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  1. Newsflash: Madonna's a human being just like the rest of us. Beautiful, talented, smart -- but human. Not every picture is gonna be amazing.
  2. God I'd so be on board for this. That Brian Eno album is superb. Hope this is true.
  3. Best idea of this entire thread. I'd so be on board for this. Pat was incredible but that's the past. She needs to move forward, try new things. Not run back to her past producers to try to recapture the magic.
  4. It's just too perfect. The awkward arms, the ratty nasty dye job, head nod fuckery, the Britney Jean circa 2001 outfit. It's such a perfect symphony of shit. Artpop!
  5. I will never not laugh out loud when I see this. It's by far the best dancing Gaga gif, and that's really saying something.
  6. "What's his name!?" "Louden!" "Louden what?" "...Clear." I always felt if she hadn't made Shanghai Surprise, which she really was pretty bad in and which erased the positive notices she got for DSS, WTG would've been better received. She's genuinely funny in it. Oh well.
  7. But isn't he considered a professional dancer? Doesn't that put the others at a significant disadvantage? He's a "star"? So many questions. I hope M doesn't go on there.
  8. ^ *Nods* It's probably the most bastardized version of the song but in the live setting, holy shit. It felt like the arena was going to explode. There are other performances I prefer musically but in terms of pure excitement S&S is the one.
  9. Back in the day I wasn't big on the song or video but lately I've really come to love her look for it. What did she call it on TRL, "My trailer trash look" or something like that? It's pretty much amazing. The song itself still isn't my thing, her voice is nice and the verses she chose are perfect for her but somehow it just doesn't gel as a whole. Richard's extended mix (the dubby one) is very good but his radio mix was crap. The Calderone mixes were a non-event. Oh, I also love the single cover. Easily one of my all-time faves. I know it's super airbrushed but I love that Halston-esque dress
  10. Yep. It's always great to come across positive articles about her but when they end up throwing out those same tired points you realize they just don't get her. It can get so frustrating because you know these writers (usually) mean well, but they don't do enough research to really understand what truly makes M so great and one of a kind. It's too bad every article/interview can't be like Attitude '05.
  11. All three songs sound a little better with the pitch lowered imo. The person who made that video is right, it does sound more like the M we know. However, on the original versions I think M was just singing in a higher register, not pitch corrected in post production.
  12. I love the bio: Leo, single busy mother of four just trying to destroy my ego. Follow me.
  13. That gave me chills. Falling Free is a great song. The melody is just amazing. And Orbit's production surrounds it with wonderfully lush atmosphere. More of this, less GGW for the next album, M!
  14. MDNA By any other singer MDNA would be heralded as a brilliant modern pop album. Unfortunately, M has her towering back catalogue to deal with. When you're the person who brought us Vogue, Like A Prayer and Live To Tell (among many, many others), Girl Gone Wild isn't gonna cut it. MDNA does have it's moments: the pounding finale of Love Spent, the steady build and calculated release of I'm Addicted, the deranged climax of Gang Bang. All great songs, all pure M. But for the most part MDNA feels halfhearted, like the songs are almost there but needed just a little more attention from their maker
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