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  1. Yeah they posted that on facebook and you should check those comments calling her a traitor and how she wants to bring the white house down and how she should be arrested by now. Irrelevant they said
  2. The second has Jimmy Jimmy and Love Makes The World Go Around so...first half by default.
  3. Add Beyonce too. She doesn't release her tours for some reason
  4. That's what i was going to talk about here. We won't get the full show. Probably the stand up bits. Shame. LOL But i'm not surprised...the type of editing we've seen so far made it seem like we'd only get bits and pieces of it.
  5. Please don't do this. People still say DVD but it will come out on blu-ray or at least on streaming. It's coming, it's going to be out, it's all good.
  6. She never pushed for a single the way she pushed for Ghosttown. It deserved to smash...for real.
  7. This show is SO much better on these LQ videos. Let's hope they don't ruin this one as well. Can't wait to see if they include those vocal effects they did on La Vie Em Rose
  8. huh? Kylie's voice is great specially since the last 10 years. What even is this? She CAN carry a tune.
  9. I said the filters made my eyes hurt. Not Madonna. Want me to schedule you a consult while i'm there? Apparently you need it more than i do.
  10. Breaks my heart every time i see this. Like her or not, i've never seen this woman be nasty to anyone. No one deserves to be treated like this on TV.
  11. And her face. So many filters it hurts my eyes. Jesus
  12. Then those 15 extra minutes will include what?
  13. Not only that you could tell she was skinnier there ahah. BTW...that part won't even make sense on the DVD. Imagine her singing Take A Bow and Like A Prayer with her hair loose and then a speech with her hair like that again. A mess!
  14. It's right there at the black and white part eve in the showtime broadcast actually.