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  1. Well good cause his Bad tour was live. Dangerous had parts of it live as well.
  2. This is actually better than all her previous covers...
  3. Wait...Michael Jackson missed the list entirely but Taylor Swift is there?
  4. Except her videos have been better since 2012 when compared to her post American Life original video.
  5. After they revealed I'm Breathless as the #5 best album of 1990, they just nominated Erotica as the 2nd best from 1992. This is what they had to say about it "No Madonna album was ever met with a louder backlash or was more rampantly misrepresented than this dark masterpiece, so you know it was doing something right. Released on the tail end of AIDS hysteria, Erotica is far from the opus to guiltless sexual fulfillment it—and its even more ridiculed accompanying tome Sex—was made out to be. Though there's no doubt it espouses taking joy in physical pleasure (“Let me remind you in case you don't already know/Dining out can happen down below”), no album seems more empathetically haunted by the act's countless side effects (i.e. “Bad Girl,” “Thief of Hearts,” a purposefully monotonous house cover of Peggy Lee's “Fever”). Underneath Madonna's bondage getup and Shep Pettibone's oversized drum tracks beats a truly pained heart."
  6. No chill. AHAH
  7. Coldplay and Red Hot Chilli Peppers? Alternative? Madonna was the first big popstar to perform there i guess. And for some reason she wasn't even a headliner. Bjork was the first female headliner ever.
  8. How amazing is it that her albums were critically ignored (except Like A Prayer) until Ray Of Light, but Erotica, Bedtime Stories, American Life and now even I'm Breathless are finally getting recognition?
  9. Agree with him.
  10. Warner Bros know youtube even exists? The way their artists catalog are treated online, i wonder...
  11. Basically this. Europe is getting too "americanized". I remember when Hung Up was rulling europe and she was too old for North America. It's a shame we are now as ageist as america. South America, Asia, etc...they don't care about any of that. Which is why i think they will invest on those places for the next tour btw.
  12. So...when you're reaching 60 you should basically thank god you're still alive? LOL what kind of bullshit? I have to say one thing: Thanks to Madonna i actually don't see aging as a boring process where you're just waiting for the day you die. This video was depressing.
  13. If we go there...i'd love to see what "a like a prayer era madonna" in 1989 would think if someone told her that in 2015 she's release the "bitch i'm madonna" song as a single. I think she'd kill her career in 1989, LOL
  14. Makes no sense because there are plenty of take a bow fan videos and none of them were muted on youtube. Included the performance both of them did back in the day. Only videos from this last tour have no sound.