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  1. What's comforting about these last electoral maps is that states that are supposedly "swing" states - Ohio, Iowa, Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia. Hillary could lose every single one of those states and still win the Presidency. They're important for Trump to win, but don't really matter for her. If he loses any one of those, that would probably mean a landslide electoral win for Hillary. I hate looking at these because I don't want to get too overconfident and be let down. But it is looking good for her.
  2. Yeah it would be hard for it to be overturned. Thousands and thousands of gay and lesbian couples will be married before this could ever come back to the Supreme Court. I don't see how that could be un-done. Opponents would have to show evidence of how same-sex marriage has damaged "traditional" marriage and that will be very difficult to prove. The most I can see happening is some sort of opt-out for businesses and religious entities to provide services for actual same-sex weddings.
  3. I love it...fits the irreverent theme of the song. Not sure what other people were expecting. I'm happy...just wish I could see the last seconds of the video!!!!
  4. 1. Bitch I'm Madonna 2. Ghosttown 3. Living For Love
  5. I listen to at least a few tracks every day. My mood generally depends on which tracks I listen to. I do find that the lyrics of Iconic always give me my motivation to push extra hard at the gym. haha
  6. I love how she's just seems to be having so much fun this era. You can see that she's at a good point in her life right now and that there is so much more joy in what she's doing.
  7. I'm assuming Shazam will offer some sort of special content. I used to have the app on my iPhone until ios8 came out with song ID capability. Now I just ask Siri "What song is this?" and she tells me. It's a lot faster than opening the app. I did just re-download it so I can see if it does give anything special. Then I'll probably delete the app again.
  8. I just deleted and then re-downloaded Ghosttown and the cracks and page turn sound at the beginning are still there. Could be that it was remastered and those sounds were always meant to be. Or maybe it's just the same version it has always been.
  9. I'll bet the people complaining about the intentional noises are people who also returned their copy of Music a few times because they thought the beginning of "Don't Tell Me" was the CD actually skipping...
  10. 1. Ghosttown 2. Bitch I'm Madonna 3. Living for Love 4. Devil Pray 5. Unapologetic Bitch 6. Illuminati Would prefer Ghosttown as the lead single but I'm okay with LFL. I love Bitch I'm Madonna but in no way do I think it would be a good choice as a single at any point.
  11. yea...u look around 28!


  12. I like this...I think a 4 Minutes intro is appropriate in a sports setting --plus younger teenage non Madonna fans will recognize it because it's her most recent big hit. I would replace Express Yourself (a bit too female-anthemy for the SB) with Into the Groove or possibly Everybody. We have to think of this performance for the general public, not as fans. Her biggest, most recognizable songs is what need to be performed to get her seen in the best light. I just hope it happens...we've seen this rumor many times in the past.
  13. DeMo

    Hey thanks...I appreciate it.

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