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  1. Wintour doesn't speak to her but she sure knows who gets the MET Gala the most press
  2. Omg they might show us pics of her skin care regime leading up to the event!
  3. At least she didn't say she had always wanted to drop out of high school since she was13...
  4. Mambo Madonna is so loving
  5. Omg that's the cutest thing ever and they call her mambo awwww
  6. how I want MADONNA to show everyone how mighty and powerful she is
  7. Madonna vs film studio don't fuck with her fellas
  8. wow she is beyond pissed so surprised she is airing it all on social media
  9. I'll remember stopped me in my tracks the other day so much I can appreciate being older
  10. Let's hope she stops the film from being made
  11. The queen has spoken her fanbase should not support this project