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  1. I was banned last week for complaining about this release and now i get here and this meltdown is happening? The hypocrisy by the mods in here Yes the cover is shite. Is it ok for me to say it?
  2. the thing is...it doesn't capture the show in any way, shape or form. The visuals are so over-edited. Her vocals are either so low when compared to her album vocals. You can usually listen to like 2 or 3 layers of vocals. Like A Virgin even uses vocals from the S&S Tour DVD. And the worst part? The most vocally challenging parts of her show are not on this broadcast: Love Don't Live Here Anymore, the acoustic section (3 hits they erased right there) and La Vie En Rose is auto tuned for some reason. If i hadn't seen youtube videos of this tour and judged it only by this broadcast...i wouldn't liked it for sure.
  3. Shame it's that version. Can't wait for the DVD during the summer.
  4. madonna_fan1988

    BA Tour featured on Rolling Stone's 50 Greatest Concerts

    Well good cause his Bad tour was live. Dangerous had parts of it live as well.
  5. This is actually better than all her previous covers...
  6. madonna_fan1988

    BA Tour featured on Rolling Stone's 50 Greatest Concerts

    Wait...Michael Jackson missed the list entirely but Taylor Swift is there?
  7. Warner Bros know youtube even exists? The way their artists catalog are treated online, i wonder...
  8. Makes no sense because there are plenty of take a bow fan videos and none of them were muted on youtube. Included the performance both of them did back in the day. Only videos from this last tour have no sound.
  9. You really think she cares about what we think?
  10. Guy Oseary wants Pharell on Madonna's next album. He knows nothing.
  11. Something's cooking on Madonna's side. I mean...she's been getting certifications in the UK as well these last couple weeks. It's weird. She's not with Warner Bros. anymore right? Does she have the right to mute Take A Bow? Isn't that Warner Bros. right?
  12. I could've written that. And "Miss Ciccone"? All of that sounds weird. Says a lot..but doesn't say anything.
  13. ...the DVD is coming! The weird thing is...it's only Take A Bow's videos! EDIT: Talking about Youtube videos. Like this one