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  1. Beautiful and revealing, this woman is so wise. What a vision she has, I am so happy she moved to Portugal
  2. I am hoping for an album with no collaborations. Her best songs don't have a feat. right? If she choses to do so, I hope with more alternative artists. I don't care about the charts anymore, especially in the US, where the mafia (aka Tidal) adulterates the streamings.
  3. Shit prizes, although I am glad Beck won last year vs Beyonce. I hope for a nomination for dance section, maybe. I expect the usual shit-charters, but they tend to include 1 or 2 critically-acclaimed albums, I hope Florence or Lana del Rey are included
  4. I love Heaven. And yes, it should have been included. One of my favourite songs of this era.
  5. I'm going to Amsterdam!!!! I could have gone to the London one, but I prefer to see it standing and also it was about time to visit this gorgeous city again and their Rembrandts, and the Van Gogh-Munch exhibition.... So much to look forward to!!!!
  6. I dont care about the kiss or the reaction but tired of these collab with these wannabes. Sales will never be what they used to anyway so why not concentrating on her own material? This is not earning her any new fans.
  7. ^^ Hahaha, Jump can only compete with Get Together or Miles Away
  8. I think it one of the best eras with lots of great performances. However, we have not seen the tour yet, which is part of it, and there will still be a third single, hopefully a fourth! With respect to a long hiatus.... I hope she releases another album in the fall of 2017 , 2.5yrs after RB is a decent break
  9. Not sure who is pissed off here. Def not me. It is brilliant she released a long album so i can skip the bitch this and that songs and listen to the rest. Why people take this so seriously? We have diferent preferences and thats that.
  10. Confessions by miles. Rebel Heart has many great songs but like most long albums, there are songs that diminish the general quality of the album. However it is always unfair to compare a 10 year old album with a recent one as lots of people always prefer the newer material.
  11. I Indeed. We all are going to have our preferences.I never understood why Beat goes on or Love Spent were not released as singles. At least GT has a superb video and in my opinion was the right choice as a second single.
  12. True. It seems we have to be robots that like the same songs. Also I would add that comparing express yourself with BIM is ridiculous. Are we serious here? And yes a lot of people dont like BIM. Why ppl get so defensive? There are so many better tracks in RB...
  13. Please no... The are much better tracks in the album. I would go with BEST NIGHT or INSIDE OUT
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