemish in 1990, with more or less the same content. It's like a proper theme ( @Nikki )
  7. They even planted the rumor Madonna was interested in him. I think he even showed the article 2 Jay Leno. Poor Rob probabably didn't realize the label payed 4 that arranged story.
  8. He's basically that drunken uncle who will show you his cock at a wedding.
  9. acko

    Eurovision thread

    oh Jazzy, but I love the drama that's proper local aftermath eurovision tradition But the public wasn't having Jessica, & neither was I
  10. acko

    Eurovision thread

    Because she was beyond shit?
  11. acko

    Eurovision thread

    Frankly, we don't care what's being discussed in the media in America. Just 4 the record though, Israel is a member of the EBU...that's why they were originally allowed 2 participate, it's a classic Eurovision country. Australia on ther other hand, sorry Jazzy...doesn't belong. I love how China was denied 2 broadcast the show after they censored the semi final 4 gay content! @ the UK
  12. Is he really the best selling UK male solo artist? Or is it a Mariah-ism? What about Elton, George & Bowie?
  13. acko

    Eurovision thread

    My bf loves Bulgaria, I say the harmonies r a mess/not pleasant enough. There's no point in having 5 people sing, when there's no harmony 'effect'.