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  1. Lourdes Leon featuring MadeMe / X-girl, 2017

    When does she finish college? And when is she going to debut on Broadway?
  2. White nationalists marching in Charlottesville

    Two days later, Trump reads a prepared (not by him) statement from the teleprompter and is not answering reporters questions ..... He is such an embarrassment to the U.S.
  3. White nationalists marching in Charlottesville

    Competition will drive prices down. Like in any other area of healthcare. And the earth is flat. And the sun revolves around the earth. ....... The biggest lie ever told.
  4. HOLY TRINITY | I'm Breathless

    1. What can you loose 2. Something to remember 3. Sooner or later
  5. Tragic Madonna Wax Figures

    How big are the chances that THIS is a random staff member named Madonna? The moment I saw it, I thought it was Chris Lilley as Ja'mie.
  6. North Korea is mad again

    Does it sound awfully familiar? First it is about WMD. Then there is a preemtive strike. Then this was never about WMD in the first place because it was about regime change. And while we are at it, some government members are already suggesting to outsource parts of the army to a private company. Again. Does that sound awfully familiar? Also, special counsel Mueller is following the money in relation to the Russian collusion with the U.S. elections. I'd say, follow the money for things that will happen in the future. Look for puts and calls placed on a crashing Dow and other indices. Look for the date those bets are due and the people that are about to make billions. ................................
  7. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Great theater. Quite frankly, Scaramucci was clearly hired to get rid of Spicer and Priebus by making their work life at the White House miserable so they step down at some point. And he succeeded. Both are gone. Of course, no one will admit it. But so many things doesn't make any sense. Especially the very erratic behavior of Scaramucci. It was basically a parody. All this "I love the guy so much" considering Scaramucci had hardly anything good to say about Trump in the past. In retrospect the foul mouthed interview looks kinda different now. I would like to believe many things said, were way too extreme for someone in that position. I would like to believe the whole reason of this interview was simply to create a reason for his "firing". Now they can all say how appalled they are. Well, it took them just a few days.
  8. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    And what about Scaramuccis interview with the BBC reporter? Calling her an elitist? Even more disturbing, the way he speaks is quite revealing. Gesticulating like a crazy man with his hands all over the place. Clearly a sign that he feels the need overemphasize the things he says because he believes those things have no deep meaning on their own. Of course, this is a sign of a serious inferiority complex no matter if he pretends to be a tough guy. I guess he was speaking about himself when calling Priebus a "schizophrenic paranoid". After all he was talking about s*cking his own c*ck in the very same interview. The thing is, there are a lot of (evil) people in history that were gesticulating just as much. A certain "communications director" from 75 years ago comes to mind.
  9. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    And Reince Priebus? His interview on CNN yesterday after his"resignation"? All I had to think was, he is acting like the wife who has been beaten up by her husband and pretends it was done as an act of love. No back bone on the man. I don't expect him to run around and do the dirty laundry but he should rather keep quiet instead of going on air and ushering ridiculous and nonsensical statements. Especially when it's not that hard to figure out what really happened. And I do not believe for a minute that he got fired by Trump personally. Despite what people think of Trump, probably by watching "the apprentice", he never goes to staff members and tells them "You are fired". He is known to take the shady road, basically making the working situation of people unbearable. Even bringing people in (enter "I'm from the middle class" Mr Scaramucci) to make peoples life miserable. At some point they will quit on their own. Saves you a lot of compensations and minimizes the risk of a lawsuit. And let's face it, Trump has some experience with lawsuits.
  10. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Because it is exactly like a Hitler rally or in former communist countries. You have a crowd of selected people. They handpicked the ones they know will not cause any trouble. And there are not many people in attendance anyway. There are never camera shots of the audience. They had that in the beginning and people started to make fun of his rallies because there were not that many people there as team Trump always claimed. Ms "alternate facts" Conway, anyone? The first time they did no longer allow cameras to show the audience was when he visited the CIA and giving a horribly offending speech. Yet people were cheering. Rumor has it, that the few people in attendance were Trump staff members and hardly any CIA staff was present except for those in front of the camera.
  11. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    This is ridiculous. Basically the first sentence of the new communications director of the WH was already revealing why all those Trump allies are in office. "I hope Sean Spicer goes on and makes tremendous amounts of money". Seriously? Priorities, I guess.
  12. Wait what? These pussies of state authorities are seriously saying these people cannot be charged? Isn't there a law in the U.S. like failure to render assistance in case of emergency? No one is asking them to help the guy if they were too afraid to risk their own life or health by getting in the lake themselves. But they could have easily called 911. The least thing they could have done. Instead they decided to film the accident and make horrible remarks about a dying man. "They were not directly involved with his death"? No, they did not push him under water themselves. BUT they did let him die, doing nothing. These guys need to be shamed for their disgusting behavior. I hope Karma is gonna get them big time.
  13. Alleged Madonna letter surfaces. Auction lot drama

    And what is it with that 20 year statue of limitations? I understand that this Lutz woman cannot be sued or sentenced for the theft. But I doubt she can sell the stolen items and go free. You can only sell things you are the owner of. You can never become the owner of stolen items. You may be in possession of things but you don't own them. For someone who an art dealer she should know better than most people considering stolen art is a very sensitive topic.
  14. Alleged Madonna letter surfaces. Auction lot drama

    This guy is so disgusting and obviously delusional. He is angry at her because he got caught doing illegal stuff. Even worse, he admits he was trying to get his "money washed" trough Madonna. Seriously? You want other people to commit a crime and if they do not agree you are mad at them? And the guy says he would not socialize with her. Considering he is obviously nuts, I would like to believe Madonna has a restraining order against him.
  15. Ann Coulter slams Delta after booting her from seat

    ^^^ A five year old article. Really? Anyway. The article describes the situation back then when being photographed in PUBLIC places. An airplane of Delta Airlines is not a public place. Just like any Walmart or whatever. You know those videos on youtube with people ranting and freaking out at staff for an alleged wrong doing and harassing those staff members with their phones recording their conversation even when they are made aware that they are not supposed to tape it because they are in a private place. Being in public and being in a public place is a big difference.