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  1. Gotta love some reporters on TV. "He suddenly died". The man was almost 100 years old.
  2. Does Boris know that the EU will not grant the City of London access to the EU service market? And how many more trade agreements has he signed recently? The last I remember was the one with Japan that will increase British Cheese export by a few thousand pounds (money, not weight) per year.
  3. How anyone can defend him is beyond me. He is an elected official. Elected by the citizens of his state to represent his state, to work in the interest of his state. Every responsible politician would have told his family to stay home because there are things way more important once a natural desaster happens. In such case, family has to step back. This is what families of people in the highest positions have to realize and is something that is generally accepted. Yet he thought this does not apply to him. As mentiomed before he did not need to fly, the mother was there. Furthermore, this move
  4. From what I have heard, Tulum has become very much the place to be when vacationing in Mexico. I can imagine local businesses are fuming over such action by the police. This is not the publicity you want for your town. Especially when the gay crowd brings in a substantial amount of money and probably spends more per guest on average. Of course, socio conscious celebrities will stay away too. So in the bigger picture, the police, paid by tax money, did a huge disservice to their community. Because of a kiss. A kiss that very obviously no one was bothered by.
  5. She is so dumb. She got kicked off from all the comitees. If she wanted to have any influence on legislation contentwise and therefore politics, she needed to be in there. Now she can bascially vote yay or nay to pass legislation. She is a lame duck. She can't do anything for her voters. Nothing. She has no influence whatsoever. No matter how loud she is. All her ramblings are basically a deflection from the fact that her very own behaviour caused this situation. If she was a manager at a company she would be fired.
  6. Even if there was regulation for news broadcasters, it would not apply to Fox "News" anyway. Fox News is registered as an entertainment programme.
  7. Can't wait for Don Jr. going to prison. I bet he will cry like a little girl.
  8. I have a good idea. To make the inauguration more entertaining, part of the punishment should be like the scene from Game of Thrones. Those rioters will need to walk down the steps of the Capitol and Nancy Pelosi rings a bell. "Shame", "Shame".
  9. I hope someone tapes all of this and creates a wall of shame online. So everyone can see who these c*nts are. Those are criminals. They need to be punished in one way or the other.
  10. Let's see what happens in 10 minutes when the curfew starts. I hope they finally start to arrest people. For my taste law enforcement has shown way too much restraint. And when I see those blonde bimbo housewives berating the riot police, I actually want to see them thrown in an arrest wagon.
  11. WTF. Now some riot police staff basically helped the anarchists to walk down the stairs. (Probably out of fear, they would sue the government in case they fell down the stairs.) Seriously? Those people are there illegally, they have committed a crime, they should be arrested but not safe guarded.
  12. I can't get over the fact how stupid they are, having those pictures of them taken while they are committing a crime. This is evidence material. They will go to jail.
  13. There is still hardly any law enforcement. It's unbelievable. It was quite different a few months ago when Trump had a BLM demonstration cleared with tear gas because he needed a photo op in front of church, holding a bible.
  14. Even in this situation, they are wearing their masks. And outside the overwhelming majority of anarchists is not. Is this the twilight zone?
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