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  1. 4. The Kiss Of Death... She made it through the wilderness, they didn't ... 5. She's not me and she never will be, never will be
  2. 1. Time goes by so slowly ... Madonna at the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r9tYMB7-5I 2. In the evidence of its brilliance ... The Confessions Tour http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDoaiCgVT1U 3. Music makes the people come together Maradonna!!!
  3. more at http://www.wmagazine.com/celebrities/2009/03/madonna_rio
  4. I agree with about 90% of what he said there. Maybe I wouldn't sound as critical, but he is right about almost everything (I still loved La Isla Bonita)
  5. This is great news since people are used to buying tickets just few days before the concert here and no one really knew if she'll actually confirm the concert or not. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up selling 30 000 tickets in the last two weeks before the concert
  6. Where did u see the seating chart ? I have the same ticket Wave breker / Golder circle / front of stage whatever they call it lol this is Jaz beach : Rolling Stones had concert there last year :
  7. What do you mean by site of the place ? Pictures of where the concert's gonna be ?
  8. Oh don't worry I really doubt they'll sell out soon, tickets aren't really cheap and it's pretty expensive to go there, even from Serbia. How were you planning to go there anyway ?
  9. Maybe you can try to contact Komuna (komuna.com), they are organizing the concert They told me few days ago that ticketline will sell them for all ex-yu countries and ticketpro for Croatia, nothing more
  10. I bought them through ticketline.co.yu, yeah they seem to sell them only here
  11. I bought two tickets for front of stage it started at 10 am here
  12. Actually it's 18 or 6 years, depends on how you look at it Yeah, they changed it at m.com. Their official code is MNE or ME and they started using .me domain few months ago. Anyway I'm more concerned about where tickets will be sold. Doesn't say anything on m.com... Tickets for last year's Rolling Stones concert there were sold by few serbian ticket sites and IPS music stores, but none of them have any news on Madonna yet
  13. http://www.madonna.com/news/news.php?uid=263 Madonna's 'Sticky & Sweet' Tour To Visit Budva We are happy to confirm that a show in Budva, Montenegro, was just added to Madonna's 2008 tour itinerary. The show will take care at Budva's Jez Beach on September 25th. Tickets will go on sale Friday July 11th at 10am, local time. A devoted fan club presale will start on Wednesday July 9, at 10am LOCAL TIME.
  14. She probably refused to appear on the cover :vanitybonet:
  15. here's my matryoshka doll : and these are my tickets : one the right is used fan-zone ticket, on the left unused ga ticket i couldn't return
  16. ^ very objective review, i agree with everything exept democracy speech part and it really was weird running around stadion not knowing in what line to wait, and if you would ask police anything they would just ignore you
  17. leaving for Moscow tomorrow morning, 17 hours left :agnetha: :gggggg:
  18. this show will probably bring more photographers then any other, they took pics of trucks and now the workers : **A worker covers the Luzhniki Stadium's running track with slaps in preparation for the concert of U.S. singer Madonna due September 12 in Moscow September 7 2006.**
  19. They didn't say anything about cancelling previous pricing, but there were no new top price tickets on sale yesterday. Anyway, many people aree waiting to exchange their tickets ^ I'll probably have to wait in that long line on sunday ... and Madonna's stage equipment started to arrive yesterday : just 6 more days left
  20. Madonna's stage equipment is already arriving
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