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  1. MX can still show up on a year end list since these lists seems to be arbitrary and writer dependent. They rated RH half a star more lol. And what a shocker, Beyoncé and Bruce ranked highly....*yawn*
  2. Because my husband is considerably younger than I am, I do find myself preaching to his gay friends why Madonna is one of the LGBTQ community's greatest ally. It's really sad that so many do not have a frame of reference and actually believe people like Gaga or Taylor did more, when none of these artists put themselves out on a limb as much as Madonna did at the height of the AIDS epidemic. But it's not even the ignorance that bothers me, it's the disrespect.
  3. I’ve always felt MJ spent the majority of his career recreating Thriller. In that sense, he played it safe and made music that appealed to his core fans. This differs greatly with Madonna, who keeps switching her musical styles at the risk of losing fans along the way (and probably did).
  4. Oddly enough, I actually liked Future more after her Eurovision performance. It's rather unfortunate that it followed a very off-key and lethargic LAP performance, and this is how most of the GP will remember it. Madame X is quirky in that many of the songs, even if they're not my fave, works well in the context of the album. I can't imagine if the rumours of a visual album are true, I might appreciate Future even more.
  5. Given that enough time has passed, I think it would be amazing if she reunites with some of the original Blonde Ambition/TOD crew for her Vogue performance. If there's a time for burying the hatchet, World Pride would be it. And for a generation of gays, that movie and tour is absolutely seminal and is still groundbreaking today.
  6. Anyway, at this point it seems the set list is a done deal. The other question is do performers at Pride typically sing live? I'm just wondering if she'll be singing over prerecorded vocals like she does sometimes. In my dreams, it would be fab if she brings back Donna Delory.
  7. Honestly, Express Yourself is an example of a song with a strong message that will resonate but isn't depressing. Even Human Nature seems like a better choice. In the end, I just don't want Madonna to get the same brutal reaction she did from Eurovision. She can sing One More Chance for all I care if I knew the audience will love it.
  8. I find that Economist article offensive, even though the overall tone is positive. Why should she sing about wrinkles and menopause? No one ever asks Bruce Springsteen to sing about erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostates and urinary retention. It's not hard to see why Madonna gets so sensitive about these "age" articles sometimes.
  9. Didn't someone say she's also recording a live music video at Pride using a remix?
  10. This would be a great backdrop for her PRIDE performance.
  11. Maybe they think the video might actually hurt sales because of backlash.... In which case wait until she has that #1 in the bag, then release the video.
  12. At this point, it won’t surprise me if she switches out Vogue and throw in Killers Who Are Partying.....might as well go for the whole mood killler package. If I sound negative, it’s just that I think this whole era is being underserviced by these perplexing promo appearances. She started with such a bang at the BMAs!
  13. Mensch, please tell me the other oldie ISN'T American Life.
  14. Let's hope she does Express Yourself, is she's not doing LAP.
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