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  1. What a sore loser he is. And an irresponsible prick. He still has not understood what his job is about and that he is supposed to be the President of all Americans. Yet again he is putting the blame on everyone else but himself. And saying that Obamacare will explode and that he will let it explode? How cynical of him. Someone of CNN said it right, that's like a fire chief standing before a burning house and and telling the people "Let it burn down". And Trump a great negotiator who gets things done? Yeah right.
  2. This guy is so stupid. The handshake thing was simply disrespectful and when he said that "they both have one thing in common ... being wiretapped by the Obama administration" it was just embarrassing.The look on Merkels face said it all. Say about that woman what you will, but she knows how to play the game. The fact she brought all those managers of German industrial powerhouses with her, basically shut down all of Trumps arguments that the U.S. are somehow the victim of unfair trade or exploited in any way. Especially considering German companies have invested hundreds of billions in the U.S. and employ around 800.000 American workers in solid, well and very well paid manufacturing jobs. Exactly the kind of jobs, Trump wants to bring back to the U.S.. Punishing the very same companies with fees and penalties seems rather absurd.
  3. i can't get over the black lacquered floors in her kitchen/dining room. Imagine a pot or pan falling down.
  4. I'm sure she owns some real nice jewelry. But I think paintings are more her thing if she wants to spoil herself.
  5. ^ This thing is getting more and more embarrassing by the minute. Did anyone see that horrible Spicer guy trying to explain what Trump actually meant? They do really believe people are stupid, don't they?
  6. ^ Haha. What a fitting reply to Conways nonsense. And am I the only one who thinks that Conway looks like she had or is on the verge of a nervous breakdown?
  7. I stopped reading the moment they cited Jürgen Todenhöfer. The guy is a nut job.
  8. Care to elaborate what it is you protect? And voting CDU? The constitution grants you the right to vote for whoever you choose. Even for the party that stands for the standstill in social development in Germany in the last decade.
  9. Only in America. When will people wake up? All this talk about the market will regulate itself and competition will lower the price. Utter nonsense. If this was the case, then why is healthcare in the capitalistic system of the US so much more expensive than in all other countries that have so called socialized healthcare? Because the rules of the market do not apply to healthcare. People cannot choose when it comes to health. You do not decide to get sick! Healthcare is something you need to have. This is not about about the second or third TV you buy, or if you decide to buy a "better" car. Things you can make an active decision about. Often run by emotions. Often things you don't even need. There is a competitive market. Producers know that people actually don't need certain things or that there are so many competitors on the market. There is a real need to be better or cheaper. But healthcare? What do insurers or hospitals do? Nothing. The don't really need to. They have a product everybody needs. In the US they are out to make money. Period. The US healthcare system is perverse. As Jazzy correctly said, healthcare and education should be a right to everyone. For the interest of the country and the society as a whole.
  10. Her version is wonderful. The cute voice is everything. And the video is absolutely great. She exactly knows when it is appropriate to do certain things. Like she understood about the meaning of the Superbowl and created her performance around that, she knows about the meaning of this song to the American mind. What's more appropriate the display all parts and traditions of the American society. Interestingly, while er interpretation is quite dancy and uplifting, even her part in the video, the depiction of America is a rather gloomy one. Of course she looks amazing. And nice trick to tape her dancing with double speed so it has this great effect in normal speed.
