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  1. It blows my mind how fucking good SG is. It's like it's still growing on me when I already loved it. I'm not so sure it'd be a good single, but I'm really disappointed it's not in the show.
  2. I was pretty lukewarm on this song but after seeing it live I've been won over. Same thing with Gang Bang and TUTR. But yes really loving Sinner now! In the show it was like a happy sermon before the celebration of LAP.
  3. Wow, I love it! It's much better than I thought it would be. And she looks fucking hot!
  4. Can someone rip the Vission dub from here? http://squaremadonna.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/exclusive-turn-up-the-radio-richard-vission-speakers-blow-dub-master/
  5. Here: http://www.dancemixusa.com/2012/07/12/madonna-turn-up-the-radio-remixes-pt-1/
  6. 1. Erotica 2. Ray Of Light 3. Confessions On A Dance Floor 4. Like A Virgin 5. Madonna 6. Like A Prayer 7. Bedtime Stories 8. Hard Candy 9. American Life 10. Music 11. MDNA 12. True Blue
  7. Girl Gone Wild 7/10 Not a bad song by any means, it just feels kind of limp. I usually play it when I put the album on but I could honestly take it or leave it. For an album and tour opener that was obviously meant to be the general running theme of this era it's pretty weak. Gang Bang 7/10 I get that this a slow burn build up to the climax. But it feels too repetitive in the build up, and in the climax I feel like she's holding back a little. It's not surprising this is a huge fan favorite - it's not like anything else she's done. But it could be better. I'm Addicted 10/10 Now we're talking! Perfect song. It builds and climaxes, then pulls back, and builds again. it's a constant push-pull. Her voice is great, production is perfect, I just love it. Turn Up The Radio 7/10 Not bad, not great. Her voice could be better and the production feels a bit limp. But it's really catchy and anthemic so it works. Give Me All Your Luvin 9/10 I actually love GMAYL. I love the vocal melody, the retro-ish production, and the placement of the raps. The sound is really crisp and it's just plain fun. Imo this song really works but I know I'm in the minority. Oh well. Some Girls 10/10 Perfection! Great vocals, nice chunky beat, cool synths. Lots of little details in the background you only pick up on with repeat listens. Probably in the top 3 of the album for me. Superstar 4/10 Meh. Weakest song on the album proper. I Don't Give A 8/10 The beat and vocal melodies in the chorus remind me of Sidewalk Talk. She really lays it out here, we get a glimpse of what her life is like post-divorce. Really personal song. Nice and anthemic. I'm A Sinner 6/10 Feels like an unnecessary retread. I don't dislike IAS but it's not amazing either. It has some great lyrics that are actually rather poetic. It feels like a chore to listen to for some reason. Love Spent 10/10 :wow: Glorious. That's all. Masterpiece 7/10 Another not bad not great song. It just feels like it's missing something. Looks like the live performance may really turn this good song one into a great one. Falling Free 10/10 The voice, the lyrics, the music. It's all perfect. Amazing. Beautiful Killer 6/10 Not bad, but it's kind of bland. I'd swap this out with Superstar on the standard album. I Fucked Up 1/10 Worst of 'em all. Just blah. Vocals and music sound like they're from two completely different songs. It just doesn't work. B-day Song 4/10 Not as bad as some say, but not great by any stretch. Goofy and carefree. Best Friend 4/10 I kinda like it. Cool beat and a heartbreaking message. Love Spent (Acoustic Version) 10/10 :wow: Almost as good as the original version. On some days I actually prefer this one.
  8. Same here. There are about 5 songs I truly love, the rest are passable at best. Say what you will about Hard Candy but imo overall that album felt both more emotionally sincere and more fun. And this isn't revisionist history, I've always loved HC. And regardless of sales if I loved MDNA I'd say it. When WO said that stuff on Facebook it confirmed my suspicions. Hopefully for the next album she'll be more focused. But hey I got 5 new favorites and what's looking to be another great tour from MDNA so it's not all bad.
  9. I hate that LMFAO mix with a passion. Love Spent acoustic would've been a much better choice.
  10. Oh, and on top of all that, I was charged for this shit. I mean it was only $3.50 but still.
  11. They really should've said the album download isn't compatible with Apple devices. I went through all of that - liking the page, clicking the links, entering all the purchase info, etc - just to be told when I tried to download the album that it's not compatible. FAIL.
  12. Falling Free :wow: Love Spent I'm Addicted
  13. It's the real thing. Orbit said so himself on Twitter.
  14. It's a stunning song in every way. Production, voice, melody, message. Pure perfection.
  15. Is the album streaming anywhere in the US like it is on MSN France?
  16. Yowza! LOVING the video! Very Dita 2012. And it's given me a new appreciation for the song!
  17. Best song on the album for me. I love how it constantly mutates and evolves as it plays. Beautiful vocal melodies and voice, and the message is very sad, bittersweet. It's simply an amazing song.
  18. Anybody know where iPhone users can view it???
  19. I'm in the US on my iPhone but none of the links provided (Mrama, that Grape Juice link) are working, and I can't find the video at eonline.com. Help please!
  20. For me Love Spent, Turn Up The Radio, I'm Addicted, Falling Free, and Gang Bang are all strong contenders to become all-time favorites.
  21. The booklet looks fantastic And I assume this means we'll have a HQ cd rip soon!
  22. Could I get the deluxe edition link, pretty please?
  23. Signed! I love how it builds and builds and builds. It's a monster of a song, it just clobbers you!
  24. I knew the album was gonna be good but fuck me this is GLORIOUS! And it gets better with each listen! Stand outs so far - Some Girls, Love Spent, I Don't Give A, I'm Addicted. But it's all SO GOOD! M IS THE QUEEN.
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