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  1. Girl Gone Wild: 4/10 Gang Bang: 8/10 I'm Addicted: 8/10 Turn Up The Radio: 3/10 Give Me All Your Luvin': 2/10 Some Girls: 8/10 Superstar: 2/10 I Don't Give A: 9/10 I'm A Sinner: 4/10 Love Spent: 10/10 Masterpiece: 9/10 Falling Free: 7/10 Beautiful Killer: 5/10 I Fucked Up: 5/10 B-Day Song: 3/10 Best Friend: 5/10
  2. One of my faves from the start, although I always thought it deserved a better ending. Love Spent has a great finish, but Some Girls runs out of ideas in the last 30 seconds. Still an ace track though.
  3. Not a chance. If the tour cant sell the album, if the singles cant sell the album, then there is no point in her releasing anything else from it. Its not commercially viable.
  4. Telephone wasn;t a wank fest. It was an epic, great, great video. Although it owed an awful lot to Tarantino.
  5. Sorry Mark, I often agree with what you have to say, but most of that is bollocks.
  6. Best video since Hung Up. Still hate the song.
  7. No. I'm gay. That means I can be judgemental on any subject with no basis on fact at all.
  8. As well as promoting her (hideous) new single, I think the Superbowl should be used as a reminder of how awesome Madonna has been. She should perform her biggest, most memorable hits with a fantastic stage show to prove to doubters and those who've not really listened to her stuff for a long timer that she still has the potential to be a powerhouse in the world of pop.
  9. I will remain neutral until I hear the finished version and not just a demo. Wasn't Gwen Stefani 40 when she dressed like a cheerleader for Hollaback Girl? As long as Madonna doesn;t make a stupid video to go along with it, it might just work. But its all about the final mix.
  10. Oh, and it's a British magazine called Total Film.
  11. oh Karby, your delivery is just classic. "That black elf with the big cock.' You are GOLD.
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