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  1. Love everything about it... but wtf with the beyonce part she couldn't put a little more effort into the look of the video it looks like she's doing a cameo in a Celine Dion video!
  3. its really sad on this forum when you express any kind of opinion you are automatically put down or made fun of. It is very negative and I really enjoy visiting here.. been a member since 2007. kind of makes you question everyone's issue with the press when all of you are just as bad towards other members of the forum. nobody can win really
  4. As a fan I just see so much more potential than this drake, hip hop image crap
  5. What is she accomplishing? Def not helping her record sales. Now on fallon she was cool. Album shot up to the top 20, this appearance was odd, and pointless, embarrassing.
  6. Kurt240 You don't think she could put a little more thought and intelligence sexually into the way she behaves it had nothing to do with age. It's just the cool level is beginning to diminish and being replaced with what seems to be desperation. I can only speak for me in the fact that it is getting tiresome. I just wish she would cool it with the grills, and Just be the cool Madonna I love without trying so hard
  7. Madonna fell off fucking steps and carried on dancing and singing. Having said that, I would like her to stop fraternising with these new day artists. I have had enough of them and their basic fans. Like I said in another thread. Duet with prince. Let Joni Mitchell strum a guitar or something. Just done with any collabos with these people who are not worthy. Enough. They can keep it. Agreed!!!
  8. When people post this stuff on my social media usually I am def u go girl but not this time. I have to delete it because I am embarrassed for her
  9. What's done is done. Nothing he can say can erase the videos and images. It will always look as it does that he was grossed out:( people will forget about it soon enough. Madonna I'm sure puts on a brave front but I'm sure she is embarrassed and her pride took a hit. Might take awhile for this one to pass. She needs to do Letterman our something show up, No grills, No trashy outfit, this image is not getting her any new fans and frankly as a fan for 25 years is tiresome and a little beneath her legacy. Would hate to see all she has done tarnished because she is having a midlife crisis. The sexual stuff could be a lot more classy
  10. I just wish the performance had been better. wasn't up to Madonna's usual standards always expect more from her. was just kind of messy but not in a good way. sometimes I feel like she really is trying too hard and drop the grills they aren't happening.!
  11. Did anyone notice she took down the teaser video? Wonder why?
  12. Whoop you are right!!!! I just think that this would be a good song for her. It is dance yet almost a ballad as well, innovative and would stretch her.
  13. Sometimes I think she could push herself to the limits vocally and do something like this. I just hear her voice on this and it would be amazing!
  14. https://youtu.be/cNi5IHrpvgw Take you High Not sure where to post this, and not usually a big Kelly Clarkson fan,, but this song is great. My boyfriend is OBSESSED! Would love to here Madonna sing this song. Love the production and she would really take it to another level. Don't know who the producer is but it is great!
  15. I get what you're saying it's just what's the point. its not making her look cool its not making her look hip it's actually making her look silly. Which kind of takes away from the fact that she's trying to make a point about her age not being an issue. Which it absolutely isn't but this just makes her look like she is trying way too hard and for what reason to look silly and to make herself look desperate???
  16. honestly just wached this again and I'm a little bit embarrassed for her.. and I don't think that I have ever felt that way before.
  17. STOP WITH THE GRILLZ. .. another interview ruined cuz all I could do was stare at her mouth and listen to her sucking sounds. kind of embarrassing and yes she does sound very "special".
  18. this is going to be amazing just recently listened to the last interview he did with Lady Gaga what a joke he was kissing her ass like nobody's business and giving her free reign to spout out all of her stupid vile thoughts and agreeing with her. I hope M rips him a new one :-)! Haha
  19. Those grillz make it so she can barely talk.. don't get it. It's not provocative or even relevant. makes her look and sound kind of retarded
  20. I am from salt lake city. Heard it on a local station here.. and a couple of friends that know I love Madonna have told me they have heard it as well! Fantastic♡♥
  21. Could they have used a worse picture for the front page of billboard?
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