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  1. Like Dr Lecter said, who cares? I'm in my 31st year of following Madonna and she's never let me down yet. Once upon a time, I cared how she did in the charts - would get nervous listening to the top 40 on a Sunday, would be a bulldog and defend her to the hilt, would be over the moon or upset about positive or negative reviews... Fuck that shit. We know this is a blinding record. I love everything I've heard. I appreciate some people won't. Many reviews will be written based on a perception of Madonna herself or having listened to a record twice at a press reviewing party (how can they properly appreciate an album after a couple of listens unless they're invested in the artist like we are? I'm sure the album will do just fine. I'm sure that the concert will be amazing for me while getting mixed reviews - in other words, pretty much standard and a replication of what's been happening since she started out. And as such, I'm sure I'll be blown away by the record when it lands in my iTunes library on Monday. Will it's performance on the charts affect my enjoyment? No. Not even a little bit. Whether it does brilliantly or not - commercially speaking that is - is no longer important to me. She is, always has been and always will be, the most relevant star out there. That's all there is to it.
  2. Love this song - love EVERYTHING so far... MAJORLY IMPRESSED. Probably gonna get a lot of shit for saying this, but does the 'I can, Icon, two letters apart,' remind anyone else of RuPaul's Sissy That Walk - the bit where he goes, 'And if I fly and if I fall, least I can say I gave it all...' *ducks*
  3. Anyone know when the UK is getting the three songs? (sorry if this has been answered elsewhere)
  4. Aah, I see - that first post pic is a bit misleading then, eh?
  5. ... But looking at the first post in this topic, I count 48...
  6. Just downloaded! It's also #1 on UK iTunes! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a gay coma to enter! xxx
  7. I'm practising my sick voice now... Cough, splutter...
  8. Sad as it sounds, I'm considering ringing in sick tomorrow or getting up at 5 to listen to this... :-)
  9. Am still an MDNA virgin and cannot wait to download this tomorrow... Literally gagging! Anyway, I don't suppose any of you know when exactly my preorder will be ready to download? Will it just show up at some point in the day or will it be available from midnight tonight??? Any help very much appreciated. x
  10. Ooooh, sounds interesting - what else is on it?
  11. Here's the link instead... The comments seem to be of the opinion that it's not her, but there's something about the tone of the singing that makes me think it's her... Someone else has suggested that it's Donna DeLory, but I'm not so sure...
  12. Howdo! First off, dunno if this has been posted/discussed before. If so, soz. Anyway, just I was just going through YouTube and came across this - is this Madge? It really does sound like her (to me, anyway)... Cool little song! What do you lot reckon?
  13. As a kid (my only defence), I sang: 'It would be, it would be stone life' (as opposed to '... so nice' whilst murdering Holiday.... Also, in Dress You Up, I'd sing, 'Gonna dress you Michaela' - thinking that she was singing about her friend... 25 years on and my sister still howls with laughter about it...
  14. Just tried to buy it from iTunes but there was an error and it won't let me... Keep trying but keep getting told to buy it later.... Grrrrrrrrr! MOTHER-FUCKERS!
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