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  1. gemini1313

    Did Madonna turn down True Colors?

    don't get me wrong, sure she has written some horrid shit, but haven't we all really ?
  2. gemini1313

    Did Madonna turn down True Colors?

    Cyndi DID write TIME AFTER TIME which itself is a beautiful haunting song that has been covered by thousands of artist and remains a classic.
  3. gemini1313

    Kanye West

    narcissistic motherfucker.
  4. gemini1313

    Maroon 5

    I love all their stuff. One of my favourite tracks from them is Ladykiller
  5. gemini1313

    Whatever happened to Sheryl Crow?

    btw she still looks great.
  6. gemini1313

    Whatever happened to Sheryl Crow?

    I saw her in concert last summer.....august 2015 was great show....I had 10th row. got some great pics. she was touring with rascal flats. she played first half and they played second half. was called the REWIND TOUR the crowd went nuts for SOAK UP THE SUN...surprisingly that track rocks live.
  7. gemini1313

    The Latest Releases You Recommend

    BANKS - Gemini feed is awesome. cant wait for new album. ive always loved her stuff. dark moody edge.
  8. gemini1313

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I like the song. tight little pop tune.
  9. Oh wow. Rest in peace. Pretty mess was my fav from her.
  10. I love it too. it fluid and classic. I love this whole era.
  11. gemini1313


    I actually liked this song least on the album, but after seeing it live its on my playlist again !
  12. I cant believe we are still so inhumane is this day and age. God bless us all.
  13. funny thread. but please don't let it be paint.
  14. thank God there is no " baby Jesus on the stairs..."