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  1. devastating so scary truly hope Australia will be given the resources to control the fires Comedic Celeste Barber has raised over $20 million in a matter of days and yet the Australian government can't do anything just deplorable leadership
  2. I don't know anything about such filth go to confession!
  3. Yea, I don't think twitter should be used for porn that's what Tumblr was for and then they had to ruin that too
  4. That explains why I’m working on my second masters degree to become a principal or supervisor lol
  5. 1 Dead, at Least 10 Injured After Shooting in West Texas https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/national-international/Multiple-People-Shot-by-at-Least-1-Person-in-West-Texas-558967081.html?akmobile=o
  6. whoever came up with that design has probably been fired by now
  7. I think they should have suspended her sent her to rehab and perhaps give her another chance. I agree that this type of shaming is just more hurtful and cause more problems for her.
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