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  1. I was gonna post the lady with the long hair... But it no longer exists
  2. YASSSSSSS! Just saying. :fag:

    1. domyeyebrows


      I'll take it!

  3. acko

    U need to post MORE.

  4. Stop calling it crab walk!

    1. funkydita



  5. Bitch I visit your profile twice a week MINIMUM to enlarge that Prince pic. :chuckle: Hope you're staying well xo

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MadFan


      It's the cleavage at the end of the day even though the hair is on point. I'm okay...lockdown is the same here, and I need some romance. :chuckle: You moved to Italy yet? 💋

    3. acko


      Well I have dual citizenship...so I got time to find the right place. :fag:

      Romance is important..u just scored points there.
      Only real men use that word. That's me trying to say something Prince would say. :chuckle:

      So has covid fucked up the romance part or is it just complicated because....? I kinda sense ur a catch, so I wouldn't worry if I were u.

    4. MadFan


      Me too though it's about as useful as tits on a bull these days, since Brexit. :chuckle: I guess I can always go to Scotland.

      Yeah it's frustrating because the spontaneity is gone, you know? The kinetic nature of things. :fag: You have to be so intentional these days, with everything, so there's no 'meeting people'...which is how mama likes it.

      But I'll carry on! Thanks for the vote of confidence, gave me a little rush. 💋 x

  6. The utter insanity... @funkydita I stopped at 'the child peadophilia'... I thought it was gonna be about adult or animal peadophilia, but this stuff is obviously too difficult for me too understand.
  7. I've asked this question many times, why are news broadcasts editorialized in the US?
  8. I think to this day we're still not having the proper debate about the place social media and the internet should play in journalism, and the responsability of these multinationals/providers/online outlets. People need to go beyond the 'ooh google is invading my privacy', well google (i don't mean google, but you get my point) is also contaminating the truth and it is very easy to go down that path of intellectual isiolation and choose bullshit. My best friend is not a conspiracy theory but an independant 'performance artist' and she is just so pissed off about the Covid m
  9. Is she not also the first modern day post order bride First lady? And was there not a mix up where it said Russia on the box she came in, and it then turned out 2 b Slovenia??
  10. No...but make no mistake we have our own mess. Sadly.
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