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  1. Definitely 80s. Sort of like the Nagel illustrations like Duran Duran's "Rio" album cover.
  2. When I saw the hair, my first instinct was Madonna doing Bedtime Story at the EMA's. The whole video itself gave me Tom Petty "Don't Come Around Here No More" vibes with the whole cannibalism imagery.
  3. If anything Rene Elizondo should be inducted. He seemed to be the one with all the ideas. It's such a coincidence how once they split, the quality of her output suddenly went out the window...
  4. What's comforting about these last electoral maps is that states that are supposedly "swing" states - Ohio, Iowa, Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia. Hillary could lose every single one of those states and still win the Presidency. They're important for Trump to win, but don't really matter for her. If he loses any one of those, that would probably mean a landslide electoral win for Hillary. I hate looking at these because I don't want to get too overconfident and be let down. But it is looking good for her.
  5. With any luck the Super Bowl will have the same effect on Gags at it did for Janet....a definitive end to her music career.
  6. Sounds like her team probably put this out there because they wanted to get her some publicity since her "song" is plummeting.
  7. "Folklore" is my favorite Nelly Furtado album. One of my favorite albums ever by an artist actually. Still listen to it from time to time. Powerless, Try, One Trick Pony, Grass Is Greener, Picture Perfect, Explode, Childhood, Forca. What an awesome collection of songs. Shame it didn't do well commercially.
  8. On the whole, the song isn't bad. It's just the bridge that ruins it. One cliche strung after another. The way she sings it seems like even she wasn't 100% comfortable with the lyrics. If the words to the bridge were re-written, the whole song would be elevated.
  9. I love that she just went for it. She was feeling the moment so much she didn't give a shit if she hit the note or not. That's what rock n roll is all about.
  10. And the bridge is beautiful... I learned To let go Of the illusion That we can possess I learned to let go I travel in stillness And I'll remember happiness I'll remember, hmm
  11. Unapologetic Bitch with Obama as her Unapologetic Bitch. And a game of Mo or O (like Mo or Ro from the Rosie
  12. I loved her heartfelt and classy. At this point I count myself so lucky to have my teenage Icon still around and still giving such beautiful performances and outstanding albums like Rebel Heart. I was 12 years old when Madonna's debut came out. I'm now 45. What a soundtrack of life this woman has given me. And I know it will just continue. Love Prince. Love Madonna.
  13. I went to see the Drowned World Tour in Los Angeles on Sept 9, 2001 and then 9/11 happened two days later. She had the last three scheduled dates of the entire tour still left in LA. She postponed one date but went on stage wearing an American Flag kilt just a few days later (Sept 13-15). I vividly remember watching the news on TV and hearing a city spokesman mentioning event cancellations in light of the attacks and when he announced Madonna's shows would go on he made the comment, "Nothing stops Madonna".
  14. Maybe she'll perform Gambler in Vegas.
  15. Started in 1984--Madonna era. Built up slowly as the singles started coming out. From Holiday to Borderline and my fandom exploded by the time Lucky Star came out. I was just 13.