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  1. I'm glad she took the time to enjoy the city. The weather has been uncharacteristically dry and sunny the last two weeks.
  2. I honestly don't know what's up with those local reviews. It's like they attended a different show. Everyone was enjoying themselves and having a blast. The positive difference from the MDNA show is palpable!
  3. Such a magical night! She seems in much better spirits than last time she played here. And the audience is better too. I can not believe Amy and Sean were just a few seats away! We didn't even notice until Madonna brought it to everyone's attention!
  4. Going with my husband! His first Madonna show!!!
  5. LMAO. Is that Katie Puckrik? I love her perfume blog!
  6. I wonder if they'll add a Seattle date. I noticed there's a three day gap between Vancouver and Portland. There are still floor seats available for Vancouver, so I doubt they'll add a second show like they did last time.
  7. It's the same situation in Vancouver. It actually makes me worried that she may decide to pass on the city the next time she tours.... I was talking to friends and some of them are waiting for last minute deals from scalpers, because they were apparently able to snatch up great seats at less than face value during the MDNA tour. And yes, the delayed start time was a major gripe here as well. I took a friend with me last time and it left a bad impression on him, even though he admitted the show itself was great.
  8. Nowhere . I lurked but haven't been posting much until recently. Never stopped being a Madonna fan, but I haven't felt this excited about her music since COADF.
  9. It's almost as cool as this, also in Japan! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/05/japan-fox-village-video_n_6621566.html
  10. Awww..this is so nice. Somebody send this to Madonna or Guy!
  11. They just resent the email today I noticed (although it got redirected to Junk yet again).
  12. No second show for Vancouver either. General sale started Monday and there are still decent floor seats left. I heard a lot of tickets were snatched up by scalpers for the MDNA tour last time, but they ended up taking a loss in the secondary market. That may explain why the sole concert haven't sold out quickly this time.
  13. The Edmonton show apparently sold out quickly and they might be adding a second show. It's the first time she's playing there though.
  14. Good floor seats are still available for vancouver, and general sales have been since this morning. To think I got the Live Pass when I could have just waited....