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  1. I understand and I have been a fan for over 30 years. I usually just read and don't comment. Only recently have I felt like I am lost. I don't know Madonna anymore.
  2. Oh I get it so if you don't bow down to everything the queen does you are banned? doubt Madonna would feel this way
  3. Does she not think about the fact that millions of people are going to watch this video and laugh at Grilldonna. It is just frustrating for me. I have been a fan since 1986. Bought my first tape at 6 years old (true blue) so over 30 years. I just don't get it. I am hoping that someone can help me understand it. It is sad
  4. don't be sorry. Just explain to me why she thinks it is ok to speak or sing with them in.
  5. The song itself is great. I am sad to say she should have left the Madonna bit out of it adds nothing to the song and only makes lispdonna sound crazy.
  6. but that doesn't take away from the fact that it sounds "reductive" and not done well and she can't even speak clearly with the grillz in. I think she has lost grip with reality a bit. We all get older but I am sad at the way she is doing it. I understand she is emulating Samuel but it is done baaaadly
  7. I can't believe that she couldn't even take out her grillz for 5 minutes to record this bit. Lispdonna!! To each there own. Cringe at the bad southern accent
  8. Is there a way to open multiple periscope links in the app or once you start watching another one are you not able to go back to the one you're watching?
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