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  1. JR!

    2019 Grammy Awards

    RAINBOW video released last night!
  2. JR!

    2019 Grammy Awards

    Loved that Kacey won album of the year! Well deserved! My fave performances:(In no order) Dua Lipa+ St Vincent/ Cardi B/ Dolly Tribute/ Queen Diana Ross/ Janelle/ Kacey/ and surprisingly J-Lo's Motown tribute. Gaga was a mess! LOL
  3. JR!

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    THIS! But at least he is hot... I would not throw him out of my bed is he laying naked...
  4. JR!

    Your top albums of 2018

    Dirty Computer Janelle Monáe Honey Robyn El Mal Querer Rosalìa Vibras J Balvin Palo Santo Years & Years Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes Invasion of Privacy Cardi B Voicenotes Charlie Puth Black Panther Soundtrack Sweetener Ariana Grande