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  1. Haha yeah. And if she's been remastering her back catalogue personally, she hasn't secretly been working on a new album, dammit! I do hope for one more new album from her...
  2. Will there be any additional tracks? Like Under The Ivy etc?
  3. stevo208

    Performance vs Performance

    Frozen (DWT).vs Why' it so Hard (GS)
  4. Flawless, gorgeous skin. That was front row at Brixton Academy in 2000. Surreal.
  5. Nah... won't be bothering to buy any of this
  6. Give me Who's That Girl, even as a bonus track on the audio CD and I'd buy it! the way it's coming - no cash from me, Madonna!
  7. Personally I won't buy it. Don't really see the point if it's the Showtime version. I was was hoping for LDLHA and WTG as extras even, but without anything like that it's not enough for me to part with cash just because it's Madonna,
  8. stevo208

    Bring Back the Medley

    Signed. If the medley and WTG aren't on the DVD I won't be buying
  9. stevo208

    Birmingham UK December 16

    That hair is stunning! So much better
  10. stevo208

    Paris - December 10

    So did she skip the medley and WTG?
  11. Disc 1: Rebel 1. Unapologetic Bitch 2. Two Steps Behind Me 3. Devil Pray 4. Iconic 5. Illuminati (demo) 6. Sex (demo but with the sexology lesson added) 7. Best Night 8. Veni Vidi Vici 9. Rebel Heart Disc 2: Heart 1. HeartbreakCity 2. Ghost town 3. Living For Love 4. Hold Tight 5. Inside Out 6. Body Shop 7. Joan of Arc 8. Queen 9. Heaven 10. Wash All Over Me So basically I would drop Bitch I'm Madonna and Holy WAter and Messiah and replace them with Two Steps and Heaven and Queen then change the order into a Rebel Disc and Heart Disc and for me, that is the most perfect album. I love the final product. It's one of her very best albums. But if I could change it, I would tweak it slightly.
  12. Did she do into the groove? I can't find that performance
  13. Well, I watched Who's That Girl and I got goosebumps. Actual chills. And I had a wet eye, which surprised me as I'm not particularly emotional about anything ever
  14. Usually the Daily Fail hate her, but this review is heaped with praise.