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  1. acko

    Donna + Nikki Rain cover

    Are they touring with patrick leonard?
  2. YASSS MISSS ROSSSSS. Nothing but respect 4 this criminally underrated ICON and Trailblazer. The First FEMALE SUPERSTAR.
  3. acko

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    I still say he looks like porn. Even though he's not my type.. in theory.
  4. It's been said a few times in this thread now, and as a member of 'the media' I object to the notion that the reporting on the alledged acts of sexual abuse with minors is somehow a salacious attempt at character assassination of a pop star, on behalf of the media. In fact, he has gotten away with a lot more than most, just because he was rich and famous and now DEAD. This story is way beyond The National Enquirer or some other disgusting rag usually filled with half truths and lies. Reputable titles such The Guardian, The independent and The Times have written about this subject, people have been interviewed and investigative reports have been scrutinized. This is way beyond rumours and hearsay as well as the fan fiction spun by his admirers on message boards. Multiple people have come forward. And the disdain expressed towards potential past victims of child abuse in this thread is nothing short of disgusting and shameful. And the stupidity of not wanting to understand the complexity of the psychology of male sex abuse victims is just baffling. The impact on such complex issues such as identity, masculinity, and the male sexuality as it's perceived in patriarchal society...well, yes it causes people to do and say all kinds of things. Ultimately, you can't just moonwalk your way around this, because you feel like you 'grew up' with this person and his music. Check yourself.
  5. Or 'at least homo stuff' wtf is that supposed to mean?
  6. It's something that was passed on, on blogs, there is NO source.
  7. That was a hoax, made up by fans right after MJ OD'd.
  8. THIS x 1000. I don't understand why people are writing essays on how we really don't know because we weren't there...
  9. Oh come off it. And Who cares what Madonna thinks. We are talking about numerous accusations of child molestation.
  10. I know you don't even have 2 go further than that in the debate, to determine that something was WRONG.
  11. The whole Latoya brainwash shit was like sth out of Days of Our Lives... Never bought it. U know those Jacksons had a family meeting and decided 2 get in line to protect their future estate. @Jazzy Jan I'm sorry but it's the ohter way around. The WORLD has given him a pass. He was just this mega talented eccentric pop star... That was basically the disclaimer. It wouldn't surprise me if all the weird stories.. Planted at certain time... were part of a strategy just to be able to say 'people say the most outrageous things about this guy'. He was a Freak and he did inappropriate things with young boys.. That much is clear.
  12. Off topic: but I came across this article at work about how you can 'plump' your lips with make up and not make them swell up with a shot glass, because there is an 'obvious culturally appropriative aspect' , and they were DEAD serious. WTF!?
  13. Remember when everyone was like: 'This pope is different, finally a breath of fresh air'