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  1. But didn't they change the rules since regarding streams/views?
  2. Maybe it's all part of the plan. Having the glitch guarantees at least a second view when they fix it!
  3. As much I as like the song, I would think JOA would be a better choice. It's really a better representation of the album, and the GP needs to realize this! Rebel Heart would be great too, but she should release both album and demo versions.
  4. On a side note, I can't help but notice the bottle of Serge Lutens perfume on her dresser. Bitch has always got great taste.
  5. I'd give it an 8. Overall, I'd say it's about on par with TPOG video. I like it better than LFL, actually.
  6. I'm glad she chose to leave big action scenes and explosions out. It kinda detracts from the ballad and the feel of the song (WIFLFAG video, anyone?).
  7. Beautiful video. Simple but effective. Is it just me or her gap is back with a vengeance?
  8. I wonder when we'll start seeing teasers/previews on her instagram account?
  9. Nowhere . I lurked but haven't been posting much until recently. Never stopped being a Madonna fan, but I haven't felt this excited about her music since COADF.
  10. It's almost as cool as this, also in Japan! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/05/japan-fox-village-video_n_6621566.html
  11. Really? He wasn't listed as one of the writers on Wikipedia. Weird...
  12. http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/Music+Review+Madonna+shines+Rebel+Heart+which+beats+with/10873804/story.html#__federated=1 The Vancouver Sun gave it a good review as well. Music Review: Madonna shines on 'Rebel Heart,' which beats with romance, rebellion BY MELINDA NEWMAN, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS MARCH 9, 2015 Madonna's 13th studio album, "Rebel Heart," beats with romance and rebellion. At 19 tracks, it's an overstuffed triptych through the iconic performer's life, careening between uplifting dance tracks, like the percolating "Living for Love" — her 44th No. 1 on Billboard's Dance Club Songs chart — and corrosively bitter tunes such as the Avicii-produced "HeartBreakCity." Songs such as the largely acoustic "Devil Pray," which will stylistically remind many of "Don't Tell Me"; the achingly vulnerable "Joan of Arc"; and the deceptively double entendre-filled, lilting "Body Shop" course with vitality and showcase some of Madonna's best singing in years. While the majority of the material falls solidly in the positive, some of the tunes undoubtedly meant to sound fierce and liberating just feel tired, like the electro-clash braggadocio of "Bitch I'm Madonna," featuring Nicki Minaj, and the tedious X-rated bump-and-grind of the Kanye West-produced "Holy Water." In perhaps her most complex album, Madonna seems determined to plant a flag for her 30-plus year career, even giving a crash course in Madonna-ology on the self-referential "Veni, Vidi, Vici," featuring Nas, during which she playfully incorporate phrases and titles from past hits. At its best, "Rebel Heart" pulsates with a vibrancy that reveals both the sour and the sweet in Madonna's extremely complicated life and leaves no doubt that she still has a lot more to share.
  13. I almost wonder if Madonna should have stuck with the original idea of releasing a double album, Rebel and Heart. I think it might shut up a lot of the critics that complain about lack of cohesion.
  14. Took me a few seconds to register that it actually happened. And then absolute horror, thinking that she might have been hurt, and that was the end of her performance (and this era for all we know). Thrilled that she was able to bounce back like a champ. As usual, she's turned lemons into lemonade. The response from the media has been very supportive and positive thus. Probably more so than had she turned in another meticulous performance.
  15. So is this performance up officially on vevo or youtube? If not, they really should act fast and upload it much like the Grammys. It seems the fall has only serve to give more buzz to the song and performance. As of now, people are watching those short unofficial 15 sec clips. It's all over my Facebook feed and people (non-fans) are texting me clips.
  16. For the right or wrong reasons, she definitely stole the show and made an otherwise snoozefest memorable (probably for years to come). She's all over the headlines right now, and it's nice to see almost all new outlets being positive and describing her as a true seasoned professional.
  17. The silver lining is that this might actually get more views on Vevo or Youtube, if they release the performance officially...... And like everyone has said before, it kinda befits the lyrics of the song. I hope she is okay though......
  18. That performance was actually better than the video! Amazing! Definitely the best of her grammy performances!
  19. Is it safe to assume streams on Snapchat don't count towards Billboards? Great publicity nonetheless!
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