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  1. The only reason I know this song is from that Club Kids movie with Home Alone Kevin and from a lip sync at RPDR.
  2. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    The governments in Europe especially in Germany are totally pissed at Trump in regards to decertifying (which basically means nothing, just another smoke and mirror tactic for his dumb supporters) that Iran deal. Not only because Trump was lying through his tees when he read that speech yesterday but because the decision makes all parties involved look really bad when it comes to reliability in honoring agreements. It is very harmful to Germany which has tried many times over the last 15 years, ever since it decided against fighting in Iraq, to solve conflicts by using diplomacy. From time to time successfully. It was Germany's way to become a political powerhouse on the world stage without being a constant member on the UN security counsel and without using its military force. While the U.S. obviously no longer cares about its reputation, Germany still does. Of course, you worry about your reputation when the most important thing in the last 80 years has been to rebuild a good reputation from being the most hated and despised nation on the planet. And once again he was talking about how bad the deal was for the U.S. I wonder what all the U.S. companies, first and foremost Boeing, have to say about that. Billions and billions worth in contracts are considered bad? Hypocrisy much.
  3. Wasn't that in the works even before Trump? And it all has to do with the fact the UNESCO is basically acknowledging Palestine as an independent state. Many people (governments) feel that the UNESCO is crossing a line here. Simply from a technical point of view. I'm sure most governments on this planet (except Israel and in consequence the U.S.) have any problem with an independent Palestine. If only for the fact that Israel has pissed off way to many countries over the years by acting like a spoiled brat. Especially its current prime minister. I mean, who is he to talk anyway. Isn't he under criminal investigation? Does that mean, if they leave they'll no longer have "world heritage sites"? Well, in the U.S. it's basically National Parks. And Independence Hall and the Statue of Liberty. Exactly the two buildings/monuments or better said the values those buildings stand for, the current government is trying to undermine big time. I guess, we are coming full circle here.
  4. Can we send all the people from the Geordie Shore and Ex on the beach to Dubai and have them arrested?
  5. Madonna at soccer game in Portugal

    The next world cup is in Russia! She will not write a song considering the state of this country. And how is she supposed to perform there? She is not getting a visa. I think Gaga may do it. She already performed for the dictator of Azerbaijan. She does not care.
  6. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    ^^^^ OMG. I'm screaming. This is the most unusual way to advertise a product. Especially one that costs a fortune. "God, I need a drink".
  7. Madonna-centric on latest Will & Grace episode

    You guys understand the whole episode was actually making fun of the young gays and it was meant to call them out on their ignorance?
  8. Isn't this stolen too. When I hear "Be Kind" I have to think Queen Viola in The Help.
  9. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    Really looking forward to your review.
  10. I remember a thread from years ago and I remember I got into hot water because I did not appreciate the great architecture in Dubai. I was heavily criticized for mentioning that "great" is always in the eye of the beholder and that people should not forget who is building those structures and under which circumstances they have to work and live. Of course this is not limited to Dubai. It applies to the whole region.
  11. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    ^^^ LOL. What a great response. And look at the numbers. Much more Likes and Re-Tweets than Trumps original posts. And this is what Trump probably bothers even more than the clever response itself.
  12. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    It's all about legacy. So far he hasn't left any. Not with his ugly ass buildings, not with branding his name to the most ridiculous products. His brand is in severe decline. With his presidency he has achieved basically nothing except for managing to fulfill some promises he has made to his voters. Many of those by even cheating to get these things done, like getting his Supreme Court judge approved. He desperately wants to make his mark so people may remember him in the decades and centuries to come. Since he is unable to do it in a "positive" way he is turning aggressive. I can totally see him going to war for the sole reason to be remembered. The strange logic behind it? Look at all the evil people in history. I would like to argue that they are better known than the people who did good things. And even worse, those mass murderers still have a following and the adoration of a lot of (evil or dumb) people. Trump has sworn to work for the good of the American people. All I can see is that he is damaging the reputation of the U.S.A. and God forbid he uses nuclear weapons.
  13. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    Quite frankly, have never seen or heard about that magnetic kinda thing of a mask before. Is that new? And for how many treatments does one pot last? I mean 600 dollars is a lot.
  14. Madonna Songs used in Movies and TV Shows

    This was actually a series crossover with CSI: Miami. They had two different versions on each show. It was kinda clever marketing back then.
  15. Madonna-centric on latest Will & Grace episode

    This episode was so much more. From my perspective it was a long overdue reading of the young gays today, how clueless they are. On their own history. The disrespect of Madonna, who is so much part of gay history especially in the 80s and early 90s is very much used as a catalyst of what turns in this epic rant of Will. It wasn't even funny and I heard no one laughing. It was basically a reminder that you need to know about the people that went before you and that fought for the rights you are enjoying now. The fact that this episode was shown the day or two days before the Trump administration is introducing bills that harm gay rights, women rights on the grounds of religious freedom may have been a coincidence but it should be considered perfect timing.