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  1. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    It's the European premiere, & literally NO press mentions.
  2. I love how Madonna thought she was acting in a 1940's movie in this But on second inspection, Willam Dafoe is incredibly shit in this.
  3. Well, yess she should have at least six when u compare it 2 some of the Disney drosh that actually won over the years. I just that wanted 2 keep it serious. But Imagine a TUTBMP and IR nom, and LIVE PERFORMANCES nevermind her actually winning, but just that....
  4. Well technically he did WRITE the song (sample included) To which Madonna recorded Ingrid Chavez' 'poetry'... With some additional lyrics by Madonna: 'Ummm' 'aahhhh' 'yeah' 'Baby' and 'So now what'.
  5. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    How the hell can anyone own the word 'trattoria'!? I'm gonna buy the words 'bar' 'café' and 'pub' tomorrow.
  6. She basically ran away on tour. Oh & that photo shoot with the striped jacket...good Lord.
  7. I also have speed issues with the original pressing.
  8. That depends really, but i will NOT buy digital. I would usually buy the album on CD, plus a Japanese one 4 a bonus track. But those multiple MDNA & RH editions were a mess. & I'm really not in2 'current' vynil or reissues. But I would love a HC one. The last LP I bought was COAD. Incidentally, does ur ROL lp sound good? Mine sounds really muffled, it's an italian pressing I bought at the time.
  9. Well just a personal appreciation, from my field of expertise... The way she conducts herself during her interviews, is just pure class. Bitch ain't playing. She won't schmooze along nor is she sensitive 2 sucking up or bs questions. She'll make an interviewer uncomfortable if the question is 2 one-dimensonal. It's a way showing respect imo, everyone has their craft so let's not waste any one's time. I learned so much from watching ALL her interviews in the last 3 decades, how 2 avoid the pitfalls and properly phrase an interesting question that is of use 2 all involved Doing a round table interview is now my favourite thing in the world Most journalists dread it, cuz u get limited time & u have 2 share with other european collegues, work hard 2 get that question in...one that is often useless 2 the others or the publication they r writing for. I waltz all over the scared children, like I'm Madonna myself. Poor random girl from Hungary 'So when will u come make concert in my country'. acko sez no I will short circuit a bitch in a second.
  10. is this madonna with elvis??

    As if Joan would let her go out of the house with that eye shadow
  11. I just got this from Madonna.com, pré order your copy now! Limited Edition !!