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  1. It seems like I will be the first person to piss on everyone's parade. I'm very happy most of you seem to love it, but it's not my cup of tea. My biggest issue with the entire record are THE LYRICS. I didn't bother with the bonus tracks yet. Girl Gone Wild - 2/10 Benassi throwaway. Easily her worst single and lead track in the history of her career. Half-assed vocals. Gang Bang - 5/10 This could have been amazing. The spoken vocal is fairly intriguing. In fact I really enjoy the sampling and production. However that last minute or so is such poorly executed camp that I don't even know wh
  2. Bedtime Story with Sanctuary as an extended tour opening interlude.
  3. Subhuman

    Tour 2012

    Same here, with the PATH and subway ride it would take me the same amount of time to go to AC and Philly. As historic as this performance may be I'd much rather drive 2 and half hours to see her in an arena. I'd rather not see her in a stadium setting anyway at these prices.
  4. stijn is right, it was from the rap bit when Nicki and M.I.A. were doing their thing. It got partially cut off when M.I.A. gestured to the camera. Thanks for posting these photos, she looks amazing! Her face looks radiant
  5. My biggest issue is that she's spreading herself too thin to create anything with substance. Between W.E., the gyms, the MG clothing line, the other clothing line coming down the line and the fragrances it all feels like she's grasping at straws to remain in the public eye when in reality she's Madonna. She doesn't need any of this. She's already an icon and in my opinion all of these endeavors (bar films/directing as she's always had interest there) are making her look desperate for relevancy. Couple that with a song, that while fun in theory, sounds like a Katy Perry leftover. I thought tha
  6. Songs she should retire: Music (it was perfection for Confessions, she should have left it alone for S&S) Ray of Light (same arrangement the last two tours) La Isla Bonita (see above) Shit she NEEDS to drag out: Open Your Heart (I don't care how...but no fucking rock version please) Deeper and Deeper (original version) Rain (original version) These would be lovely: Oh Father Intervention How High Nothing Really Matters Gone
  7. Open Your Heart - at this point she just HAS to do it Intervention I Want You Nothing Really Matters Deeper and Deeper
  8. thank you, sir! yes, i'm really liking this place these days. ;)

  9. Good to see you back, Mr :D

  10. I'll hold out for a full version I'm still awaiting "Can't You See My Mind" with baited breath. Should that leak...I'll collapse
  11. Happy birthday!! May all your wishes come true! xo

  12. She looks fucking amazing. Best photoshoot in the last several years hands down. Mert & Marcus for the next album campaign!!!
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