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  1. And the video had such potential to be epic. I'm sure I will get hate mail for saying this , but her moves ( or lack of ) ruin it all. She really needed a tight choreographer. However , I love the Medellin video. It was well done. I love the dance instructor bit best. Slow down papi.
  2. I love Medellin. But this crave I'm not feeling. am I the only one that cringes at the " rush rush rush on you " part ? It's sounds so demo awkward.
  3. Trust me I've tried. It's just not for me. But excited about all the rest. Cant wait for MX to drop
  4. This song really grew on me. It's excellent. And I rise is awesome. The backing vocals on I rise are everything. Madonna is using her old school tone. Haven't heard it in a while. Madame x is exciting era
  5. I rise and medellin are awesome but I'm just not feeling crave at all.
  6. This time around Madonna has protected any leaks with an iron fist. She is in total control. Well done Madame X.
  7. I'm excited for Madame x. I love the concept. Dark and moody.
  8. It's ok. A bit underwhelming for a lead single. I love love love the album covers.
  9. Hope we get the album soon. I haven't been on here in ages, so many new faces.
  10. Can't wait for new era. I Pray to God that she drops those horrible grills.
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