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  1. And the scene where said she finger fucked her. And they kept falling in the crack cuz it was two beds pushed together.
  2. That's some bs...'the gay movement' isn't synonymous with drag culture. I fail 2 c why one would need 2 b an advocate of a reality show.
  3. I fail 2 c how this is beneath Madonna. Its her core fucking audience...And this is not 1997 anymore. Bitch posts pictures of her napkins on Instagram. Check urselves.
  4. yes's people don't understand how much more effective promo would b in classic European markets rather than spending a week on Ellen.
  5. That's very Annie Lennox of u...but girl I ain't reading all that, I saw the show 4 times...
  6. Well French albums still sell hundreds of thousands of copies in the country....so I guess he was comparing it to that...it's a big market 4 her...even AL sold more than 450.000 copies.
  7. He probably didn't even say it...he re-wrote his question afterwards.
  8. Imagine Mariah Carey's response to a question like that
  9. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    My blu ray is grainy, the DVD is not...I think it has sth 2 do with our television sets not being up 2 date.
  10. Yasssss!!! I'm pretty sure they have 2 play the 'postponed' first card 4 a certain term, 2 recuperate a maximum profit.
  11. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Okay, I got my Blu Ray from Japan today...great service and delivery from Amazon Japan! Um, the colour red is very red...I love the film but the colours r VERY saturated. I think I need a new TV.