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  1. This is stunning, song and video. And she looks amazing.
  2. The more I listen, the more I could imagine this being on American Life.
  3. I wonder if this video will be the origin story of Madame X, since she is wearing the eye patch in some scenes and not others.
  4. I can see why your name is Crystal Coffin. Try not to be so fragile.
  5. It won’t, any release through official channels goes toward the chart. So it’s actually great he posted to get his fans involved. Well that his management posted anyway.
  6. Doesn’t it seem like the theme she’s been building has just gone away in effort to have a mainstream hit? I don’t see “Madame X” in this at all. Even the cover art looks a bit slapped together when everything else up to this point has been extremely well art directed. I do think the song is good and catchy but it leaves me feeling a bit empty. Medellin took me someplace other than the top 40 which is all I’m really getting from this song. There’s nothing inherently wrong with doing something mainstream, but that’s not how she was setting this era up. Just feels kinda meh. Hoping there’s more interesting stuff on the album.
  7. It's catchy as hell. I think it would do well at radio if given the chance as it sounds very current. I think the average person would hear this and not realize it's Madonna...
  8. It’s catchy, but feels generic. I’m glad so many of you like it though. I prefer Medellin.
  9. I'm quite interested to see what meanings and interpretations the visual will add on top of a seemingly straightforward song. The song is very chill and happy and the visual looks anything but!
  10. It really is! I've been off social media for a bit and it's been great.
  11. Yeah, the chorus is a bit of problem for me in that it's hard to identify. Overall I really like this for what it is! As has been said it's great for summer. I like how quiet it is at times, it's "simple" but unconventional. Fresh sounding.
  12. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/medellín/1459938538?i=1459938549
  13. http://applemusic.tumblr.com/beats1 It will open in itunes (click Listen Now)
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