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  1. The way he pronounces her name, like she only refers to her in print or something
  2. It's been a minute, just wanted to say hey. Hope you're well!


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    2. Mattress


      That's fabulous about the tour. Your birthday is going to be amazing.

      And I'm getting the same vibe off of a lot of the press this time out, too. It's confusing, irresponsible and their loss. Not sure what the motivation is (or am I?) but she's been undermined for her entire career so. Fuck it. I'm riveted as ever by her.

      Swiped a tattered copy of Sunday's New York Times magazine supplement today from a laundromat. Aside from the blatant promotional opportunities presented by carrying this around, the friction between Madonna and the publication AND the juxtaposition of early era Madonna images torn through by Madonna now? A mood...

      This wait until Friday for Madame X is painful enough. Godspeed on that extra day you're endeavoring.

    3. acko


      hahaha thanx 4 the well wishes. I feel that a lot of 'journalists/media people' are thrown by the general perception of her in our culture. That makes them second guess and/or downplay any original or positive thought they may have about her. I'm telling you this is why she is very relevant. She should b taught in sociology classes, not media or communication. For the record: I've stolen magazines before :D

    4. Mattress


      So we made it. :grins:

      Still digesting here... The album is so good.

  3. Hi Acko, could you please send me your verified fan code for the London shows that you sent me a few weeks ago as I accidentally deleted the original message, thanks Jordan 

  4. The most disgusting thing is the photo. Children in headscarves, really? Objectifying a child like that is disgusting.
  5. Remember when everyone was like: 'This pope is different, finally a breath of fresh air'
  6. That's not really true though, as per usual there are 'hooligan'-esque groups from both sides of the spectrum that infiltrate manisfestations, both leftist anarchists and the far right, it's kinda funny that they are wearing the same 'color'. There's a lot of footage of them fighting amongst themselves, police officers being singled out, getting beat up while being helped 2 escape at the same time, all by people in Yellow Vests. The situation is a mess. And yes, Macron is awful.
  7. On another note, when did that Stefano guy go bat shit crazy? Is he a drug addict?
  8. I obviously don't understand the voice over...But give me a fucking break. The Spaghetti, Cannoli, Pizza thing should b equally offensive then. GET FUCKED.
  9. There is no more freedom or press in the US. I don't understand why the outrage isn't bigger. Land of the Free? Somebody lied....
  10. I'm disgusted. I really don't know what to say.
  11. Apart from the corruption & the state of the world in general, It just breaks my heart. All signs point to a 'reckoning'. She leaves a 7 year old daughter behind.
  12. Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova raped and murdered https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/a-bulgarian-journalist-was-raped-and-murdered-in-a-case-that-has-shocked-europe/2018/10/08/7a4bed2a-cb08-11e8-ad0a-0e01efba3cc1_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.057cab5b7766 PARIS — Viktoria Marinova, a 30-year-old Bulgarian journalist who recently had become the anchor of a talk show focused on investigative reporting, was raped and killed Saturday in a case that has sent shock waves through Europe. The motivation behind her killing remains unknown, and Bulgarian authorities say they have yet to establish a link between her death in the northeastern city of Ruse and her work as a journalist. But because Marinova is the third reporter to be killed in Europe in the past year, the news stoked anxieties about the safety of journalists on the continent. “Again a courageous journalist falls in the fight for truth and against corruption,” Frans Timmermans, vice president of the European Commission, said Monday in Brussels. The European Union pledged its support for Bulgarian authorities as they continued their investigation.
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