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  1. pithy

    If I had, it would've been about the latest Hazell Dean release on Energise Records. But I can take a hint. *ceases all ankle-to-cankle operations* *does surgery on entire personality instead*

    1. acko


      Hahahaha I'm teasing u hussy

  2. We're still cleaning up his shit.
  3. Geopolitical history aside, we should look at the whole picture though. Unlike other 'groups' such as ISIS, the Taliban are not invading a foreign country and have no international ambition. They are actually Afghans who sadly enjoy the support of about half the population of their country.
  4. acko

    Big hug x

    1. Bill


      Thank you ☺️☺️❤️

  5. So really more than two third believe he doesn't stand a chance.
  6. UEFA and FIFA = MAFIA Fortunately Stadiums all over Europe are now lit in the rainbow flag as a result.
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