  11. Bravo. This is amazing. Once again she shows that she is putting REAL thought in things. The duality of things.
  12. Your media? Wait. I thought you are living in Germany? I thought you are German with Turkish descent? Don't tell me you have double citizenship. One of the worst ideas ever to pass the Bundestag. A liberal idea gone wrong and I hope they get rid of it. The concept failed badly. And bringing up the AFD and Sarrazin. Two extreme examples. Populist as they come. We can all agree that what they have to say is nationalistic nonsense and does not serve any other purpose than getting into parliament (where those lazy assholes never really work and usually lose their seats 4 years later) and money in Sarrazins case. BUT it cannot be denied that things go horribly wrong when you take a look at parts of Kreuzberg and Neukölln where parallel societies have been created. Not only by Turkish people, by the way. The former mayor of Neukölln, Buschkowsky, described the situation and reasons why immigration goes wrong very well. And it all comes down to language. The fact that so many women do hardly speak any German although they live here for ages is unbelievable. Of course it is impossible for them to become a proper member of society. Of course this is exactly what many of their husbands want to prevent anyhow. The ridiculous thing is that many Turkish people in Berlin, in Germany are way more conservative and religious than they are in Turkey. It all goes back to the second phase of immigration coming from Turkey. No longer the well educated and qualified "Gastarbeiter" basically coming from Istanbul. With the second phase there came the families from those little villages from the mountains wanting a better life (understandable) but not wanting to become part of the German society. And then over the years bringing more and more family to Germany. And the results in the Turkish community are very obvious. On one side you have the well integrated, the doctors, the lawyers, the entrepreneurs. They don't want to be seen dead anywhere near Neukölln. They live in the "better" areas, their children go to schools where German children are in the majority. On the other you have those who never leave their district and only surround themselves with other members of the Turkish community. Where Turkish is the language they speak at home. And in result those children have difficulties to keep up in school. In schools where hardly any German student can be found. The very reason why Berlin always seems to fail at those comparisons among federal states. Berlin has some of the top schools and many of the worst schools. Coincidence? Not. Sorry for having a rant. I'm actually more pissed off at German lawmakers for way too many years being too liberal about those issues. Always giving this hopeful attitude "it gets better". No it's not. It's time to set rules or at least make use of existing laws. Germany has been a welcoming country and certainly will remain one. It is in the very interest of Germany. There are so many branches you cannot find any workers anymore. But the exploitation of the system must stop. No one expects immigrants to change their religion or faith when they come here. But immigrants have to respect the laws and freedoms of the country they immigrate to. Immigrants have to adapt to the country they go to and not vice versa. There is no "picking cherries". There are rules and laws that apply for EVERY ONE living in a country. This is what a society defines after all. I'm sick and tired of those stories about prayer rooms in schools or teachers or students not participating in swimming lessons at school because of their religion. This needs needs to stop. Not only because it is plain wrong but also it gives ammunition to those right wing people at the AFD.
  13. On CNN they have a new blonde bimbo. A psychologist, an expert in body language, from San Diego. Now that's a dumb cow. One of those who can't answer a question straight, pivoting just as professional as Conway. She is seriously annoying. Another guest on the panel was asked if he wants to reply to what she said and he just said, he does not reply to nonsense. But will CNN ever learn? If you want people on the panel, get politicians and historians. But no more pundits. They are a waste of time.
  14. It is a joke that someone is still coming up with the Nazi claim. It's so boring, so old. No German really cares about those claims anymore because it's so see through. You have no arguments, you call a German a nazi. i have been called a nazi so many times in my life and have been made responsible for the holocaust although I was not alive when it happened, my parents were not even born. It's ridiculous. And people are not comparing Erdogan to Hitler because of the Holocaust, they compare them because of their crazy behaviour and delusions of grandeur. It's no secret that Erdogan wants to be sultan. At least this "job" does not require a university degree. To become Turkish president you actually need one. Oops, that's a kinda uncomfortable issue. For him. Erdogan is the joke.
  15. This may be true to some extent. But I think the general consensus in Germany is, "enough is enough". You know the whole situation of Turkish politicians coming to Germany having a rally. Basically selling the presidential system to the Turkish community. Seriously? Now that mayors have called off those events for security reasons or because permissions were granted because the applicants lied about the reason for permission. And now Turkey is enraged, calling us Nazis (how boring!) and citing freedom of speech and others. Funny, considering how Turkey thinks about civil rights. Today the constitutional court said that the constitution only grants freedom of assembly to German people and not for foreign politicians coming to Germany. Therefore the German government can actually forbid those events. And this is exactly what the large majority of people expect. People are annoyed that German politicians are so quiet and do not put Erdogan in his place. People are also annoyed with large parts of the Turkish community in Germany that endorse Erdogan. It's disgusting actually. The enjoy the civil rights and also the social system of Germany (some may say they exploit it) yet they reject this country, its laws and language and even worse, have no problem when civil rights are taken away from their own brothers and sisters in Turkey. I have no sympathy for that.