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  1. And again, this seems to be rather a US exclusive issue, pinning inflation on the president or the government. Let's face it, inflation in Europe is just as high as in the US, maybe even higher. I have not heard anyone blaming governments for the situation. Calls to take measures to ease the situation, especially for low income citiztens, yes. But no one says, Merkel or Macron caused this situation. I'm sorry, but it becomes more and more obvious that a large part of the U.S. populaton does not understand how the Worlds functions in general and in economics in particular.
  2. A Polexit? Why? They are not stupid. They are the biggest recipient of EU money. It is the same with Hungary. Their governments disrespect the EU but they gladly take billions in Euros each year. Unfortunately there are no real punishments and no member state can be kicked out, thanks to the statutes of the EU. The EU had rose tinted glasses on when it came to accepting new members. They did not believe for a second, that members would turn against them and merely consider the EU as heir chance to grab money. Now it is too late and the EU can hardly do anything about it. The most disturbing thing is that the majority of people in Poland and Hungary are in favor of the EU and their current governents are acting against the will of their very own people. I'm afraid this EU will dissolve at some point. We will most likely see a EU 2.0.
  3. Thank you very much. All of this is common sense and it makes one wonder why there are still people, politicians, companies not acting accordingly. Some industries are running out of workers, mainly because they still do not pay decent wages. In fact they find the most stupid excuses why they don't find people for hire. In the end, their very own stupidity will destroy their businesses. Here is an example: In Germany it is a huge issue in the hospitality industry. Once hotels and restaurants were allowed to re-open (Well, technically hotels did not have to close. They were not allowed to welcome tourists for many months, but business travelers were allowed. Of course, many of them closed because it was unsustainable without tourists and only a fraction of business travel in times of home office.), they realized, their staff was gone. Why? Because they looked around in other industries and quickly realized, they can much as much or much more money for less work in other industries. In fact, this is going on for years now. Yet, business owners and managers are turning a blind eye and find the most ridiculous explanations why people are no longer willing to work in hospitality, when the answer is really simple: money and work/life balance. Their ignorance will be their own demise. And they deserve it. And yes, immigration is the only solution.
  4. The thing is, the truck driver shortage in the UK solved some issues in western Europe. None of the truck drivers that had to leave the UK are unemployed. They were all hired by German and Dutch companies. They make as much money or more than they used to in the UK. And they are closer to their families since drivers are mainly from Eastern Europe. And they are treated with way more respect now. The UK wants them to come back? Those drivers don't give a f*ck. The fact, that the real custom controls at UK borders have not even begun, should be a grim outlook for what's to come considerding how dire the situation is already. But of course, none of this has anything to do with Brexit.
  5. I still remember the fairytale about WOMD launched in Iraq supposed to reach the UK to justify a war. This man better keeps quiet. He is not in the position to talk. He disgusts me.
  6. The situation is getting more and more confusing. On German TV they had military people that were part of ISAF and they are wondering why the Afghan military and government surrendered immediately with hardly any resistance, especially in Kabul. They had way more people and were better equipped than the Taliban. And why the president left the country so early. Their only conclusion is that there was actually a deal between the Taliban and the Afghan military and government. What they don't understand is how this deal (if there was indeed one) could have been negotiated without the US or other foreign intelligence taking notice.
  7. From 1918 to 1933 it was a parlamentary democracy. Before that a constituational monarchy. But the democratic movement goes back until 1848 when elections to the National Assembly in Frankfurt were hold. The first German parliament was at Frankfurts Paulskirche. Their main goal was to create one German National State and give it a constitution. It failed. It could not be achieved until 1871. But only after WW1 and the resignation of the German emperor, Germany became a democracy by definition.
  8. I feel sorry for the women and girls. I feel sorry for those who helped the international troups. They all might be in danger. But I'm not surprised. Afganistan is a special place. The Soviets had to give up at some point, now the NATO troups have given up. And the Afgani troups and government surrendered immediately with hardly any signs of resistance. Some countries are simply not made for democracy. Sorry to say that. But it is what it is. The same goes for some countries in the middle east. Maybe this is the lesson the West has to learn. I don't remember any country that has been liberated and where democracy was successfully implemented from an outside source. (The USA tend to claim they brought democracy to Germany after WW2, which of course is utter nonsense since Germany was very much a democracy before the war). It appears the will to overcome certain situations can only come from within. History has shown, there is no other way. It has always been that way. Revolutions in Europe, civil war in the United States.
  9. Now that the Trump Org will de indicted, it will go down the drain anyway. All the financial issues will be revealed. Experts have already said an indictment will bankrupt the company. One can only hope. And this time he can't hide it.
  10. She is such a one trick pony. Always making such offensive comments. That's all she does. People should start asking when she will start working on her day job. I'm sure she has done nothing. So how exactly is she working in the interest of the people who voted for her to improve their daily lifes? Oh I forgot, she can't since she has been booted off of almost all commitees because of her behaviour and therefore has no influence on legislation. Her opponents should start asking questions. From my point of view she is a lazy c*nt.
  11. It appears Hungary has really crossed the line too far this time. Western Europe, Southern Europe and the Baltic States are really pissed off. The Dutch prime minister even said Hungary should leave the EU if they no longer respect the laws and rules they once accepted when entering the EU. Of course, all Eastern EU members are quiet. It becomes more and more obvious that certain countries only see the EU as an organization that pumps billions of Euros in subsidies into their countries but are no longer interested in the basic principles of the EU. Since there is no possibility to kick a member out (the founders were so innocent to believe that all members are part of it for the best interest of all members), the only solution is to dissolve the EU as we know it and form a new one. Maybe this threat alone will make some countries re-think. Because where do they want go? Hungary and Poland as a Russian ally. They hate Russia even more than the rest of Europe because of their past. Well, they could make a trade deal with the UK. I'm sure that will work fine. Not. I wish the EU would finally start penalizing those anti democratic countries. But there are so many insane things regarding the EU. Why is the EU transfering billions in Euros to possible future members in Eastern Europe and Turkey to promote democracy? If they want to be a member of the EU and the benefits of this very exclusive club they should work these things out on there own. And Turkey, really? They will never become a member of the EU. What a waste of money.
