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  1. The guy gay ruined the whole experience talking over all the time and being pretentious, annoying and horny as Fuck talking about cock... I wanted to give Tracy Y a chance but had to turn it off after the Come Alive remix.
  2. She's Spinning new remix Come Alive! #ComeAlive
  3. It should be closed after she releases the tour on DVD, cause we all need a place to discuss/rant/love/moan. ETC!
  4. I hope that this bitch gets jail time for being a liar and a racist!
  5. 1- God Control 2- Medellin 3- Killers who are partying 4- Crazy 5- I don't search I find
  6. Iholdi , where are you going to see the tour? I am going to the NYC show on Sept 28th! Cant wait! También para dejarte saber que estaré brevemente en Santiago de Compostela a finales de Octubre! Vives cerca? Déjame saber si te quieres encontrar conmigo. Solo estaré dos días y sera en la semana cuando este regresando de Porto. Cuidate!
  7. I subscribed to it just now... so far only 80s and 90s M songs being played... do they play M X tracks on a regular basis?
  8. Do you think that Diplo is is looking into the Future?
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