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  1. Haha eanybeany yes I can't get over we never seen madonna singing last night!!!!!!! WTF!!!!! Can't wait to see the Queen of pop tonight!!!!!!!! #excited!!!! ××××
  2. Best day today anticipating rebel heart tour!!! Can't wait till tomorrow to see all the offical/fan pics-videos
  3. Thanks for the download link nikki x can't wait to watch this again!
  4. Does anyone know what website has the interview were madonna got interviewed back stage (or was it a hotel room) towards the end of the MDNA tour...rocco comes into the room as she's getting interviewed..havent seen this in yonks..ive done a search for it..but can't find it anywhere..grateful for any download links...
  5. jesus christ!!!! so exciting!!!! love the clip..the use of madonnas sooner or later performance and her arms outstretched..this is when she throws the mink stole..but its static..amazing! and the wigs..she posted them on instagram weeks ago
  6. i always remember an interview in smash hits magazine were belinda carlise said she was at a club watching madonna and brigitte dancing next to each other...and it was like brigitte was trying to compete against madonna or something haha
  7. Amy was on the graham norton show the other week, she was so funny! great that she has a comedy act before the show..so cool!
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