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  1. so many to choose from - how prolific has she been for this album... 1 - Wash All Over Me 2 - Devil Pray 3 - Ghosttown 4 - Joan of Arc 5 - Body Shop
  2. 1 - S.E.X. 2 - Illuminati 3 - Iconic 4 - Living For Love 5 - B*tch I'm Madonna tbh don't dislike any of the album
  3. Bought, seems iTunes settled on a price, couple of days ago it was £5.94 (6 tracks) now it's £4.99 for the E.P.
  4. Music 9 Impressive Instant 7 I Deserve It 7 Don't Tell Me 8 What It Feels Like For A Girl 5 Paradise 9 Gone 9
  5. Always liked this - she put her own personal spin on a very well known song; always a good idea if doing a cover version... though the editing of the video is interesting; the disappearing (then reappearing) tiara
  6. Quite ironic really that RC chose to do a piece on 'Everybody' given the recent sad passing of it's producer Mark Kamins. In hindsight nice tribute.
  7. ....Turn Up the Radio

  8. you mean she's not doing "One More Chance" *again*??
  9. end of the day - touring is where the money is to be made these days...
  10. factually incorrect - GMAYL #37 and MDNA still top 40 this week on it's 8th week
  11. I think it's a great track - be perfect UK single material imo... whenever I have an espresso MDNA moment on the go I'm finding I plump for 'I'm A Sinner', "I'm Addicted' and 'Turn Up the Radio' great lyrics too - including: "Hail Mary, full of grace Get down on your knees and pray Jesus Christ, hanging on the cross Died for our sins, it's such a loss" happy easter y'all!!
  12. 01 - Ray Of Light 02 - Like A Prayer 03 - Confessions On A Dance Floor 04 - MDNA 05 - Music 06 - Like A Virgin 07 - True Blue 08 - Madonna 09 - Erotica 10 - Bedtime Stories 11 - American Life 12 - Hard Candy
  13. from madonnarama: After the release of the “Girl Gone Wild” lyric-video on VEVO, fans in Canada, Mexico and the US could already buy the single online. Fans around the world had to wait, but the international release is finally here! Hurry on over to iTunes and pre-order! It took a while to compile, but here are all the direct links to the different iTunes Store countries where “Girl Gone Wild” is available… iTunes Argentina: Buy HERE! iTunes Australia: Buy HERE! iTunes Austria: Buy HERE! iTunes Belgium: Buy HERE! iTunes Bolivia: Buy HERE! iTunes Bulgaria: Buy HERE! iTunes Brazil: B
  14. all the clips thus far... M's soundcloud
  15. thanks for the link nice to hear 'out-takes' David Foster era, a collaborative period to 'buy' back US radio?? from that same period - 'You'll See' a real gem but 'One More Chance'? my least favourite M UK released single...ever, ever ever....
  16. but that would mean teaming up with stuart price again?!?
  17. completely irrelevant...timescale wise...1990 vs 2009?? so much has changed surely?
  18. exactly. re eminem...which has gone on to 'only' sell 366,900 copies (currently ranks UK #10 of 2009)
  19. *agreed* couple 'new' songs as well...tracklisting is good imo, well maybe apart from perhaps inclusion of 'Take A Bow' and 'Miles Away'...and the omission (as always) of 'True Blue' - the 7" single remix, which i believe has never appeared on CD?
  20. sticker on UK 2CD states: 'Digitally re-mastered from the original tapes!' mmm not sure thats a selling point? betamax or vhs tapes?
  21. 'Beautiful Stranger' credited as written by Madonna/Patrick Leonard...instead of William Orbit 'Die Another Die' credited as produced by Madonna/William Orbit...instead of Mirwais and 'Cherish' produced by Madonna & Patrick Leonardt (with a t!) - guess am being really 'picky' now huh?
  22. doubt it it sank here in the UK too (chart/sales wise) AL has not aged well at all and let's not even get into that 'rap'!!
  23. agreed...job done...something new to assist the GH album - generally i like Oakenfold, so kinda helps too
  24. exactly....the US of where? it's a 'throwaway' single to help a Greatest Hits album...no biggee (sic) really
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