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  1. from one of the news articles "Disagreements apparently remained regarding the EBU’s broadcasting rights for the performance, as the union is demanding all member networks be granted full rights to the materials."
  2. I hope someone records "True Blue" (Make My Video Contest Winner), I have never seen that in real HQ
  3. maybe it's google translate from french or something like that
  4. I bet the rainbow vinyl will be the same as clear vinyl
  5. Maybe they're just not listed yet but Madonna's official store doesn't have it either so who knows
  6. Maybe FNAC will have the same bonus tracks, still no idea what the two tracks are
  7. I listed all the formats I could find here: https://allaboutmadonna.com/2019/04/madame-x-album-formats-and-pre-order-links.php If anyone knows any other lemme know
  8. My guess is that she is using X as latin number 10, meaning that something new (song, album) will be out in 10 days. So maybe 5 days from now?
  9. 2Pac, just for all the headlines that would get...
  10. on iTunes: Madness / Madonna / Madredeus (Lisbon Story Soundtrack) As for CDs/Vinyls ... She gets separate shelves, away from commoners
  11. Got my ticket to! Can't wait to go, damn 8 more months
  12. Yeah I guess, mine didn't work either
  13. Any info on the ticket prices yet ? There won't be a fan pit I guess...
  14. I posted scans here: Scans: Madonna in Gala Magazine can someone be kind enough to translate
  15. Even if you take away the sound, the video was just gorgeous, yet it all looked so effortless. I need that kind of Madonna now.
  16. We don't have to agree, there's room for everyone's opinion. I'm glad you like the site
  17. American Life is easily her weakest, most overrated album. No album she has done before or after sounds as dated. There are still good songs there (Easy Ride, Hollywood) but the title track/lead single is the lowest point of her career. I suppose she thought that rap crap would be funny/ironic but looking back at it was just awkward and cringe-worthy. She's not a good actress but I wish she made more of the really bad movies like Body of Evidence. Or even Swept Away. I fucking love watching her worst acting efforts. That's when she's really amusing to watch on the big screen. Not the pretentious snooze fest that was Evita. I wish she would stop using Instagram. I find most of the stuff she shares dull and all the world piece messages really tired. It's really taking something away from her fame status. One of the things I always loved about her was the fact that she always kept a certain distance from the fans, the media etc. So please no blogging, tweeting, etc. If you wanna do a promo perform on all the award shows, it's been too long. Leave the social media to those attention whores who aren't better at anything else.
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