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  1. The only people that say Madonna is a musical puppet are the ones that never worked with her. I swear i haven't heart 1 single producer saying how bad she is in a studio. Everyone says how underrated she is as a writer and producer...
  2. This is the first time since the Ray Of Light era we're actually getting a proper expensive 3rd single music video. I guess they ARE thinking about it. What It Feels Like For A Girl used that shitty remix and was banned. Love Profusion was based on that bad perfume commercial. Confessions we got that...thing. Miles Away didn't even had a video and Turn Up The Radio is embarrassing. This might actually be her best 3rd single music video for me since Bedtime Story. That says a lot! XD
  3. At least in Portugal, MDNA is the censored version. Doesn't include Gang Bang. Doesn't have the special edition at all. It goes from Girl Gone Wild to I'm Addicted and ends on Falling Free. (i mean, even Hard Candy included Ring My Bell...why no bonus tracks for MDNA?) Her first album, Like a Virgin and True Blue don't include certain album versions. They actually include some extended songs that do not represent the final product (what a joke actually) The Celebration album included is the first version with a few bugs, clicks on Music (the song), etc... Confessions On A Dancefloor only includes the unmixed version of that album. No continuous mix. It's also depressing to try and share some of her music videos from youtube! You may or may not like Michael Jackson...but the way his legacy is treated, makes me jealous as a Madonna fan seriously! But the last time Madonna was managed right was until the Confessions era ended so...i can't really be shocked anymore xD Let's wait and see how they handle Bitch, I'm Madonna. Seriously...they should hire me! I could actually make a decent official website, decent accounts on all social networks for her, etc...her legacy could actually be promoted in a better way with me on her team :3
  4. They have all these stars and still no teasers? They could be milking this for like a week and have people interested in the video...but no. Watch them release this out of nowhere next monday. If this era proved something was that her team is completely out of touch with social media. Actually...scrap that, internet in general. The woman doesn't even have all her music videos in HQ on youtube, has them spread through like 3 or 4 accounts, her Spotify discography is a bit of a mess as well. Let's hope they do something in the next few days. Or...i'm wrong and since fansites got all wrong about the teasers, she won't release this next week. We'll see
  5. If she's not expecting this to be a hit she wouldn't bother with a video full of stars. I haven't seen her this commited to a 3rd single since...the Ray Of Light album?
  6. I wouldn't say her voice is better than ever, but it IS better than Hard Candy, MDNA, Confessions...maybe even American Life!
  7. I still haven't found a single person that doesn't love this. Yet, radios are refusing to touch it. The only coutry that is embracing the song is Italy. Since she performed it there, the song NEVER left the top 20 on itunes...that was over a month ago. Because of that the album is still top 10 there as well. A shame really. Although i was surprised to see how much people loved Bitch I'm Madonna and how much both the song and the album climbed in the USA. I mean...Rebel Heart climbed to #19 on itunes before falling all the way down outside the top 100.
  8. If she performs Ghosttown there it's gonna go top 50 on Itunes almost for sure. the song is already #193 in the USA and the album is #66. It was out of the top 100 before the video debut. I can see Ghosttown going top 50, maybe top 40 and Bitch I'm Madonna going top 80 on itunes. The album will climb to the top 40 i guess...we'll see
  9. To promote Rebel Heart? But i agree...she needs to perform Ghosttown! Maybe Ghosttown is her performance and Bitch I'm Madonna is just for fun, with Jimmy Fallon. Let's HOPE!
  10. Wait...she has a chance to promote Ghosttown ONE DAY AFTER THE VIDEO PREMIERS and...nothing? This has to be a joke, right? Way to ruin everything! I hope she at least performs both songs -.-
  11. I agree with you. People wanted a first single without features. She does that, everyone loves it just like the video. the song flops and suddenly it was all crap. She releases a better album than the last 2, better critic, etc...she does promo like everyone asked. She released a 2nd single even after the album failed at selling that much in the first few weeks. This time, it's a BALLAD like people have been asking for years, she releases what's probably the most commercial song on the record, hires Jonas and does one of her best video in years with a storyline, choreography, where she looks 30 years old, etc...she's about to perform tomorrow and another interview and people still find something to bitch about. This is the era everyone has been dreaming of, and quite seriously...i never though we'd get again. I'm loving all of it! This video is a masterpiece and the best i've seen all year! Call me when another act from the 80's...or even 90's or first half of the 00's does what Madonna is doing at 56 years old.
  12. I remember like it was yesterday...most fans thought Hung Up was basic. And let's face it...it was. People were used at first singles with videos like Frozen, Music, the original American Life, etc...Hung Up was fun...but hardly her best at the time. Ghosttown has a strong imagery like i don't see in a Madonna video in a LONG TIME! But i do think people are overreacting. MDNA had great videos for at least the first 2 singles, IMO!
  13. The video is out and it's perfect. Just like the song! Let's hope tomorrow's performance + radios keep adding this song. The next week is going to be crucial for the future of this song!
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