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  1. Hey! Are your PMs broken?

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    2. MadFan


      Basically what your diet looks like and do you calorie fount etc? And your workout routine. You basically have my ideal frame honestly.

    3. Rugbyguy


      Ok well I do CrossFit, Mon to Fri. Not sure if you’ve heard of that or not. On the weekends I hit my smaller muscle groups at the local gym, such as arms or calves etc because Crissfit is more of a full body workout and sometimes neglects your smaller muscle groups. I base my rest days around how sore or fatigued I’m feeling because muscles are grown whilst you’re resting/sleeping. I eat a hell of a lot of food. I keep carbs to a minimum because my body type has a tendency to turn carbs and sugar into fat. I keep the protein high and I drink a shit tonne of water. 

      If you want me to write you a workout or nutrition program I can do it for you at a discount, considering your a Madonna fan. I just need to gather some information from you so I can make it personalised, otherwise you won’t achieve your results. 

      Hope this helps 

    4. Rugbyguy


      Is that your body in the pics? If it is you look pretty great already. 

  2. Bitch I visit your profile twice a week MINIMUM to enlarge that Prince pic. :chuckle: Hope you're staying well xo

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    2. MadFan


      It's the cleavage at the end of the day even though the hair is on point. I'm okay...lockdown is the same here, and I need some romance. :chuckle: You moved to Italy yet? 💋

    3. acko


      Well I have dual citizenship...so I got time to find the right place. :fag:

      Romance is important..u just scored points there.
      Only real men use that word. That's me trying to say something Prince would say. :chuckle:

      So has covid fucked up the romance part or is it just complicated because....? I kinda sense ur a catch, so I wouldn't worry if I were u.

    4. MadFan


      Me too though it's about as useful as tits on a bull these days, since Brexit. :chuckle: I guess I can always go to Scotland.

      Yeah it's frustrating because the spontaneity is gone, you know? The kinetic nature of things. :fag: You have to be so intentional these days, with everything, so there's no 'meeting people'...which is how mama likes it.

      But I'll carry on! Thanks for the vote of confidence, gave me a little rush. 💋 x

  3. Lawddd is that you in your cover photo. I live!

    1. reQuiem4adream


      Of course not! His name is Pablo Buosi. 

    2. MadFan
  4. If that's u in the avi...hot. :wow:

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    2. MadFan


      lol - the system was right! no need to change. :thumbsup:

    3. stevenflowers


      ok ok i will keep it! 😄

    4. MadFan
  5. We love your username, AND your pic. :wow:

    1. bumholegeorge


      Thank you matey .. Appreciate the sentiments, for sure.... 😀👍

  6. "But wow, what a moment, I will never forget." :fag:

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    2. MadFan


      The way she enunciates those Ts. :fag: Oh Nippy.

    3. acko


      I like the one with John Norris where she tells him 'The Clubs Are Happening' :rotfl:

    4. MadFan
  7. I miss you HaHa. Where U been

  8. my hand is ABREAST right now.

    1. Ai Papi Si.

      Ai Papi Si.

      Omg. Did you witness something important and/or life changing?

  9. what do you think of Alanis' new record!?

  10. this for my gr0ialz all around the world.

  11. OMG I swear I keep up with the '90s undergrounds tunes via your changing YouTube sigs.

    mmm mmm :)

  12. my legs are thicker and my hair is shorter.

    what you got to say about that?

  13. We're friends now.

  14. oh shit I read it + then forgot to respond!

    ummmm I don't have tix but I'm going to Digital Dreams on Canada Day.

    where is Florence playing?

  15. i have the hottest husband

  16. you're Travolta gettin' inta your groove

  17. DANKE baby.

    meanwhile, Madonna's toting in your sig. Fantastic.

  18. culo or orient-made, baby.

  19. mmmmmmmm break it mothafuckin' DAWN.

  20. pick me up in your Bugatti, 1 tire!

  21. there only 2 types of people in the world

    the ones that can hang with whoopie

    + the ones that are scurred

  22. I'm surprised it took this long Baby Dee!

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