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  1. Disc 1: Rebel 1. Unapologetic Bitch 2. Two Steps Behind Me 3. Devil Pray 4. Iconic 5. Illuminati (demo) 6. Sex (demo but with the sexology lesson added) 7. Best Night 8. Veni Vidi Vici 9. Rebel Heart Disc 2: Heart 1. HeartbreakCity 2. Ghost town 3. Living For Love 4. Hold Tight 5. Inside Out 6. Body Shop 7. Joan of Arc 8. Queen 9. Heaven 10. Wash All Over Me So basically I would drop Bitch I'm Madonna and Holy WAter and Messiah and replace them with Two Steps and Heaven and Queen then change the order into a Rebel Disc and Heart Disc and for me, that is the most perfect album. I love the final product. It's one of her very best albums. But if I could change it, I would tweak it slightly.
  2. It wasn't bad, actually. It's messy, but so is the song so its meant to be messy. I like it. It's better than Celebration, TUTR, Jump, Get Together, Miles Away...
  3. I've just got into this one. I love the demo version more, I think, but that lesson in Sexology is EVERYTHING!!!
  4. I still listen to it daily. And I'm finding things to like about a couple of tracks I didn't enjoy at first. Here's my ranking 1.) Erotica 2.) REBEL HEART 3.) Ray of Light 4.) Like A Prayer 5.) Confessions on a Dancefloor 6.) Bedtime Stories 7.) Music 8.) True Blue 9.) MDNA 10.) Madonna 11.) Hard Candy 12.) American Life 13.) Like A Virgin
  5. I've just listened to all the demos this week. I hate what Kanye did to Illuminati. Though I adore what he did to WAOM. SEX demo shits all over the final version (though I need the lesson in Sexology on the demo) I love the Rebel Heart Avicci Demo. In summary; the only demos I prefer to the final versions are; Illuminati SEX Rebel Heart I really like the Devil Pray and Inside Out demos too - but the final versions have the edge, but il glad to have both versions in my life now
  6. I'd rather ANYTHING than BIM. I hate it. The only song on the album I don't like. But she will release it.
  7. Its the first time since The Power of Goodbye she's filmed a video for a ballad. I just realised this.
  8. Mine changes DAILY. If I'm honest the only song I skip is Bitch I'm Madonna. I just find it atrocious. Every other track on here is 8 and above out of 10 for me. I really can't tell you how much this album means to me. It is EXACTLY what I wanted and needed from her. Current ones I'm playing to DEATH today are Veni Vidi Vici and Best Night. Tomorrow though, it will be a whole different story. And at the end of the day, isn't that the very best measure of exactly how good this album is? It's an absolute MASTERPIECE, and anyone who disagrees with me simply has to go!
  9. Best Night has that sexy late night, smokey Jazz bar in New York feel about it - thunderstorms outside. I love this. It's fast becoming a favourite. It's also a track that could easily fit into Erotica right after Where Life Begins.
  10. It's ny favourite era since Ray of Light!
  11. I don't see Inside Out as an erotic song. At all. It's a song about opening up to your Partner and baring your soul, not your tits.
  12. 1. Inside Out 2. Ghosttown 3. Wash All Over Me 4. Heartbreak City 5. Unapologetic Bitch
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