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  1. I'm not making a comment on any particular country, but mama lives in Mexico & she was just telling me last week her car broke down and she called the police to come change her tire, and got back on the road. Apparently that's common practice. In Canada they'd probably give you a ticket. In America they'd shoot your ass dead if you're black. Like Kim said, who's serving and protecting us from them?
  2. Third degree??? That shit was a cold blooded murder.
  3. Is he dead yet? Honestly I don't feel like being spiritual...
  4. What a loss. He was like a typhoon, his energy, not to be toyed with in the slightest. May he rest in peace. I recommend How to Survive a Plague to anyone who's not seen it.
  5. Omg, both these stories on the same day? I'm so over it. We need the Black Panthers to scare the shit out of people again. Enough is ENOUGH.
  6. & to think this bitch was Canadian...but you know what, we have our fair share of racists too. That much is clear!
  7. So ridiculous to watch this fucking idiot go from tacky property owner and gauche reality TV star, to stupid asshole, to downright disgraceful and morally evil.
  8. If that's u in the avi...hot. :wow:

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  9. We love your username, AND your pic. :wow:

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      Thank you matey .. Appreciate the sentiments, for sure.... πŸ˜€πŸ‘.Β 

  10. Dropping an awesome queer horror short here, I think it's worth a watch. And yes, fuck the Russian government.
  11. Absolutely. I've seen this point made in this thread, but it bears repeating that Bernie Sanders would be considered about centre-left in Canada and from what I gather most of the Western world. If any political candidate tried to abolish universal healthcare here, they would be considered further right than the most far-right party that we have, and laughed out of the room. It's heartbreaking for me that Americans will once again likely not be able to vote for universal healthcare. Having to make choices like putting food on the table or getting medical treatment - that's not histrionic rhetoric, that's reality. That the GOP party is so far right that any "electable Democrat" has to basically be 'Conservative-lite' is insane - and left-wing Americans have to compromise their values and desires every election. That's exactly why Bernie Sanders appeals to so many people - it's some long-needed fucking normality, and it's absolutely abnormal that he would not be able to pass common-sense legislation even if he were elected. That's not a failure on the part of Bernie, but on American society. It might be frustrating for Americans to see the rest of us weighing in all the time, I honestly just want what's best for you guys because it impacts all of us and historically the US and Canada have had a fabulous relationship. Huge symbolic ripples across the world obviously - the far right globally feel more emboldened than they have in decades. Foreign policy, trade, etc. And back to healthcare, Coronavirus is going to spread much more than it would have, in your country and mine, because Trump's administration gutted the government agency that focused on tackling these scenarios, and disregarded the WHO. You also have a large population who are forced financially to work while symptomatic and especially to avoid medical treatment. And yet here we are watching as you go into yet another election where you likely will not have a candidate who promises healthcare to be free at the point of access, and couldn't get it passed anyway. Obviously, I'd vote for a hair pin over Trump lol. Wishing you guys the best.
  12. I agree. When Meryl Streep played that dreadful homophobe Margaret Thatcher there was a lot of commentary about her "strength" and iron-clad persona, a "fabulous strong woman" in a male-dominated field, for other women and gays to look up. In reality she was one of the most pernicious and evil political figures in our lifetimes, championing the notion of individualism rather than society -- which took the West by storm and still reigns today. That we're all just independent consumers and should put ourselves over the greater good. She and Reagan are a large reason people hate welfare and they kept the middle and lower classes fighting with one-another while the rich ran off with all the money and power. Just the way they want it. I feel for left-leaning Americans and this endless cycle of being pulled toward centrism, if not the right altogether.
  13. I'm going with yes. Gold's a funny one 'cuz most people think it's this fabulous investment but it's not. $1 invested in gold in 1801 would be worth $54 in 2016 - you'd actually lose money because of inflation. Meanwhile, $1 invested in the stock market in 1801 would be worth $16 million in 2016. But, perception trumps truth in the current day.
  14. A points-based system? What's next, a social credit system like China's?
  15. Bernie won Nevada by a landslide, getting over 50% of the vote.
  16. Exactly what I mean. Rampant xenophobia, mental health crises, the shift to the right, the social media divide, sublimating climate change, soaring costs of living and wealth inequality on a global scale - and Chile, Venezuela, and Hong Kong have already started violently. Yemen is being decimated. Revolutions and wars have started over less. I don't see this going any other way but a breaking point, with major bloodshed. It's in the air - we all feel it.
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