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  1. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Actually, I see two whole piglets & a string holding them together.
  2. None of her songs have stood the test of time really, except 4 in a kitschy sense. The only classic thing she did was the VIDEO 4 straight up, all the rest is like an american early 90's version of Kylie crica SA&W.
  3. I went 2 this reputable vintage record store the other day, and they have Janet's records under: Michael Jackson, LaToya & Family. I started laughing in the store, cuz I thought of u guys...
  4. Fantasy is her classic though, those other two r shitty remakes.
  5. She doesn't really have 'many' real hits here...& We belong together was not the hit it was in the US, it didn't even hit the top 10 in countries like Italy, Germany and France...
  6. LaToya is a hustler, don't b fooled by that hussy
  7. The pop dance movement!? Where has this interviewer been in the last 30 years?
  8. Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    The darkness on stage was really something 2 behold! This one never understood it:
  9. I see, well she's prolly thinking it would land her a club date in NYC with the monsters.
  10. The do was part of the overall theme... GLORIOUS.
  11. I don't know!! 1990 came back 2 visit us, she doesn't even look like she had work done!
  12. The MDNA premiere face is up there with the all time BEST.