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  1. IF true, releasing next week would be a master stroke in my opinion. iTunes grossed £77 MILLION on Christmas Day last year (their biggest retail day of 2013) Why? Because people have iTunes vouchers (given as gifts) to spend. A few well-placed iTunes banners/commercials and she could have some hefty first-week sales. And with virtually no other new releases next week, why not? Who cares about radio anyway? Surely they'll only be playing Christmas songs until Thursday/Friday. And who's to say they'll play her anyway unless some deal was in place like GMAYL.
  2. I was thinking about this the other day! I think the next logical step would be the National Recording Registry at the Library of Congress for either Like A Virgin, Like A Prayer or Vogue. If Thriller (the album as a whole) made it in 2008 and U2's Joshua Tree in 2013, there's no reason why either of those two songs can't if we're talking American cultural impact. I think it's a case of when rather than 'if' at this point... Regarding the Medal of Freedom, I can't see it happening. Kennedy Center Honors maybe, but she'd have to agree to participate and I'm not sure she'd want to be honored in
  3. This topic has just reminded me... Not related to TV archiving per se, but the BBC recently launched The Genome Project, where they've scanned every single issue of the Radio Times from the 1920s. A quick search for Madonna brings up some interesting stuff... + Apparently she was scheduled to present an Academy Award in 1987 and this was in the Radio Times that week so either it was a mistake or she was going to appear and then pulled out. + Then there's some interesting sounding Madonna-related documentaries that aired over the years on the BBC such as 'Brass Tracks: I Wanna Be Like Mad
  4. Like Jamesy said - ITV/Central would have probably wiped the tapes (which was standard practice then I believe), which is why we haven't seen even a few seconds of this appearance pop up on a clip show or something over the years. The interviewer Tommy Boyd later revealed that he took her to McDonalds but I can't seem to find anything else about this appearance.
  5. I was having a quick look on Google for the names too! Emanuelle Atlan - Advertising Assistant at Givenchy Regina Limon Vega - Production and Post-Production Coordinator at Mert and Marcus Lucia Pieroni - Make up artist Gabe Hill - Set production for GE Productions (company specializes in location design for fashion shoots/commercials/music videos)
  6. What the... Are people really sending out fake Madonna new album press releases to the media? How odd...
  7. "I'm having him right now help me on finding" isn't even proper ENGLISH. I'm sure with Guy's impeccable grasp of English, he would have said: "He's helping me find..." Funny how nobody can find the source of this 'quote'.
  8. From this week's Billboard... Looks like Guy O. has big plans about how technology and "consumer goods" will play in the marketing of music in the future (including Madonna's new album I'm sure...). Full article: http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6288924/maverick-management-group-interview-guy-oseary-larry-rudolph-cortez-bryant-ron-laffitte-adam%20leber-gee-roberson-scott-rodger-clarence-spalding-caron-veazy
  9. Patrik Sandberg (senior editor of V Magazine) seems to think SSION is directing too...
  10. That would give credence to this Tweet, which seemed adamant she was performing at the X Factor final and not at one of the live shows in November (when new albums are released). The FINAL usually takes place the week before Christmas doesn't it? All wishing thinking maybe but we can only hope. Like others have said, first single seems an odd thing to say when still working on an album, even if the whole project was nearly finished.
  11. Interview up on the Radio 1 Soundcloud page now. Diplo couldn't speak more highly of her. Single was finished in New York last week but needs to be 'fine tuned' and 'mixed'. One new song on album has a Jack U vibe. Another is a retrospective of her career and features soundbites from various media reports about her during the last 30 years. At least I think that's what he was saying, the phone line is really bad sound.
  12. FABULOUS news. If they know what the first single is going to be and it's finished, something could be on its way sooner than we think. Zane Lowe's comment about waiting for a official announcement is a bit suspect as well but in the best possible way!
  13. From Billboard: Madonna Aiming for 2015 Album Release, 'Having a Lot of Fun' With Diplo Full article here
  14. Yes misprint or not (should be records, not albums), Guinness World Records is an official source and one that can be cited. Expect to see this "300 million ALBUMS" figure on Wikipedia lists and other media in the future.
  15. So Guy O./Live Nation were behind the free U2 album, I wonder what they have in store for M... It seems the focus behind that was to forgo a chart position for exposure and forthcoming tour sales. Now THAT'S non traditional promo!
  16. Adele? One Direction? Rihanna? U2? Take That? These are just few of the albums expected to be released this year but there's been no official confirmation for any of those either. So just because we haven't heard anything yet doesn't mean anything. I don't see why people think it's either a "surprise" release or a Spring release at this point. It's only September! Plus that "source" starts off by being ambiguous: "unless it was to come out before Xmas"... ...before suddenly becoming adamant: "the plan is a spring 2015 release". Make up your mind!
  17. According to the article, when the reporter asked Siri 'are you working with Madonna', it replied 'no comment'. Intriguing! That sounds like a manual response pre-programmed by Apple. Or is it a stock phrase used when Siri can't find the information? I don't have Siri so don't know how it works. What would it normally do if its search algorithm can't answer a query? Can someone play around with it and enter random M-related questions regarding the new project and see I it reveals anything? Secret clues hidden ahead of a major Apple launch next week sounds like a pre-cursor to a huge promoti
  18. What happens when you say 'Like A Prayer' or 'Like A Virgin'? Does it go to their respective Wiki pages automatically, to Google search listings, iTunes or what?
  19. From cnet ^ All speculation of course but perhaps Siri is going to play a major part (new features etc.) in the new iPhone 6. It really would be PERFECT PROMO if it was all tied in together.
  20. So I picked up The Sun today to find out exactly what they've printed without fansites confusing things further. Here's what they say: + Article written by Dan Wooten who says he was LEAKED the lyrics of Heartbreak City. They include "Cut me down the middle, fucked me up a little. You said I was your queen" and "I curse the day we met. This memory is haunting me. I wish I could forget". Seems that The Sun is then speculating that the lyrics are about Guy Ritchie. + Article then goes onto mention a second track called Two Steps Behind Me, with lyrics including "Did you study me hard enough b
  21. Where has this come from? Is there a full quote for this Arnian please? Can you put the quote in context if it's written in the print edition? Or has it come from someone else? Regardless of how you feel about Billboard, that statement is pretty matter-of-fact. It needs verification though.
  22. Hung Up's airplay in the US really is a TRAVESTY. I wonder whether it would have substituted for Music in the Super Bowl if it had the same success that it had everywhere else in the world. Here are some choice quotes from this VERY interesting article from Billboard in 2006.
  23. The YouTube views are a strange one. 45 million for Hung Up vs. 3 million for Music is such a huge difference. I don't know where those views are coming from, but it seems like the general public keep coming back to Hung Up as their Madonna single of choice. Would American fans go as far as saying that Hung Up would have been a "strange choice" if she performed it as her 'song from the 2000s' at the Super Bowl instead of Music then?
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