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  1. well there is probably a lot of the demos i haven't heard tbh..i need to catch up! Anyway i kind of didn't listen to a lot of the demos when they all leaked last year in that big tidal wave. i went all weird and 'loyal' haha when she ranted on instagram about artistic rape and all that and thanking us for not listening. But listening to these her bloody whole musical process was leaked, these are like her musical sketchbooks..very rough and experimental..which i prefer. 30 years this year for me being a M fan, where did they go!!! Bring on the Rebel Heart tour!!!!
  2. wow bloody great demos which i haven't heard before. Love her raw natural voice...so good!
  3. loving this thread!!! and that smash hits article on the girlie show..i haven't seen that in years, i have that magazine somewhere..things never change...always baffled why smash hits called her grandma in her early 30's?????? The general public/media always end up looking the fool because of madonna
  4. bitch im !!!!!!!!! haha loved the performance..crazy bitch! great standup too...loving the grills haha
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