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  1. :) Way to go Madge, i defy anyone not to class this song as a flop now, it may end up outselling sorry and most of her other more recent second singles, but still, #7 is woefully low, compared with #1 for sorry, #2 for hollywood, #4 for dont tell me and #2 for ray of light, music climate may be different, but not THAT different. I think the main issue here is that she is just being lazy and complacent.

    What you just said is a contradiction in terms. "It may end up outselling her recent second singles" (presumably those you've just listed) but then you say "#7 is woefully low" and "it's a flop". So, which is it. If it outsells her recent second singles, chart position doesn't matter and is obviously successful, unless your calling Sorry, Don't Tell Me and ROL "flops".


  2. Give It 2 Me really hasnt done very well at all, it peaked at #8 on airplay, part of that i think is down to confusuon over which is the real raido edit, because on sunday when i listened to 3 different radio stations for the chart, they all had different versions playing.

    True. The urban stations (Kiss, Galaxy) play the full album edit and usually stop playing or talk over the final chorus, where as commercial radio plays the radio edit.

    And OUCH at it being removed from R1 and R2's lists. Really thought this would be a MASSIVE hit. WTF happened?

    P.S. Just noticed that GI2M features on the promo for Trinny and Susannah's new ITV series.

  3. This single had Number ONE written all over it. What happened? Really puzzled by this.

    Is the fact that i-Tunes have it as an EP affecting its overall UK chart position?

    I know it's a tired cliche but I really think that just ONE UK performance on a major network show will catapult this song's sales into the Top 5, or higher. Perhaps that time has passed and this week will see its peak seeing as its Radio 1 play has been less than stellar. Can't she slut herself out and appear on the One Show or something and sit there and feign interest inbetween their "reports" on gardening and squirrels? Is it really that hard for the sake of some substantial sales?

  4. I thought AlKylieda were claiming In My Arms would save X.

    There's a really interesting article in this month's Attitude (NB: I was passing time in an airport WHSmith and don't read that poorly-written crock of shite, aside from Matthe Todd's EXCELLENT Madonna interview in 2005), entitled "KYLIE: What Went Wrong", outlining some theories as to why this project has FLOPPED. If the Kylie arse-licking gag rags are labelling the 'X' era as absymal, then her career really is hanging by a THIN THREAD. Don't know if it's been posted in the Kylie section in the Music section but if you get to see the scans, it's a worthwile read, despite Attitude's usual typos and lack of comprehension.

  5. Ahh, Danny, but "Borderline" is more acclaimed than "La Isla Bonita"- it wasn't as succesful chart-wise in Europe, but it has had more worldwide ACCLAIM. :)

    True. Borderline is a jugernaut of a pop song. But it deserves a proper outing if it hasn't been performed in over 20 years. Lucky Star deserved the same treatment but was instead shat on by Madonna with that abortion of a version on TCT. I'm sure it was Stuart Price's idea. It might have worked well on paper to incorporate Hung Up as a build-up to the finale but it destroyed the original version.

  6. How is Madonna supposed to do the album version of LAP when half of the song is a cappella?

    A capella (adverb/adjective): A track containing only vocals - with no drums, melody or other accompaniment

    Since when has the song ever been performed "a capella"?

    BA was an embellished version of the album cut I believe, give or take. RIT still had an instrumental. What's your point?

  7. Exactly. I'm not excited about LAP, It will be like the acoustic version of RIT, wich was lame.


    She needs to realise there's no possible melodic or production "re-arrangement" that will ever live up to the perfection of the original album version of LAP. Bitch better swallow her pride and perform this monster of a song properly, thus not soiling its legacy like that "crowd-pleasing", "tour-defining", headband-wearing version on the RIT.

  8. They tend to run in the autumn/winter. I thougt she might have done Jonathan Ross again but he really is a boring old cock so I'm glad that she didn't.


    Like someone said, if she pulled her finger out her arse and did promote on UK television- where would she appear?

    Jonathan Ross: Finished his run until September

    Paul O'Grady: Too low for her

    Parkinson: Finished his run indefinitely

    Richard and Judy: Finishing their run indefinitely, in their final season. She appeared before but their ratings are too low to have an impact on her sales

    Graham Norton: Would be the 'starriest' show nowadays, what with the calibre of guest, but he's dissed her so many times over the years, would seem a strange choice.

    There really is nowhere to go. The other 'chat's shows seem to be a hybrid of comedy sketches and audience participations, a la Charlotte Church and The Sunday Night Project, so that would be a waste of time, although I'm sure they'd change their format slightly for such a massive star if she agreed to appear.

  9. QUEEN BITCH: Give it to me is not selling, is not getting aiplay, Radio 1 have dropped that song, Madonna is a flop, bargain bins, Kylie is a barren spinster etc etc

    Is this one of your adament opinions like the "4 Minutes will be lucky to hit the Top Three" perpetual rhetoric you sprouted a few months back? You lost your credibility after that my son. Since then the majority of readers here smell the scent of your bullshit.

    GI2M will hit the lower echelons of the Top Ten of this week's chart and will probably peak with a Top Five position.

