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  1. He has a tour date on that evening but the show isn't live anyway, And it could be a one-off special. Not saying the rumour is true, just saying it is possible. She recorded Graham Norton a couple of weeks before it was broadcast in 2012 if I recall...
  2. They've released a few more tickets for this (side view only) on Ticketmaster, costing £70.00. I'm sure you could sell them for face value if she doesn't appear in the end.
  3. Yes, that would be fabulous. Paloma always come across well when interviewed but she really does FOGHORN her way through every live performance. Could you imagine her singing Annie's bits on Living For Love?
  4. Oh yes - for me, the song is perfect as it is. However, a slightly longer album version would be greatly appreciated as a bonus (only because the version we have now is so fantastic).
  5. Yes this was already discussed at the weekend, but I'm trying to figure out how THIS is going to work. So, the version of LFL that we already have is just an edit then? I did think something was up when they labelled it 'audio version' for the YouTube video. But how would this work? I'm guessing the version on iTunes will soon be replaced with the 'album version'. Which will mean some fans will have to delete the pre-order and download again (for a second time after the remastered tracks became available). Or does he mean the recent remastered version is the 'album version'?
  6. No, according to Annie's Twitter (who does the vocals on the Living For Love beat drop and throughout), it seems she's at home watching Celebrity Big Brother and not appearing in the video. She also said that she won't be at The Grammys so someone else will replace her vocals during the ceremony.
  7. ^ They don't do it every year - the last time was 2012. Although you've got me thinking... Perhaps they're prepared to give her the lifetime achievement award this year, and that's the reason for the delay in announcing her performance (and they're trying to work out all the details). Yes, I know some aren't a big fan of her getting these type of awards, but I can see both sides. She'll get a longer slot and could perform three or four songs if she was given the lifetime achievement, which would be great exposure for the album.
  8. My prediction: Get Together is going to end up being the highest rated song on the list that wasn't a MAJOR smash compared to the likes of Vogue, Like A Prayer etc. It's already going to outrank Hung Up, Papa, La Isla... I recall it being high up in many people's lists on here, and it ranked at #9 on the Top 40 that we did in 2013. It seems Get Together is the most recent classic that people keep going back to She NEEDS to perform this again on the next tour!
  9. Take That now confirmed as the seventh act to perform... only one slot left! Just hurry up and confirm it already!
  10. UK airplay is off to a great start. In its first three weeks, it's gone from 126 - out of chart - 78. So it's moving in the right direction. What's even better is that the #78 position (413 spins) is for the week ending the 11th January, and she's averaging about 100 spins per day now (according to Compare My Radio). So if momentum continues this week, expect 700 + spins this week and a big leap on next week's airplay chart. ALL that without any promo and still 5 weeks until release date!
  11. Regarding The Brit Awards, the ceremony usually has 8-9 performances. The following have already been announced: The last two or three will be announced tonight at 10.40 on ITV. So we'll find out today whether Madonna will be there or not! There is only one international act confirmed so far (Taylor Swift), and they usually balance it out between British/American acts SO who knows... fingers crossed!
  12. First official remix of Living For Love sent to clubs for this weekend: From DrownedMadonna
  13. So, Yahoo/Live Nation are screening Diplo's concert at Madison Square Gardens from 10 EST tonight. Of course M won't be there with him like rumored but seeing as it's his first live date since Rebel Heart hit iTunes, hopefully he'll spin Living For Love, Unapologetic Bitch, or Bitch I'm Madonna (maybe even remixes?). Will be interesting to hear them in a live setting. https://screen.yahoo.com/live/event/skrillex-diplo
  14. There still seems to be confusion as to who is singing the post-chorus on Living For Love. It's Annie Bowden from The London Community Gospel Choir, NOT Annie the Norwegian singer. (OR Alicia Keys which seems to be the biggest misconception among the general public; she of course is just playing piano). This is her: https://twitter.com/AnnieVocals
  15. Call me a flop flan and maybe I'm having a brain seizure, but was it Niki Haris who ORIGINALLY sung on Like A Prayer (the main female choir parts?). Or someone else from Andrae Crouch's choir who was never credited? Of course, Like A Prayer wasn't actually performed until a whole year later, with Niki Harris taking the female chorister lead during BAT. But if it was performed at the time as a one-off awards show performance, I wonder if Madonna would have used the original choir. Which leads me to this... I wonder who will perform Annie Bowden's and the rest of the London Community Gospel C
  16. Can't get this song out of my head. It's incredible. For anyone who doesn't think this isn't first-single worthy, I LOVE this video of Living For Love being played at a club somewhere. The reaction is great and THAT beat drop is all kinds of :wow: https://www.tumblr.com/video/luvmadonna/105781000900/400/
  17. You can pre-order it on iTunes NOW but you won't get it until Feb 20 (so it can't chart until then). She'll have two months of pre-orders to secure a massive chart position and to build up airplay (Capital Fm have started playing it from today). Looks like they know what they are doing this time. God, how things have changed with this campaign!! Plus that's the week of The Brit Awards (just saying!)
  18. In the UK, Living For Love single is now up for pre-order on iTunes due release 20 February. So won't actually be up for download tomorrow. Will give her time to coincide with the video and radio play I'm guessing... (Same week as The Brit Awards too.. )
  19. If Capital are playing it once every few hours, there's no reason why Radio 1 can't at least add it to their C-list. Capital didn't play anything from MDNA so if they can ignore age and play it, Radio 1 should too.
  20. Post chart info in the thread in the Chart Forum - it'll be easier to find!
  21. It begins! Can we have a separate Living For Love chart/iTunes thread for easy reference?
  22. I'm pretty sure the FABULOUS ad-libs on Living For Love are from Geneta Crooke (from the London Gospel Community Choir), judging from this Tweet back in the summer. She will be known as QUEEN GENETA from now on - the new Niki Harris :wow: Guessing the male voice is Ennis El (again just judging from that Tweet). I wonder if they are even aware that the new song's out now? Someone who has Twitter should tell them!
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