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  1. Can't wait for Don Jr. going to prison. I bet he will cry like a little girl.
  2. I have a good idea. To make the inauguration more entertaining, part of the punishment should be like the scene from Game of Thrones. Those rioters will need to walk down the steps of the Capitol and Nancy Pelosi rings a bell. "Shame", "Shame".
  3. I hope someone tapes all of this and creates a wall of shame online. So everyone can see who these c*nts are. Those are criminals. They need to be punished in one way or the other.
  4. Let's see what happens in 10 minutes when the curfew starts. I hope they finally start to arrest people. For my taste law enforcement has shown way too much restraint. And when I see those blonde bimbo housewives berating the riot police, I actually want to see them thrown in an arrest wagon.
  5. WTF. Now some riot police staff basically helped the anarchists to walk down the stairs. (Probably out of fear, they would sue the government in case they fell down the stairs.) Seriously? Those people are there illegally, they have committed a crime, they should be arrested but not safe guarded.
  6. I can't get over the fact how stupid they are, having those pictures of them taken while they are committing a crime. This is evidence material. They will go to jail.
  7. There is still hardly any law enforcement. It's unbelievable. It was quite different a few months ago when Trump had a BLM demonstration cleared with tear gas because he needed a photo op in front of church, holding a bible.
  8. Even in this situation, they are wearing their masks. And outside the overwhelming majority of anarchists is not. Is this the twilight zone?
  9. I cannot believe what I'm seeing. It appears, some people have lowered a US flag on the building and try to raise a Trump flag. This is nuts.
  10. One of the most shameful moments in US history. The day, elected officials are excercising their duties, the very day the constitution requires them to do so, are evacuated from the Capitol because a bunch of fascists have stormed the very building. Those anarchists may believe they are patriots, but the thruth, is they are traitors who are very much part of the destruction of the American democracy. It is all so disgusting.
  11. And where is the f*cking law enforcement? Are they holding back to no further escalate the situation? I remember a few months ago, in Berlin a few of those "Querdenker" assholes stormed the steps of the Reichstag building during a demonstration, trying to get in. They were four or five brave policemen who stood their ground keeping them out of the Reichstag / Bundestag, which is the seat of the German parliament. It was a huge scandal.
  12. Now some are even inside the Capitol. Can someone arrest them immediately? They are committing a crime. Period. And these people are so stupid. All with their mobiles, making pictures and posting their actions on Facebook and wherever. I'm sure the FBI will use this against them.
  13. He also pardoned 4 Blackwater "soldiers" that massacred Iraqi civilians in 2007. It truly is disgusting.
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