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  1. Remember when we thought his mother had a penis?
  2. I think that would b the opposite of street cred, teaming up with Britney.
  3. Who cares what nationality the victims have. It's a tragedy, chill the fuck out. And before you say anything, I AM Italian.
  4. My heart goes out 2 everyone in London...i've been trying 2 avoid the news all day, as one year ago 2day the terrorist attacks in Brussels took place..
  5. This, people are acting like she isn't a pioneer...u can't just leave that out of the equation... I'm pretty sure she would break the fucking innernet over Cyndi Fucking Lauper.
  6. I can't get it 2 play... RE/ The Cut: She probably feels it's not integral 2 the original vision/arch she had in mind 4 the show, I kinda get the feeling her interludes r quite precious 2 her...
  7. Just 4 reference, MTV did not Exist in Europe 'till 1987 and later....
  8. Actually there is this docu series, I forgot the name, where athletes of today try 2 recreate records set by those who came before them in their respective fields, under the exact same circumstances using the same equipement and clothes...quite interesting.
  9. Actually before any of them tried anything there was Miss Ross. I think Miss Donna tends 2 b overrated by her fans, not throwing shade, but she has her place in Dance History with Giorgio Morodor, and her Gay Anthems...and as a great vocalist.
  10. I find this an interesting topic, and this is not even about Madonna, but I think it's a misstake 2 say 'What if...' and just assume that 'youtube' would have the same affect or use in the 1980's for example, just because the technology was at hand... You have to take the sociological tendencies and the polictics of the times in2 account. If anything, I find todays internet and reality-stars a lot more applicable 2 a Warholian world...imagine smartphones at Studio 54.
  11. There's a lot 2b said 4 Miss Mary J. Bligggge... I love me some What's The 411 an Mary (1999)... But there's a reason why she's covering Rose Royce, Chaka & Hateretha ...and not the other way around...
  12. Sorry but saying sth like that and having that pretentious avatar... Aretha is the most referenced female soul-singer in history...What's not to understand here...