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  1. I think i am the only who thinks that she has gained some weight. These cheeks implants have been there since 2008.
  2. Forbidden Love - COADF Secret Secret Garden Latte Im in Love with Love Animal Across the sky Vogue
  3. I think she will talk about her new gym HC
  4. This other dancer was there too . Maybe Madonna is just working with him.
  5. The first Brahim was HOT , this one looks like MJ´s son
  6. Broken, Animal and Latte are my favourites!
  7. wow 10 years I loved that era, Madonna was everywhere, she was huge! It was like being back in the 80s again. I saw small kids dressed up like her. I love Dont Tell Me, Impressive Instant, Gone, Paradise and What It Feels Like for a Girl.
  8. Love it, dont know why it was left out from the album.
  9. She looks good but what happened to her boobs ? they have never looked smaller. Lola looks cute and she´s dressed like her mom used to back in the 80s.
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