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  1. "Ryanair systematically does not comply". What's news? They never have. I despise this company and their boss so much. Will never fly with them.
  2. As a citizen of the Germany all those companies are dear to my heart. Well, they might be. Once they start paying income taxes on the billions of profits they make in my country. By using our infrastructure, skilled workforce, legal stabilty, large amounts of disposable income ... Please feel free to add your country, if you feel the same way. P.S. I was dishonest about Facebook. They can go to hell. I'm sure, Mr Zuckerberg thinks he is great innovator. I think his product has done more damage to the world than some wars.
  3. Just saw a report on TV. It was about the fear of delayed mail in ballots. And guess who the boss of the US postal service is? A staunch Trump ally. It becomes more and more obvious how vulnerable the whole US voting system actually is. Thanks to that out of date electoral vote system, you can easily steal an election if only you have the right people in right positions. And much of this is perfectly legal. All it takes are some willing red state governors gerrymandering the hell out of voting districts, closing tons of voting places (preferably in districs with a high population of citizens usually voting for the other party), create long waiting lines, which will keep elderly, sick and handicapped people away, because it is too much of an inonvenience to wait for hours in the cold, in the rain, in the scorching hot sun (depending which state you are in). Then, why is this election on a weekday? It basically interferes with everyone who is having a job, no matter if it is your constitutional right to vote and your employer has to give you time off. Well, I know why it is not on a Sunday. Because people are supposed to go to f*cking church on Sunday. I think in almost all other countries, elections are always on a Sunday. Because that is usually the day of the week when the big majority of citizens has spare time. Now add the disproportion in what a vote in California and New York is worth, compared to the small states in the middle. As seen in previous elections, it basically needs a few ten thousand votes that decide an election in the US. Trump and his team knows that and have analyzed the weak points of the system and how those flaws can work in their favor. With some little changes here, some tweaks there. Again, much of this is perfectly legal thanks to an outdated and full of loopholes electoral system. A reform of that system is long overdue. Trump "lost" the last election by 3 million votes. I wonder how many votes it takes for people, for representatives, for courts to wake up and do something. 5 million? 8 million? 10 million?
  4. Didn't Kanye claim at some point he has a bipolar disorder. In this case, is it even possible for him to become president? Or is that just another lie to get attention, just as his claims that he is a billionaire. And indeed, the only reason he runs (as an independent I guess) is to steal black votes from Biden. It is so see through. Can somebody tell me, what the black community sees in him? What exactly has he done for the black community? I only see someone who is a raging egomaniac. P.S. Why did Madonna work with him? The Beat goes on is not such a great song. What did she see in him that she even said, he was a soulmate. Or was that at a time when he was still "normal"?
  5. LOL. The delusion. He has made the USA the laughing stock of the world and what exactly has he done positive for the US economy internationally. The general consensus about the USA at the moment is that the USA are an unreliable partner. Politically and economically. And going after Angela Merkel? He is so stupid. That woman has fought men for 30 years, especially in the last 20 years as head of her party and almost 16 years as German chancellor. She is on whole different level and I would like to argue even more powerful than he is. Many times in recent years people said that Angela is the true leader of the free world. And she is well aware of that. I can absolutely see her doing just that:
  6. I always find it funny, that they think a restraining order will make such book go away. In what times are they living? The script is most likely saved on a server. Often those servers get hacked by unknown sources. And suddenly the script can be found on the internet. And once it's out there, it will not go away. Or the script is on a flash drive, left in a car, the car is broken into. You know the rest. How many times have we watched those scenarios on a TV show or in a movie?
  7. Just watching CNN. That student support Trump rally (or whatever it is called) and it's nuts. Social distancing? Wearing masks? None of it is happening there. It is insane.
  8. If they would do that to movies that have no historical context it is certainly okay to put a disclaimer on it. That said, I find the discussion about movies or television that depict history or are in a historical context embarrassing. It's 2020. People should know. Or has the majority of people really dumbed down that much that this kind of intervention is really needed? Where to start, where to stop. What will be next? A movie about The Third Reich / WW2 / Holocaust? Anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia, euthanasia etc.