  10. Madonna’s new tour to support album Hard Candy promises to be her sexiest yet.

    She will turn 50 a week before it kicks off in Cardiff — but still plans to shock fans with a controversial stage show.

    The singer will even pretend to be MUMMIFIED as part of a routine.




  11. Last week Sam Sparro at number 4 sold 21,101. So 4 mins would have sold about 20,000 x

    I am not sure how 4M is being received in the US but it could be that 4M will be a bigger hit in the US than the UK, which hasn't happened for ages.

    Well, it already IS isn't it? Sales at least anyway... someone said Sam Sparro sold 21,101 at #4 so say Madonna is around 20K and is on course to sell 200k in the US this week, the UK has a population of a FIFTH of that of America so if we look at it like that, 4M should have sold at least FORTY THOUSAND in the UK. And that's not taking into account that per capita, the UK is her biggest market and she's much more of a bigger star here and airplay is MUCH MUCH greater for 4M.

    I am actually PERPLEXED by 4M performance on iTUnes... WTF happened? It can't just be a case of "get the video out". How many people actually watch those channels anyway? A lot less than listen to the Radio 1 breakfast show that's for sure... This is Madonna, the biggest star in the world; hovering around no.4 or 5 at iTunes three weeks in is NOT GOOD ENOUGH, regardless of a video. We know how many use iTunes and there would be plenty of opportunities for them to download it if they wanted to. There's a massive fucking eyesore of an advert on the front page for starters... as well as it being labelled under "new releases", "top ten" etc etc.

    I really guess we have to put it into perspective with how HU performed on the UK chart, where it was two or three weeks in the chart and how many it sold on iTunes before the video was released/promotion started. THAT's how we can gauge the current performance of 4M.

    I could be wrong; HU could have had a similar chart trajectory in its primitive weeks. However, something tells me that something about 4M simply isn't catching on with the general British public. Which strikes me as ODD coming off the back of a mega-smash like COAD and having Justin Timberlake and Timbaland in the mix, two of the biggest popstars in the country. No-one expected to be as big of a hit as HU here (a hit of Umbrella or Crazy In Love proportions, something that happens only every couple of years in the UK charts), and I know it's still early days, but I WAS expecting a little more, by THIS stage at least.

  12. Man, it's gonna be close between Usher and Leona for this week's no.1 but think Lewis can just about do it, as she has a physical out right (even though she's lower on streaming, at 6 to Usher's 4). My guesstimates:

    Chris Brown:

    Airplay: 140.107m = 104.107 points

    Sales: 65,315 = 65.315 points

    Total for Crhis Brown = 205.422


    Airplay: 116.355m = 116.355 points

    Sales: 138,414 = 138.414 points

    Total for Usher: 254.769 points


    Airplay: 37.586m = 37.586 points

    Sales: 219,237 = 219.237 points

    Total for Leona: 256.823 points

    Leona Lewis - Billboard No. 1 this week then?

  13. I still think it has a good chance of only rising to 6, or even staying at seven as it's now fallen to 5 on UK i-tunes, top 5 on the main charts is still looking unlikey this week, when we come to sunday it will not be top 5 i believe x

    Oh, shut up.

    Does anyone know if there's an "ignore" or "block" feature on here?

  14. This will me 4 mins peak, it's download won't rise anymore i don't think, even with the video, and by the time the phyical comes out, it will be out of top 10 on i-tunes, and maybe even the main chart sadly xx

    WOW, are you on CRACK?

    4 Minutes...

    * was released to radio on MONDAY. It has got four days of airplay. Estelle's track has been played on radio for over a MONTH.

    * was released to iTunes TUESDAY. Estelle's was released last week, and has a video and well as promotional performances on British TV.

    * has no video yet.

    * Madonna has done no promo yet.

    Wait til airplay increases. 4M should rise on next week's chart. WBR NEED to bring forward the physical though.

  15. popbarsmk9.png

    As you can see, Estelle is WELL ahead of Madonna, who is at no.2 still so Madonna outpeaking that will be quite a feat unless a major turnaround happens in a few days (which MAY occur as the song is played more and more on the radio)....

    But I hope momentum doesn't peak too soon and 4M ends up like Rihanna's DSTM which lingered around for weeks and weeks but didn't make No. 1 because the download dates and physical release were so far apart.

    They need to bring the physical release of 4M up to the week after next Monday and release the video this weekend if they don't want to ruin this.

  16. You obviously don't GET Bleeding Love at all. It's AC AND street at the same time, a well-written pop juggernaut with multiple hooks and an astounding vocal, appealing to Black Britain and Middle England at the same time. I can't think of a recent ballard that has achieved the same. Hence, over 600,000 sales in a mere six weeks, the biggest-selling song of the year, and a sure-fire Billboard No.1 next year.

    And while the other tracks on her debut are sub-par, Bleeding Love will remain her (only) pop-cultural water-cooler moment, a track that literally has been EVERYWHERE in the UK this last month.

    All in all, 2007's greatest pop masterpiece after Umbrella. FACT.

    Try listening to it again...

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