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  1. He sounded good
  2. Justin Bieber seemed more fragile
  3. I'm exhausted and anxious can't deal with this crazy man anymore can it just fucking end
  4. Bless her hope she will make a full recovery
  5. Charity concert scheduled with Katy,Miley and Bieber more acts to be added.
  6. Yup, a great success
  7. Maybe Madonna will perform at the charity concert
  8. Ariana has suspended her European world tour
  9. Ariana is such a sweet girl this most likely will affect her greatly. I wonder if the fake bomb scares recently at the Barclays in Brooklyn were in anyway connected to this.
  10. The victims are mostly young children this is truly heartbreaking those innocent children their lives cut short
  11. Authorities suspect a suicide bomber
  12. Very tragic all those young kids
  13. Anderson is just over it just like all of us
  14. He admitted to leaking confidential info to Russians!! He tweeted that it was perfectly fine he did while his staff denies he ever did anything.