  12. And what about that horrible human Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon pubs? That huge brexiteer now crying since he has not enough staff because there is no access to EU workforce. That idiot now wants easy access for EU citizens to the British labor market. Well, I guess, to the minimum wage labor market. Jobs no Brit wants to accept. His stupidity is astounding. And can you imagine working as a European, most likely with an accent, at one of those pubs, serving Brexiteers, most likely even bullied by. Now that's what I call a toxic atmosphere.
  13. I don't understand. I was always under the impression that only the Queen can declare someone a Lord or that Lord is actually a title that can only be inherited since they are the British aristocracy? Whereas almost everyone can become a sir or dame. For achievements in the arts or sports for instance.
  14. This woman selling those yellow stars is disgusting. The level of ignorance is astounding and sad. I wonder what they teach in U.S. schools regarding the Holocaust. Here in Germany, all pupils will need to visit a concentration camp at least once as part of history classes. This woman should be forced to visit Auschwitz. Maybe she will realize how wrong she is. Or maybe she should simply watch a documentary on the subject.
  15. The biggest problem in the whole discussion has always been and still is, it is impossible to criticize the State of Israel, its politics and actions, without being put in the anti-semitic corner. Of course, it all is result of the Holocaust. Especially in Germany, at least in politics, there is no open criticism when it comes to Israels policies in the region. It's a no go. The level of self-censorship is astounding. Of course, it is not helpful in any way. I would like to believe that the majority of people, especially the younger generations in Israel are sick and tired of this conflict. They most likely are in not in favor of Israels policies regarding Palestine and the constant annexion of Palestinian land for new settlements. I don't know if those younger generations are not as politically involved (I don't think so, there have been several demonstrations to vote out Netanyahu), but they are obviously not in power. In power are the conservative and ultra-conservative parties. And who are the ultra-conservatives? Are they the descendants of the Holcocaust survivors? No. The overall majority are immigrants from Russia. They are also the ones living in the illegal settlements. They are the ones rejecting any social progress on all levels. They are very much acting in their very own interest, not necessarily the State of Israel and its citizens. And unfortunately this particular group has way too much influence in the Israeli parliament and government. This group of people that see themselves as something special, a group that does not even want to be part of society and rejects the social norms of a modern society, has this amount of power. To make matters worse, they most likely don't even see themselves as Israelis, the see themselves merely as Jews. And because of that, it all comes down to religion when infact this conflict cannot be solved as long as the parties involved start to have discussions as two independent states. And any party needs to adress mistakes make on their sides first. But I doubt that Israel will ever do that because from their perspective everything they do, is to defend the existence of State of Israel, even when other countries and human rights organisations say Israels actions and provocations are often the reason for this conflict to never end.
  16. Gotta love some reporters on TV. "He suddenly died". The man was almost 100 years old.
  17. Does Boris know that the EU will not grant the City of London access to the EU service market? And how many more trade agreements has he signed recently? The last I remember was the one with Japan that will increase British Cheese export by a few thousand pounds (money, not weight) per year.
  18. How anyone can defend him is beyond me. He is an elected official. Elected by the citizens of his state to represent his state, to work in the interest of his state. Every responsible politician would have told his family to stay home because there are things way more important once a natural desaster happens. In such case, family has to step back. This is what families of people in the highest positions have to realize and is something that is generally accepted. Yet he thought this does not apply to him. As mentiomed before he did not need to fly, the mother was there. Furthermore, this move was completely stupid from a PR point of view. If he was clever, he had told his family, this is not the time to travel to Mexico when there is a desaster going on, when there are thousands and thousands of Texans suffering. There is no excuse for what he did. None.
  19. From what I have heard, Tulum has become very much the place to be when vacationing in Mexico. I can imagine local businesses are fuming over such action by the police. This is not the publicity you want for your town. Especially when the gay crowd brings in a substantial amount of money and probably spends more per guest on average. Of course, socio conscious celebrities will stay away too. So in the bigger picture, the police, paid by tax money, did a huge disservice to their community. Because of a kiss. A kiss that very obviously no one was bothered by.
  20. She is so dumb. She got kicked off from all the comitees. If she wanted to have any influence on legislation contentwise and therefore politics, she needed to be in there. Now she can bascially vote yay or nay to pass legislation. She is a lame duck. She can't do anything for her voters. Nothing. She has no influence whatsoever. No matter how loud she is. All her ramblings are basically a deflection from the fact that her very own behaviour caused this situation. If she was a manager at a company she would be fired.
  21. Even if there was regulation for news broadcasters, it would not apply to Fox "News" anyway. Fox News is registered as an entertainment programme.
  22. Can't wait for Don Jr. going to prison. I bet he will cry like a little girl.
  23. I have a good idea. To make the inauguration more entertaining, part of the punishment should be like the scene from Game of Thrones. Those rioters will need to walk down the steps of the Capitol and Nancy Pelosi rings a bell. "Shame", "Shame".
  24. I hope someone tapes all of this and creates a wall of shame online. So everyone can see who these c*nts are. Those are criminals. They need to be punished in one way or the other.
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