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  1. Who are all these people on red carpet and how long before Madonna's here
  2. half of the performances on that list are atrocious
  3. The Immaculate collection, just for that epic Herb Ritts photosession.
  4. bio here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louie_Louie_(musician)
  5. Louis Louis http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1lfxa_louie-louiesittin-in-the-lap-of-lux_music
  6. She'll go back to directing, so hopefully it will be a step forward from W.E. and a nice soundtrack!
  7. I think always would. If her next album is as good as her best work I would care less. But I would always want her to be up there with best selling artists.
  8. I like the idea but I don't see her doing it any time soon. She doesn't seem to like to perform ballads or slower songs at all. It's all about doing the big show now.
  9. Overall it was good but not great. I hated that slide show during LAV and LS, really weird choice... and some of the footage looked fan made (I guess it was suppose to)... It was much better than S&S but not as good as CT
  10. they said "look who we have here" like 10 times already, and every time it's just some random sport person. where the hell is she
  11. Pera

    Thanks Joey :))

  12. She's the only live/relevant act that's still selling a lot of records there (top 20)
  13. Pera

    hey there ;)

  14. concerts: Live Down Under Drowned World Tour The Confessions Tour ... movies: Truth Or Dare Body Of Evidence Susan ...
  15. That she will focus more on making movies, Malawi projects and making money/touring and less on creating great new music
  16. The Most Ray Of Light, Like A Prayer, Frozen The Least History, Supernatural... all other b-sides
  17. Hard Candy, it turned out much better than what I expected after hearing 4 Minutes
  18. She always did a song from the last tour whenever she did something like this... So I'm hopping for You Must Love Me
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