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  1. :lmao: :lmao: at Australia's "economy". Does it have even one? :lmao: at the Australian "dollar" FLOP country.
  2. Very true mate. Imagine you were a single mother, struggling to make money. Your bills and food prices have gone up because of the economic climate but you've managed to save up, treat yourself and see your favourite artist in concert. You've been looking forward to it for weeks but have to put up with TERRIBLE sound quality and SHITTY views. Then Madonna and Live Nation DENY anything's wrong, make you call their 0870 number to complain and then are REFUSED a refund. It is DISGUSTING the way they treated fans at Wembley. Which is why I'm not suprised if Madonna has lost at least a third of h
  3. Rihanna WHORED GGGB with its 23 singles. That's why.
  4. And, I might echo the words of the lovable cultural commentator Paul Morley, someone else who speaks SENSE, shortly after the release of American Life, that Madonna needs the cultural equivalent of HRT to pull her out of this MESS. Luckily COAD saved her career, which was part ingenuity, part FLUKE. She might not be so lucky next-time round.
  5. Please, Queen Bitch is one of the FEW that speaks with sense and intelligibility around here. I'm sorry but face facts. You can't excrete a steaming pile of turd and expect it to reach the upper echelons of the major music markets without any promotion or video. That's not how the business works. Would you expect to get a job if you didn't bother turning up for the interview? The DIRE chart placing of Miles Away is WELL DESERVED. And her UK fan base will unfortunately continue to dwindle if she continues to release such shit - and then have the AUDACITY to expect the British public to PAY t
  6. Sarah? :lmao: TRUE. After 25 years, 62 Top Ten hits and 13 number one songs in the UK, who would have thought that ANYONE would say what you've just said. Truly remarkable that it's come to this.
  7. OH. DEAR. MOTHER. OF. GOD. Even I didn't think it'd flop THAT BAD. Dear oh dear. What a DISASTER.
  8. Ha ha, imagine if you were sad enough to collect every one. That's £710 you're never gonna get back...
  9. :lmao: :lmao: But seriously, usually the people who buy this type of music don't buy ALBUMS. This is quite remarkable. Usually these type of albums linger in the lower echelons of the Top Forty for one week and then disappear soon after. I really cannot believe that. I'm also shocked their latest "release" has five million views on You Tube, around the same as Beyonce's "Single Ladies". :lmao: :lmao:
  10. SALES.... 01 Dido 22.4k 02 Leona Lewis 22k 03 Stereophonics (17.3k) 04 Nickelback (16.6k) 05 N-Dubz (12.3k) at N fucking Dubz getting a TOP FIVE album. at Leona "re-release after TWO singles" being 400 copies behind a woman who's first two albums rank in the Top 20 biggest-selling albums of all time at Beyonce's album LIMPING IN at number EIGHT I used to predict the charts pretty well. Nowadays I am just lost...
  11. WHAT THE FUCK at Leona.... how much is she gonna sell of Spirit? Hasn't it sold over 2 million copies? And this will be a big sales week too, what with Xmas coming
  12. There's a lot of SHIT out at the moment. But, it's good news for the industry with these solid sales.
  13. Top Pre-Ordered Singles In The United Kingdom this week: 01 T.I. - LIVE YOUR LIFE 24th 02 TAKE THAT 24th 03 KATY PERRY 24th 04 MADONNA - MILES AWAY 24th 05 BRITNEY 24th 06 WILL YOUNG - GRACE 1st 07 PUSSYCAT DOLLS 24th 08 KINGS OF LEON - USE SOMEBODY 8th 09 CHRIS BROWN 17th 10 DUFFY 17th
  14. And 4 Minutes. Though he might be right this time. There's not a chance in hell MA will make Top 20. Though let's rejoice that it's gone to number two in the Turkish Top 20 Countdown.
  15. :lmao: Poor Brave Bankrupt Rihanna :lmao:
  16. S&S might not go down in Madonna folklore as one of her greatest shows but the tour will interestingly remembered for a couple of things. 1. The greatest number of technical fuck-ups since BAT. Sound issues, ticket refunds, roof collapsing... and those fucking screens. How many times have they played up now? Perhaps Guy has a voo-doo doll and is cursing her? 2. The number of deviations from the original show. RIT and CT were pretty much standard from city-to-city whereas on this tour we've had a tribute to Obama, different request songs each night, a Pharrell performance and now Britne
  17. What will Britney do though exactly? It's not like she can just stand there on stage for four minutes for Human Nature is it, then come in with her one line, "It's Britney, bitch", at the end.
  18. Probably leaked it on purpose to help sell-out the show, IF this is true.
  19. Britney and Justin join Madonna on stage tomorrow?, LA Dodger Stadium? source - breatheheavy.com
  20. SO jaded. Love it! P.S. If S&S gets an American broadcast, does anyone think any of the terrestrials will pick it up after the FLOP ratings of CT on Channel Four?
  21. Can anyone name the instances where a lead Madonna single has outsold the parent album like in the case of HC? And good news about Radio 2 but don't excited about Radio 1 putting it in rotation, if playing it at all....
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