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  1. silliest fake in a long time, there's no way it's her...
  2. He produced M.I.A.'s Paper planes and Beyawnce's End of time... also worked with Drake and Santigold
  3. oh she's using Firefox and is that Pro Tools ? #stalker
  4. He is a pig and all that but he is also an amazing interviewer. Madonna would never do his show because, let's face it, he gets people to really open up and she wouldn't want any of that!
  5. Nobody Knows Me Remix video followed by the screening of BBC Omnibus
  6. I'm sorry but I fucking hate his music. She'll need a miracle to make it good.
  7. Love the song, but I don't see it as a single
  8. well HD would be a nice update in picture quality over the DVD version, since there are no plans to release it on blu-ray.
  9. She should get a museum in New York instead
  10. There are too many pages of Madonna, here are the first 3
  11. Stranger. That's how you do a cheap video.
  12. M, let us have Borderline (MTV Unplugged). thanks in advance!
  13. I have a MasterCard how exactly do I apply for that Justin Timberlake visit ?
  14. the real version of Minogue's new single leaked should I escape one atrocity to check out another
  15. Yeah girl we've seen the video, you don't really have to re-do it for us
  16. Taylor Swift can totally write songs for Adele, she is almost up there on her level of creepy ballads
  17. oh look, they announced more old farts and pink is gonna hang from the ceiling, again. how exciting
  18. What a dreadful show full of dull performances. If she only walks on the stage it will still upstage all this crap.
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