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  1. Spread the word! Send links to the Facebook group to: @TheSunNewspaper @MailOnline @DailyMirror @GMB @Daily_Star @SkyNews @Daily_Express With something like "Public outraged at Radio 1's ageist decision to ban Madonna" or "Fans bombard Radio 1's Facebook account over Madonna age discrimination".
  2. Tweet this story to The Sun @sunnewsdesk Either way, it's excellent exposure for Living For Love! Hopefully the press will pick up on it. 'People speak out against ageist Radio 1 policies' etc etc.
  3. I know for Jonathan Ross 2003, Parkinson 2005, and Graham Norton 2012, they announced Madonna as the guest before tickets were available. This was to ensure only fans were in the audience to give the show a bit more atmosphere. But who knows...
  4. ^ He's right. I've always said this but Living For Love is a Radio 1 record being played on Radio 2 which is really odd. If the lead single was something like Joan of Arc, then I could understand, but there's no reason why Radio 1 can't pop this on their C-list for a week (and prove they are willing to support older acts). As a public service broadcaster, they will have to release some kind of statement soon if all this continues. Which will be very interesting indeed!
  5. Do you know which show it is? There's two taping next week - 24th and 26th,
  6. Nikki - quote this piece of law if you're writing a petition/complaint.
  7. More UK promo for The Queen. This article from the Daily Express on February 5th. Madonna on his show in a "few weeks time". I'm thinking either Saturday Feb 21 or 28. http://www.express.co.uk/news/showbiz/556188/Jonathan-Ross-quizmaster-celebrity
  8. 1. Living For Love 2. Iconic 3. Unapologetic Bitch 4. Hold Tight 5. Devil Pray 6. Ghost Town 7. Bitch I'm Madonna 8. Joan of Arc 9. Illuminati
  9. This was the list: Can someone in the US confirm that Madonna will be on The View in early March? ABC have an on-demand service don't they? The announcement supposedly took place during Friday's episode - have a look! Watch What Happens Live doesn't get great ratings, but like all Bravo shows, hits its demographic well (young women and gay men!). Oprah was the only guest when she appeared on the show, so Madonna wouldn't necessarily be sitting next to a Housewife (although someone like Nene Leakes all kinds of ).
  10. Yeah, the guests are strictly C and D list for the majority of the time BUT it's interesting how Wendy can hold an audience for 20 minutes every day just on her own with her Hot Topics. The show is essentially built around her, and not any guests. Even the late night comedians can't do that with their monologues (imagine if they were talking for 20 minutes - people would turn off). I know some people think Wendy is toxic as a person (I personally love her), but boy can she command an audience .
  11. The View gets about the same ratings as an average episode of any of the late night talk shows (well slightly more than Letterman and Kimmel, less than Fallon), with around 3 million viewers. So I don't see why people are complaining. Madonna's done daytime TV loads of times before anyway (Anderson, The View, Oprah, Ellen etc.).
  12. I just think YouTube is slowly updating. It usually does that when new videos are uploaded. Someone posted that it had 52K views 20 minutes ago - it now says 93K views. Just give it time...
  13. Snapchat streams don't count towards Billboard as far as I know. BUT Snapchat has wanted to be a content provider for Vevo for some time (it was revealed in the Sony leak), and there were talks that both Spotify AND Vevo would be incorporated into Snapchat in some way. Of course premiering your new video on Snapchat has never been done before, so maybe there's a good reason why she's chosen it instead of YouTube/Vevo. Plus, Billboard got the exclusive about the video, so maybe there's something chart-related in all of this.
  14. If you're talking about 02:50 onwards, it sounds like both to me... Cos love's gonna lift me up... (UP UP UP UP) Lord lift me up (UP UP UP) Cos love's gonna lift me up... (UP UP UP UP) Lord lift me up (Annie: Lord's gonna lift me up) (UP UP UP UP) Love's gonna lift me up (Annie: LLLorrddd's gonna lift me up) Lord lift me up (UP UP UP)
  15. QUEEN Annie She said on Twitter that she's not going to the Grammy's. When it comes to LFL LIVE, no one can replace her in my opinion.
  16. Do we have a name yet for the male vocal at the end of the song? I LOVE that part. It was Diplo's session singer, no?
  17. YES this warrants a brand new thread... This is a poll for those who have listened to Living For Love AT LEAST 50 times (haters stay out please!)... What's your favourite part of LFL? I tried to pick out the key moments, but select 'other' and state it here if you disagree with my choices. Let's dissect Madonna's BEST lead single since Hung Up
  18. Mojo posted a slightly altered "special subscribers'" cover on their Twitter page:
  19. Living For Love has just changed its UK release date to the 25th February according to my iTunes. Which is Brit Awards day!!
  20. If you look at previous Mojo covers here, notice how every single issue is covered with loads of writing about what else is inside the magazine. This issue just has THAT image and the word 'Madonna'. They don't need to put anything else on it for it to sell!
  21. Oh I'm almost certain that this WILL happen. It's pretty obvious and it all makes sense. But why they haven't announced it yet is rather odd - especially when you know ITV will advertise the shit out of this. So why the delay? Perhaps her team are pushing for a THIRD song . Get that UK promo!
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