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  1. When is queen of life Katy Perry performing?
  2. I thought I would NEVER see Walter Mercado in a Madonna forum!
  3. What a mess for the DNC... Bernie supporters chanting LOCK her UP! When Bernie showed support for Hillary and Kaine on a speech today...his followers BOOED him... Debbie Removed from talking in the convention tonight... Allegedly Russians trying to meddle with USA elections by releasing the controversial rigged emails from the DNC.... And the theme tonight is UNITY....
  4. He is great and he is 100% fluent in Espanol !!!!! His presentation speech is humbling, informative and funny! Great pick Hillary! Clinton-Kaine 2016!
  5. Cruz did NOT endorse Donald Trump "VOTE Your Conscience"
  6. I hope that the UK remains in the EU!
  7. It's not often that one decision can cripple your own economy, damage global investor confidence, imperil one of the most successful alliances in modern history, foster the rise of ultra-nationalists, precipitate the possible breakup of your own country, deeply divide your own party and cause a great schism between voters of every ideological stripe, but this is one of them. Well done, David Cameron.
  8. Yaaaaaaaasssssss! https://www.hillaryclinton.com/forms/om-hvf-dinner-with-hillary/?utm_medium=om2016&utm_source=dcm-nythp-1701479&utm_campaign=lb-dinnerwithhillary&utm_content=131454160-71990390
  9. Voicemail for my local representatives are full...
  10. Signed! Beautiful crowd in London! Going to a vigil tonight!
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