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  1. I think you think too highly of many people. I think many people like/love him because in secret they wish they could be just like him. The horrible and shocking truth is that people like/love him BECAUSE of the things he does or says, not INSPITE OF of the things he says or does.
  2. Everyone should be required to watch this documentary. Gay and straight. It's a testament of the fight for survival and a memorial for all those people who died way before their time because of this horrible disease. Nothing but respect and gratitude for all those activists of GMHC and Act Up. Larry Kramer was truly a giant. Rest in power.
  3. Interestingly they are more or less the only group (or whoever holds the rights to this song) who did not forbid Trumps team to use a song. Basically everyone else told them to f*ck off or threatened to sue them if they were using their songs at a Trump rally or anything else related to him. And weren't most of the Village People gay for pay anyway. I think to remember only one of them was actually gay.
  4. He is living in London and calls himself Gustav. He is the owner of a diamond mine in Iceland.
  5. Is there a way , they can nominate Gov. Andrew Cuomo? Would he accept? In the current crisis, he comes across as very professional.
  6. I loved her as Virgilia Hazzard in North and South.
  7. Well, interesting attitude. Making accusations and if asked if you have any proof for those accusations, your reply is you don't need to prove anything. Try that attiude in the real world with real people, you will be surprised how soon you may be in legal trouble. You realize that making false statements about a person may qualify as slander under certain circumstances? But of course, you think you are so clever, because you keep those accusations opaque, never really going into detail. This is McCarthy-ism in its purest form. "Gulity by suspiscion". Only meant to manipulate other peoples perspective. You only do what Trump and his team has been doing for four years. It's not new, nor very clever. You want to have a serious discussion with me, come up with something more profound. Your 6th grade psychology does not fly with me.
  8. She has already acknowledged she has made mistakes in the past and things went wrong during the last elections. But losing those elections was not only her fault. This was not a normal election by any means. In the end, approx. 60.000 votes in three states decided this election, although she had an overall 3 million more votes than Trump. And I'm still waiting for the evidence from your side that she is a war mongerer and corrupt. It is not my job to provide evidence someone did not do anything wrong or anything at all. How do you prove you did not do something. You have accusations, prove them. The reversal of burden of proof does not apply here.
  9. Care to present some evidence? And please, don't come up with "she voted in favor of the Iraq war" or she took money from the Saudis for the Clinton Foundation or she was giving speeches at banks. None of this is illegal. I believe in the principle of "in dubio pro reo" instead of "guilty by suspicion" and so far I have not seen anything that puts her in a category you describe. What I have seen over the years are people trying to destroy her reputation by making false claims. Claims that have been debunked over and over. But of course, if you repeat certain things over and over again, at some point it will stick and people will believe it's true no matter if it's not.
  10. This is from the documentary I mentioned above. I think it is the only time she adresses him. But of course, the scene is taken out of context. Lets not forget that Bernie was attacking her constantly for being corrupt without presenting any evidence. And from what I see, people are way too kind to him. There is something about him that irks me. I just don't think he is a nice man. And this has nothing to do with his policies. Being from Europe, nothing he proposes is shocking to me. And by the way, it seems as if the bots are already out in full force on Youtube. There are already hundreds of comments on all current videos about him and how he thinks there is a conspiracy going on against him, that claim to be from Bernie Bros (and some of them certainly are) all calling to boycott any other democrat candidate at the presidential elections because the primaries are rigged and they want to save democracy. Even if that means that Trump stays in office for another four years. Because it will teach the "establishment in the democratic party" a lesson.
  11. My comparison simply boils down to how their achievements will inspire other women, especially women of younger generations to aspire to be on top of the game and to make the impossible possible. In Madonnas case to be as powerful as any man and lately to show it is possible to do so as an older woman, in a industry that is still very much misogynist and ageist. The same or maybe even worse misogyny can be found in poltics. And yes, Hillary running for president and getting so close to being the first female president is an achievement for the ages and it has certainly inspired many women in recent years to run for public office. This will be her legacy.
  12. Just watched the documentary "Hillary" which premiered last week at the Berlin Film Festival. It's 4 hours and it adresses many things that has been discussed here. It is nothing really new but it starts with her college and university years that explain many things she did and why she did them. And most importantly you hear many people that were with her along the way to adress many situations that happened over the years. Since it is all very condensed it concentrates on many of the "scandals" that happened over the years and you can clearly see this woman has had shit trown at her for basically everything. Well, for being a woman actually. And maybe this is the real lesson here. Despite all the social progress we think we have made over the last decades, there is so much more to do. And not only this, considering the current political climate, we may fight to protect womens rights, gay rights, human rights. There is a striking similarity between Madonna and Hillary. Both women on the forefront of their field to give more power to women, do not get the recognition they deserve. Even worse, are villified by other women. But at some point people will realize that both women were the spearhead in the fight for real equality. It would be nice to see this recognition come in their lifetimes.
  13. And that was 35 years ago. So how is this supposed prove any point in the present discussion. It's no different than Republicans claiming that the Democrats are the racists because they voted against the 13th amendment in 1865, while Republicans have ever been so nice to people of colour because Lincoln was Republican. Also, why seems arguing about Hillary Clinton always so one sided in recent recent years? Of course its all about the negatives or irrational fear about things to happen once she became president, like WWIII. Appears to me as if many people still Looking for a desperate excuse why they did not vote for Hillary in 2016 or did not vote at all and in result helped Trump to ascend to the throne. I think there is much guilty conscience. And it will only get worse, if Trump wins another election. She is not even running this year, yet people will blame her.
  14. I do not envy any Democrat president that has to clean up the sh*t the current administration has done. One thought it was already an huge task for Obama to rebuild international relationships, especially with Europe, after the Iraq war. But can you imagine what it takes now? I personally do believe the damage is done forever. Let's face it, there are already Things happening in secret. Preparations if you will. In case Trump wins another election, Things will happen sooner. It is highly likely the Europe will cut ties with the U.S. on defense issues. Europe will finally create a European Army and this will most likely be the end of NATO. Something that is not neccessarily a bad thing considering NATO was more or less an extension of U.S. powers. Once those ties were cut, Europe will stand on its own with more self-esteem and will use its power an influence more in the interest of Europe. But it will no end there. I think we will finally see changes on the international trade and taxation issues, that are already long overdue and that for whatever reason, Brussels in unable to deal with.
  15. Interestingly the deadline was set by Boris Johnson. From my perspective, the moment all lies will be revealed. The UK will end up with the Norwegian model and in result pay billions and will still need to obey EU rules and regulations. In the end, nothing has really changed except that they have lost all influence. But they will have a "great" deal with the US. Mark my words, the NHS will be on table, no matter what Johnson or any other conservative or Brexit Party member will tell you. And can we talk about this asshole Nigel Farage. What a disgusting show he gave. This guy is such an idiot. His call for other countries to leave the EU, namely Poland and Hungary? He thought the EU would consider that a threat? I'm sure, most of Europe thought "Yes, please. Yes leave. The sooner, the better." The most contstant offenders in the EU are the most heavily subsidized by the EU. As if they would leave the EU on their own. Seriously? Why should they? The EU is not even penalizing them for all their offences, in fact still transfers billions in subsidies to them.
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