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  1. Raider of the lost Ark

    BREXIT / British Politics thread - cont

    I don't get the whole "democracy" and "people have spoken" argument. What do they think elections are? Every four years people change their minds and vote a new government or parliament. It happens all the time. And what I will never understand is that for such a radical move as the Brexit a simple majority is sufficient. Most countries have huge hurdles when it comes to really important legal matters like changing the constitution or things that affect the majority of the citizens of a country. For those things usually a two third majority is needed and to make it even harder they have a quorum set. Without these hurdles a minority is very well able to change things in a way that they might be negative for certain parts of society or society in general. Exibit A) Brexit.
  2. Raider of the lost Ark

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    ^^^ This is getting ridiculous. Do they know that this was exactly the way, former communist countries voted for their leaders and how dictatorships still do it today. And people thought George W. Bush ruined the reputation of the United States after the invasion in Iraq.
  3. Raider of the lost Ark

    PETA: Stop using anti-animal language!

    So true. I have not heard of them in ages here in Germany. I think the nail to their coffin was a campaign where they compared the situation of caged animals to the Holocaust.
  4. Raider of the lost Ark

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Oh look, only the super evil and super stupid are left. And Ivanka and Jared. Of course, no nepotism here. By the way, what happened to peace between Palestine and Israel?
  5. Raider of the lost Ark

    Paris is burning

    Ahead of the curve? Well, only if begging the OPEC to not lower the oil output so US citizens can still get their cheap fuel is ahead of the curve? The truth is, his loyal subjects will get very angry with winter coming and they may need to pay substantially more money for fuel and heating oil, not to mention for products that contain oil, so basically everything plastic. Say goodbye to the money you saved by lowered taxes. And emmissions went down in the US? How is that possible considering the hundreds of coal mines re-opened and giving tens of thousands of workers their jobs back. …. Oops, that never happened.
  6. Raider of the lost Ark

    Paris is burning

    Socialist by name only.
  7. Raider of the lost Ark

    2019 Grammy Awards, February 10

    Let's face it, the only thing that could save that mess was a Madonna performance. Opening act, of course. She could leave afterwords, we could turn off the TV. The Best Pop Vocal Album category is average at best. And the rest? Congrats to Janelle Monae! The rest? I hardly know any of the names. And Drake? The embodiement of overexposure. They should not be surpised if ratings tank again. Why is the general public supposed to watch if they hardly know any of the people nominated.
  8. Raider of the lost Ark

    Paris is burning

    Where in Europe is the so called "left wing" still existent? When it comes to political parties I would like to argue that everything has become very centrist and that it is exactly the absence of a real "left wing" alternative that is responsible for the rise of right wing groups. All they have to do is to pick up all those who are unhappy how things are going or hijacking movements that may even have a proper cause like those yellow vests. Is someone seriously believing those riots were initiated by normal citizens that were demonstrating against that fuel tax?
  9. Raider of the lost Ark

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Can someone bring him his pacifier please. Poor baby is having another hissy fit.
  10. Raider of the lost Ark

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    I have lost all patience with these ignorant people. Even people that have no real insight in certain industries and only use simple logic understand that certain things simply cannot work out or come back. How many coal mines have been re-opened? Yeah right. Exactly. Because coal is such progressive and above all profitable thing. I bet there are some TV technicians still waiting for their tube TV factories to be re-opened as well. All it takes is to open your eyes to see that the US is lacking knowledge and skills in so many industries and they are producing sub-par products that cannot stand a chance on international markets. How many US cars do you see on European Streets? Exactly. Step by step US consumers realize that they can get better, much better with non-American products. And what is Trumps solution? Slapping tariffs on foreign products to make them more expensive and in result making the US products cheaper and therefore more competive. It's the oldest trick in the book. It's basically the same as decreasing the value our your currency artificially. Exactly what southern European countries have done for ages before the Euro. In the long-term this is the worst you can do because you do not invest in improving your products. But long-term is unheard of in US financial circles anyway. They want return of investment immediately. And shareholders always come first. Again, all of this is not witchcraft our nuclear science, no one should be surprised about factory closings and people losing there jobs. But there is hope. Without the Influx of workers from Middle and South America, American farmers are in dire need of workers picking fruit.
  11. Raider of the lost Ark

    Another day. Another mass shooting in America.

    Just watching CNN and the wording of the anchor regarding the mass shooting in California is like something out of a dystopian movie: "the deadliest shooting in America in the last 12 days"
  12. Raider of the lost Ark

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    He waited until the midterms were over. Firing him before would not have been a good picture because this is clearly about Sessions recusal from the Mueller investigation. The only thing he has done right. With all other things, shady things, he was playing the good soldier. But Trump never forgave him the recusal. Trump is a vindictive asshole. It's not the first time. And he is a coward. He never fires anyone himself. It has been revealed that once again Chief of Staff Kelly had to do it.
  13. Raider of the lost Ark

    The disappearance of Saudi Journalist

    But Jazzy, think About the milions of Jobs that will be lost when you stop doing Business with dictatorships. So So sad. I can only speak for Germany and the truth is, no one will lose his/her Job when they stop doing Business with certain parties, unless stopping Business completely. And I would like to believe in most of the so called 1st world countries, the Situation is the same, Businesses can't afford to let any staff members go because they may have to shut down production because there is simply no qualified workforce available anymore or no one is willing to work in certain industries (retail, hospitality etc.) because they pay so low wages, that they have to hire students or lease staff (which funnily enough Costs them way more Money then hire someone full time and pay them properly).
  14. Raider of the lost Ark

    Karen...the voice of an angle

    @todsmod Oh, I forgot about that one. How cute. Maybe if we wait a few years, she may do it and we can claim we put the idea in her head.
  15. Raider of the lost Ark

    Karen...the voice of an angle

    OMG. Make believe it's the first time. This structure, the melodies of the song is just outstanding. Simply a very beautiful song. Just like almost all Carpenters songs. The thing is, just like Abba songs and Madonna songs they seem to be very easy in a way but they have some complicated melodies and it's actually very hard to sing. It's as if they were tailor-made and everytime someone else tries to sing them, they hardly ever achieve the quality of the original. And I think this very much has to do with the emotions the original artists evoke while singing these Songs, emotions that cannot be re-recreated by anyone else. I have said it before, I would like to see Madonna do a one night only performance at Radio City Music Hall or Carnegie Hall, singing Carpenters songs. A fundraiser for Malawi maybe. I would pay lots of money to witness that. Just her, wearing a gorgeous dress, and an orchestra. OMG, can you imagine Madonna singing Make believe it's your first time?