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  1. she's so pretty
  2. Another day. Another mass shooting in America.

    My school district would most likely take similar action against students as well. However, I encourage them to walk out and demonstrate their right to protest. On a similar note, I as an educator would love to walk side by side with the students, but would face being written up for walking out and other consequences as well. I would suggest to teachers to call out that day to make their voices heard. I know taking that type of action has worked to send a message during our contract negotiations.
  3. Fergie thread

    what a disgrace
  4. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    I wouldn't go to ur pharmacy to refill my prescription the bottles be all sticky
  5. I'm surprised he held it together to finish the song and didn't break down in a fit of rage
  6. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    how does it smell?
  7. St!nk

    I don't think I have the strength to endure the beating she would take no matter how good she sang it so no
  8. Justin Timberlake thread

    so far at 69% 164,726
  9. Justin Timberlake thread

    lowest rated super bowl since 2009 not sure what the ratings were for the halftime show
  10. Justin Timberlake thread

    So now we are at the point of praising lady reductive’s performance scary times
  11. Justin Timberlake thread

    Justin would’ve probably benefited from having guests but they would’ve probably upstaged him. I didn’t realize he lacked such stage presence.
  12. Justin Timberlake thread

    That pretty much sums it up the sound was pretty bad but the purple streets looked pretty
  13. Justin Timberlake thread

    it was cute when he took the selfie with the kid in the audience so this is how it ends for Justin...
  14. Justin Timberlake thread

    so very underwhelming and it isn't over yet
  15. St!nk

    she was good