  9. Well, I was not jumping to conclusions. This particular video was used to illustrate that there are obviously racist cops in Germany as well who are not shy of using violence. In response I merely said that this actually may NOT be a qualified example since we do not know what has happened before. I merely gave my impression what the scene was about, that to me there was an arrest going on (although unclear why) and that the second guy interfered with the arrest and must have threatened or otherwise inappropriately dealt with the female officers (hence the explanation given by the male officer, unfortunately it is hard to hear what exactly that was), which resulted in bringing the guy down. The response was that someone yelled "son of bitch" at the officer (which by the way, in Germany is an offence). And sorry, I clearly said that the use of this word is almost exclusively used by Turkish or Lebanese man. But yes, I could have used the accent as well. There are certain things that simply give it away, where people are coming from. Just as I had told you the person was Bavarian or Saxonian (you have studied in Leipzig, do not pretend, you don't know what I mean). This was merely an identification. There is nothing racist about it. I did not evaluate the actions of the two arrestees or assumed a possible criminal behaviour based on their immigrant background. Now that would have been racist. You are making assumptions here but I will give you the benefit of the doubt, that you did not interprete my statement properly. I will repeat what I said before, we should not jump to conclusions when we merely have parts of an incident. Especially not, when the information comes via social media. The video in question cannot be compared with the George Floyd video or the video of the 75 year old man pushed to the ground in Buffalo. Those videos clearly show the circumstances, we know about the time, we know about the place. There is clear evidence of a wrongdoing, criminal action by the police. The German video? It says Mannheim. It doesn't make clear when the incident happened. Could have been in the past (interestingly I can find a report online from May, where 3 teenagers were arrested beause they attacked the police, when the police tried to clear an assembly of about 150 people because they were breaking the social distancing rules imposed). That's what I meant when I said we should be careful. There are people out there already hijacking this movement for their very own interests.
  10. Well, I would like to argue that Germany is no more racist than any other country in the EU. But there is no question the UK and the USA is far more racist than Germany. And please tell me what is wrong with my post. I have properly explained what was going on. This is neither racist nor diminshes the discussion about police brutality. So why the harsh reaction? Because it did not fit the narrative? Police = always evil. If only it was that easy. There are already people (dare I say criminals) out there, hijacking the movement for their very own interests. From the very left to the very right and some criminals inbetween. Slowly eroding the power and influence of the demonstrations for a righteous cause.
  11. Ohne Grund. Without reason? We don't know what happened shortly before. You can see there is a person in the back on the ground being handcuffed. We don't know about the interaction between the young man and the female officers, the male officer is referring to something I can't figure out. What I can clearly hear is someone yelling "Hurensohn" (son of a bitch) at the police officer. A slur word almost exclusively used by young people with an immigrant background (Turkish or Lebanese) to offend the police or other people. This here is no example of a racist cop or excessive police brutality. This is an example of people jumping on the bandwagon.
  12. I think many states are considering police reforms at the moment. I have seen the list of four of five things on it and quite frankly it is nothing really groundbreaking. In fact certain things should be normal. Banning chokehold measures etc. But who is opposing all the measures? The police unions. It becomes more and more obvious that the police unions are the dark force here. Their main interest appears to be the protection of the bad apples. Of course that makes it very hard for the good ones to go against them, if they know they cannot expect the union to help them. There really seem to be mafia like structures in place.
  13. I have just heard, that 57 members of the emergency respone team in Buffalo have resigned in protest of the suspension of the two cops involved in the pushing of that 75 year old man. Can you believe this shit? This is the way they understand their job? They all should be ashamed. They all should be removed from the police service alltogether. It's outrageous. It's a scandal.
  14. And all it took was watching the movie Nell with Jodie Foster. Well, the things Nell said made more sense.
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