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  1. She's doing a great job. BRAVO!
  2. As far as I remember the deals Madonna and MJ closed with Warners and Sony around 1990 or 1991 were not simple record deals. it were longtime multi-media deals that included way more than just recording music. One of the major things in Madonnas case was Maverick. Analysts thought the deals could be worth around 700 million in Madonnas case and a cool billion in MJs. Of course, none of those numbers were ever generated because the estimates were based on the mega success both artists were coming from. And we know both suffered from declining record sales in the early to mid 90s. And regarding the royalty rate, I even believe it was almost 50% on the wholesale, not just 20%. From what I have heard only MJ, Madonna and Barbra Streisand got this mind boggling percentage. Far more than anyone else. Who cares about Advance payments? It means nothing because those advance payments are balanced with future earnings from record sales. Usually artists do not make any money from single or album sales until the advance payment has been paid off. It may look good on paper and may result in nice publicity but if all you come up with are flops you may be royally f*cked. Remember when MJ had to guarantee with his Beatles catalogue for further money from Sony?
  3. ^^^ Allegedly they told all those leaders to keep their speeches short. Under 4 minutes. Out of fear it was to challenging for Trump. We should start calling him "the special needs president" from now on.
  4. ^^^ What an ass. The whole thing was awkward from the get go. And his speech? Spend more money for NATO, bla, blah, blah. It's all about terrorists and refugees, blah, blah, blah. You have to respect all the other leaders for not rolling their eyes. I'm sure they think of him as an idiot. Angela Merkel can't even hide it. What a difference when she was on a stage together with Obama just hours ago in front of tens of thousands of people in Berlin. I wonder what will happen when Trump comes? It's so funny, when there is the G20 summit in Hamburg in July he has to stay in Berlin because Hamburg hotels refused to accept his reservation.
  5. Why have I never seen this before. This is amazing.
  6. This is like Nazi Germany in the late 30s and 40s. After the war many Germans claimed they never knew there were concentration camps. They knew. How could they not. Especially when they basically lived around the corner. Those camps could even be found in the telephone books. They turned a blind eye because they didn't want to see. Plain and simple. And the same happens with Trump and his supporters right now.
  7. I did watch that speech. And felt exactly like that Michigan woman on the panel later. Disgusted, dirty, I feel the need to take a shower. Ad that poem? Seriously? Once again the speech was full of lies (you know, all the wonderful and great things he has achieved in the first 100 days) and extremely divisive (anti democrats, anti media). Quite frankly, his supporters scare the shit out of me. For their own sake. The insane level of stupidity and above all ignorance, I fail to deal with. I fear, this is not going to end well.
  8. I thought the whore dropped to B already. With A name recognition. She will never be considered a permanent A+. Gotta love those blinds. And I totally believe the blinds about her.
  9. There is just one way to save Labour and that is to finally get rid of Corbyn. Before the elections. Labour needs someone who gives the Tories and Theresa as well as UKIP hell.
  10. ^^^ THIS! A ruling of the SCOTUS becomes the law of the land. Therefore it doesn't matter if NC passes the law. If they declare all gay marriages illegal or if they refuse to marry gay couples they are breaking federal law. If they want to get rid of marriage equality they need to bring a lawsuit before the SCOTUS, Something that usually takes a lot of time since you cannot call upon the SCOTUS immediately. Usually you need to sue your way through the whole court system.
  11. I mean this is the perfect example how staff can do everything wrong while probably sticking too much to the guidelines of their company. First of all, why did they have to board all passengers and then asking passengers to leave. You do that before boarding. Communication has just been horrible. Bargaining about the money they pay for passengers to take another flight? Sorry, from my knowledge there is a law or something in the U.S. that grants people an amount of around 1300 dollars in such cases. Furthermore there were 7 !!! other flights (nonstop and with a stop at another city) from Chicago to Louisville that evening. What about a car? Its like 300 miles. All they had to do was to communicate properly. Regarding overbooking. Yes it might be uncomfortable. But it always depends on the airline. A few years ago my cousin had a flight with Iberia to New York via Madrid. That flight was overbooked. She, her husband and daughter were offered a flight 4 hours later. That was a direct flight with another airline. They got breakfast at the executive lounge while waiting and per person a voucher for EUR 800.00 for their next Iberia flight. Their flight landed in New York 30 minutes later than their original flight from Madrid. I have heard from other people being upgraded to business class on transatlantic flights. Ever since I secretly hope there is an overbooking on my flights.
  12. They have parties when someone gets chipped? When I read that, the first thing that came to my mind was a scene from the movie Logans Run, when they have to go into the carousel once their "clocks" turn red. That was a celebration as well. Or so they thought.
  13. How convenient that they choose "this decade", when this decade is basically just 6 years in. If you change this to the last 10 years, this list looks quite different when S&S needs to be added. But I guess this didn't fit their narrative.
  14. What a sore loser he is. And an irresponsible prick. He still has not understood what his job is about and that he is supposed to be the President of all Americans. Yet again he is putting the blame on everyone else but himself. And saying that Obamacare will explode and that he will let it explode? How cynical of him. Someone of CNN said it right, that's like a fire chief standing before a burning house and and telling the people "Let it burn down". And Trump a great negotiator who gets things done? Yeah right.
  15. This guy is so stupid. The handshake thing was simply disrespectful and when he said that "they both have one thing in common ... being wiretapped by the Obama administration" it was just embarrassing.The look on Merkels face said it all. Say about that woman what you will, but she knows how to play the game. The fact she brought all those managers of German industrial powerhouses with her, basically shut down all of Trumps arguments that the U.S. are somehow the victim of unfair trade or exploited in any way. Especially considering German companies have invested hundreds of billions in the U.S. and employ around 800.000 American workers in solid, well and very well paid manufacturing jobs. Exactly the kind of jobs, Trump wants to bring back to the U.S.. Punishing the very same companies with fees and penalties seems rather absurd.