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  1. I picked this up today. She doesn't say much about Guy Ritchie at all. It had her thoughts on David Cameron, ageism, and it seems like she turned down The Brit Awards lifetime achievement award this year. It's part of a two-part interview. Tomorrow's she going to be talking about the BBC Radio 1 controversy
  2. ^ You know, that's probably her most iconic tabloid front cover since this:
  3. The difference is Madonna is making contemporary chart music tailored for Top 40 radio. Those other artists are not.
  4. That's a good idea. But they should send it off to other fanbases of artists who have been refused Radio 1 play as well. Take That for example - there's probably loads more. Even if they don't like Madonna, they can download the single as a form of protest against ageism. If it gains momentum it could possibly work. But they need to widen their horizons. Who is running that campaign, someone should tell them. All fanbases together downloading LFL on Wednesday for a UK #1. They would need thousands and thousands more people for it to work though. Like Chelle said, Rage Against The Machine got
  5. Oh she's the one who does the news bulletins on BBC Three as well. I can't believe she said "It's just not a good track". As a reporter, she's supposed to be objective. What a mess this all is.
  6. Someone on Twitter is organizing a peaceful protest outside the BBC studios.
  7. New Radio 1 playlist just published - and it's not even on the C-list! However, now Madonna has mentioned it on Instagram, the media are really going to go into overdrive now!
  8. In that entire article, THIS is the only thing they have in their defense I suppose.
  9. Yep, the South American thing was an odd thing to mention as well.
  10. Yep, everyone sign that petition. It will need thousands of signatures before it will be taken seriously though. From the BBC Newsbeat website, reporting on the corporation's own controversy. They seem to be getting themselves tied in knots here when trying to explain why they won't play it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/31517956
  11. New Radio 1 playlist will be revealed tomorrow afternoon. What's going to happen if she's not on there?
  12. Radio 1 have just asked for song requests. People going crazy https://www.facebook.com/bbcradio1/posts/10153071192636763
  13. Hopefully this will be the main story on ABC World News Tonight Could you IMAGINE?!
  14. THIS HAS GONE GLOBAL! They're talking about it on THE VIEW right now according to Twitter!
  15. Well they released that statement at 8 this morning, so probably hoped it would die down. It hasn't - in fact, it's worse. I've never seen anything like it. I know other fan bases have organised campaigns and such but this is something else entirely.
  16. People are still going crazy on their Facebook page. Radio 1 are gonna have to do something to stop this, too many people are posting Living For Love links on every single photo and status now. I don't see it dying down for a while yet... However, only Digital Spy have commented on it so far...
  17. A campaign is a very good idea and could work. But some people on there need to calm down. There's a separate boycott Radio 1 group now which is growing. Apparently a couple of people on there have called the BBC phone number and started swearing to the person on the other end of the phone. That is NOT a good idea. They might add it to their A-list if people group together and keep rational!
  18. Remember when the public were sick of Simon Cowell always getting the Christmas number one with X Factor winners? Then there was that Facebook campaign to get another song to number one (can't remember what it was now). This could be like that! But you need the press to pick up on it otherwise there's no point. Facebook/Tweet to The Sun and The Mail etc.
  19. Now the media are picking up on it! "Madonna fans bombard Radio 1"
  20. Statement from Radio 1 on their Facebook page: People are not taking it well - they're spamming with Living For Love video links again!
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